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The Webb Industrial News is a Quarterly Catalogue of F.W. Webb Company

In This Issue: Focus on Concord NH and Binghamton, NH – Our Newsest Locations............. 2 Pipe & Tubing.................. 3 Valves..........................4-8 Hose.............................. 9 Webb Piping Solutions.. 10-12 Fire Protection................ 13 Pump Sales/ Service/Repair.............. 14

Biotechnology & Pharmaceutical/ Webb Pump Jim Bodle General Manager

Single Source Services Bob Blades Director

Information Technology

Michael Michaud Vice President Information Technologies

WINTER winter2007 2009 Plumbing

Tim O’Connell Plumbing Product Manager

Institutions/ Property Mgmt./ VMI Dean Plouffe Manager

Refrigeration Harry See Vice President

Central Distribution Sales Greg Bodlovick General Manager

LP Gas

Pete Dwyer LP Gas Product Manager

Bath Centers/ Service Counters/ Tools

Scott Smith Merchandise Manager

Engineered Products Group.......................... 15

Fire Protection

Automation & Controls..... 16

Bob Schuler General Manager

Safety Relief Valves......... 17 Plastics.....................18-19

Sheet Mechanical – Pipe, Valves & Fittings Dick Hayes Project Pricing & Management

Steam and Instrumentation Daryl Schoellkopf General Manager

Webb Bio-Pharm............ 20

HVAC Control Specialists

Piping Solutions/ Resistoflex

Valves – Automated

HVAC/R & Controls....21-23

John Thomas Vice President

Gary Rose General Manager

Refrigeration.................. 24 Institutional/Property Management................. 25 Industrial Specialties....26-28 Tools........................29-30 Safety.......................... 30 News Release............... 31


Joe Ruggiero Heating Product Manager

Plastics – Pipe, Valves & Fittings John Romano Vice President

Scott Varney Sales Engineer

FOCUS ON our newest locations:

Concord, NH


George Ashford Concord Store Manager

(l) Tom Jalbert and (r) Chris Dooley, Counter Sales

(l) Sean Monahan - HVAC Inside Sales and (r) Jason Lescarbeau - Inside Sales

Luy Khan, Warehouse

Darlene Garnett Administration

Lee Papp Driver

Open Concept Store

binghamton, NY

Tom Starley Binghamton Store Manager

Lyman Wage (L) Industrial Inside Sales, Chris Duranceau (R) HVAC Inside Sales

Rachael Leamon Office Staff

Kelli Truman, Showroom Manager and Krista Terrel Frank Webb’s Bath & Lighting Center

Dan Murphy (l), Dustin Clift (r), Warehouse

Brian Wojcik (l) Self Serve,Tom Starley (r) Store Mgr. Not Pictured: David Eynon, Self Serve

Open Concept Store Toni Rae, Showroom Manager Frank Webb’s Bath & Lighting Center Training Room




Webb Has All Different Types of Pipe/Tubing 1/8” to 120” and Larger!

• Carbon • Stainless

• Aluminum • Copper

Pipe & Tubing

• Cast Iron • Brass

• Plastic • Fiberglass/Epoxy

 Stainless Steel Pipe

 Steel Pipe & Fabrication

304/L & 316/L Stainless, Schedules 5, 10, 40, 80

Wheatland • US Steel • Sharon Tube Charlotte • Cerro

• 1” – 36” • Flange, bell, roll groove and configurations • Stock sizes in 20’ lengths • Special lengths available

F.W. Webb Company has the largest pipe inventory in the Northeast. Our fabrication shop is capable of cutting, threading, and grooving through 12” pipe. When you call F.W. Webb, a professional inside sales force will handle your orders and questions. We can fabricate for immediate delivery and have 1/8” – 24” pipe in stock.

