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"Livingstone, Paul" <> RE: I wish to submit an opinion on what constitutes R&D April 14, 2009 6:03:55 AM PDT "mike lee" <>

Mike, Thanks for the email! Repurposing discarded cell phones can certainly constitute R&D, inasmuch as you are re-applying engineering solutions to resolve new problems (like how to power a portable bass amp). This is highly development oriented. At R&D Magazine, we tend to focus not on consumer-level products, but rather the background industries that ultimately lead to consumer-level products. For example, instruments that engineer, manufacture, and test the Li-ion batteries that power the cell phone, or that dictate architecture of the oscillator that allows the cell phone to process signals, or the thin-film deposition methods that create the LCD, and so on... Feel free to send me a synopsis of what you've been working; I like to write about new ideas for our website, and for our R&D Daily high-tech newsletter. It might be a good upcoming topic for us. Best, Paul Paul B. Livingstone Senior Editor, R&D Magazine/R&D Daily Advantage Business Media, 973-920-7032 100 Enterprise Dr., Suite 600, Rockaway, N.J. 07866 -----Original Message----From: mike lee [] Sent: Monday, April 13, 2009 9:18 PM To: Livingstone, Paul Subject: I wish to submit an opinion on what constitutes R&D Hello: There is a connotation associated with the term R&D that in my opinion is associated with new, latest and greatest, breakthroughs on some frontier. I would like to say that while true, this does not encompass the entire scope of R&D for example: finding new uses for recycled cell phones (which are largely operational in terms of processor, LCD, keypad, and battery subsystems), integrating these into a product to save both environmental impact and cost of materials and labor. Such in my opinion is valid R&D as much as nanotechnology despite it's less glamorous nature. In the automotive sector much attention is given to new vehicle,power, and similar developments. Yet all that work cannot gain but a niche market unless a parallel effort into developing the support infrastructure and interoperability standards that are required for this technology to play a significant role in the market. To put it another way, what consumer would buy a car if the difficulties to refuel and maintain it exceed the fuel savings? For the record, I have shifted my efforts to this type of R&D and have a working prototype Bass Guitar Amplifier that is portable and powered by solar recharged batteries from recycled cellphones, utilizing the entire phone as the intelligent charging subsystem is built in. Thus production is simplified to run ning the solar panels through a voltage regulator that is wired into the standard phone's power jack.

Respectfully, Mike Lee engineering and applied physics

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