Continuous Production • 2”– 8” in schedules 5, 10, 20, and 40, Lengths up to 60’

Batch Production • 10”– 60” in schedules 5, 10, 20, 40, and 80, lengths up to 48’

All Sizes and Schedules 1/8” − 24” In Stock

 Soil Pipe

 CERRO Copper

Our Pipe Depot Stocks... Copper Tubing/Coils / Carbon Steel Pipe

• Domestic A53 CW, ½” – 4” Sch n end, 1/8” – 4” in black T&C, ½” – 4” in Galvanized T&C ½” – 4” in Sch 80 in black plain end, 2½” – 4” in Sch 40 groove x groove • Domestic A53 ERW, 2½” – 30” Sch 40 & standard sizes • Domestic A53 ERW, 8” – 16” in light weight ranges • Domestic A53 ERW, 6” & 8” XH black plain end • Domestic A106 Seamless, ½” – 2” in Sch 40 & 80 • Imported A106 Seamless, ½” – 12” Sch 40 & 80

Stainless Steel • Domestic 2”– 12” Sch 10 304L – A312, 316L – A312, 304L – A778 (3”), 316L – A778 (3”, 10”, 12”) • Victaulic Sch 5 for Pressfit


Cast Iron Soil Pipe & Fittings

Lengths & Coils Webb has inventory of over onehalf million lbs. of copper tubing from ¼” to 6” in diameter.

PVF • Plumbing • Sprinkler • HVAC • 100 customer service persons • 200 delivery trucks • Dedicated account manager • $90,000,000 inventory • Product application specialists • 24-7-365 • Hard to find products • Professional submittals • 65+ branches

• Job usage reports • WebbConnect, On-Line access ( • Expediting • On time . . . Accurate . . . Complete Deliveries • More products & services less hassle • Project pricing

PVC/CPVC – HARVEL Winter 2009



Control Valves • Sizes 1¼” – 24” • Bodies in ductile Iron,cast Steel, cast Bronze, and Stainless steel • Service ratings from 225 psi – 640 psi • End connections in threaded, grooved, flanged class 150 and 300 • Both angle and globe designs • NSF epoxy coated • Bronze/Stainless Stainless Steel internals • Choice of buna-N,Viton and EPDM elastomers • Wye strainer protects pilot system

Apollo® Water Pressure Reducing Valve • Isolation ball valves simplify maintenance • Wide range of control pilots and functions • 100% factory tested and can be preset A127 to your requirements • Nine other control functions including digital electronic control of pressure, flow or level

Apollo® control valves are ideal for a wide range of commercial and industrial applications, wherever the flow, pressure or level of liquids needs to be controlled. Hydraulically operated diaphragm main valve automatically controls non-corrosive, non-abrasive fluids by means of a wide range of pilots. For an applications brochure, please contact your F.W.Webb representative.

Apollo® is your source for the best domestic asme/ansi B16.34 ball valves on the market 83B/86B ThreePiece Valves

• Swing-out center section for true in-line repairability • Available in a variety of end connections: threaded, socket weld, butt weld • Pressure-balanced solid ball • Anti-blowout bottom entry stem design • Antistatic ground ball and stem

87A/88A Flanged Ball Valves • Regular or full port designs • Unibody to 2”, easily repaired split body 3” and larger • Standard stem grounding and locking device • Standard ISO 5211 mounting pad

Top Entry Ball Valve • Wedge seat design makes inspection and service easier • Top Entry design is suitable for rebuilding inline, thus minimizing maintenance downtime • One piece body design minimizes potential leak paths

Apollo® full-port three-piece ASME Class 600 ball valves are available in sizes from ¼ inch to 2 inches with a wide range of trim packages and end configurations. Body materials include stainless steel, carbon steel and special corrosion resistant alloys. All valves are lockable in both open and closed positions. Every size is ASME Class 600 rated, unlike some other manufacturer’s valves, which are de-rated in the larger sizes. The Apollo three-piece valve is a rugged heavy wall design, satisfying all of the requirements of ASME/ANSI - B16.34, B3l.l and B31.3. Built for extended service and minimal maintenance, they’re ideal for harsh plant environments where reliable operation is critical: pulp and paper, power generation, oil fields, refineries and chemical processing. Saturated steam rating is 250 psig.

Apollo® Flanged Valves Deliver More High Performance Features Apollo 87A and 88A Series, ASME Class 150 and 300 flanged ball valves are available in stainless steel, carbon steel and specialty alloys in sizes from 1/2-inch to 12 inches. They include, as standard, many features offered only as options on competitive valves. Standard 150 psig saturated steam rating; 250 psig saturated steam rating is optional on the Class 300.

Apollo® Top Entry Ball Valves are Inline Repairable — Built to Last Available in ASME Class 150, 300 and 600, they are configured to withstand temperatures from -150°F to 1000°F, and pressures from vacuum to 1500 psig. They are available to meet API 607 4th Edition Firesafe Standards. Apollo top entry ball valves are offered in sizes ½” to 12” . It is easy to match an Apollo top entry ball valve to your specs.You can select from 8 body materials, 14 different seating materials in four configurations, 9 ball material choices including ceramics, 16 end configurations, and 3 interchangeable bonnet styles, including extended bonnets. This design offers you improved flow rates and lower pressure drops.Their unique seven-degree wedge seat design compensates for wear or thermallyinduced dimensional changes, so you get a longer life out of every valve.

Apollo 83B/86B Three-Piece, 87A/88A Flanged, and Top Entry Valves can be supplied with Firesafe Compliant Trim.



ITT Engineered Valves Delivering high quality, innovative flow control solutions for Abrasive Wear Resistance, Corrosion Resistance, and Critical/Hazardous Containment in a wide range of industries worldwide.

Fabri-Valve® SV1 Slurry Valve with new Guillotine GateTM design to provide longer life and lower maintenance. Mining and mineral processing plant operators can choose a longer lasting, lower maintenance valve for controlling heavy slurries, as ITT introduced a valve design that incorporates the unique patent-pending Guillotine GateTM. Unlike traditional knife gate valves, the Fabri-Valve SV1 push-through slurry valve features a gate design that slices through high density slurry at an angle. The gate slices cleanly through tough slurries and prevents the seat from cutting and tearing, while also reducing the amount of discharge from the valve. In service at a manufacturer of phosphoric acid – a demanding application where valves must cut through heavy scaling and withstand abrasive acid washes – the SV1 demonstrated far superior durability compared to competing knife gate valves. Three key features combine to make the SV1 more durable, with less maintenance than competitive push-through slurry valves. Along with slicing through slurries more efficiently, these features prevent seat damage, which is a common issue with many push-through slurry valves. 1. Guillotine Gate. The angled-cut guillotine gate design slices through media the way that an angled knife would cleanly slice through a tomato, rather than simply pushing through and squishing the seats as a dull, flat knife would do to a tomato. 2. Gate support liner. The slick plastic Ultra-High Molecular Weight (UHMW) Polyethylene gate support liners within the SV1 guide the gate through the entire stroke, shielding the body of the valve from direct contact with the media, while reducing downstream gate deflection and preventing the gate from cutting the seat. Seat protection is key in reducing downtime on slurry valves. Seat damage is a common issue with many pushthrough slurry valves, leading to a seat replacement or whole valve replacement to fix the problem. 3. Seat. The proprietary engineered polymer seats reduce friction and also increase seat life, particularly in high solid slurries. The Fabri-Valve SV1’s resilient material requires no lubrication, which saves tremendously Winter 2009

on maintenance costs. Even valves that claim to selflubricate, as opposed to those that need to be manually lubricated, can create maintenance troubles because lubrication can trap particles, and gritty lubrication can eventually affect valve operation. The SV1 is designed for easy installation and maintenance. The gate can be completely removed and replaced while the valve is under pressure, actuation can be changed in the field, and valves with manual operators or double acting air cylinders have self-supporting yokes providing valve orientation flexibility. Fabri-Valve Product Manager Grant Harlow explained that ITT designed the SV1 specifically to meet the needs of mine operators who process heavy slurries and deal with high maintenance costs and downtime concerns of their slurry valves. “Our goal with the SV1 was to make a valve that basically takes care of itself. SV1 lowers the time and money spent on maintenance, and allows mine operators to focus on production without worrying about valve failure,” Harlow said. “Along with improving uptime, we also have made maintenance and replacement easy when the need arises.” The SV1 is available in sizes ranging from 3” through 24” diameters (DN80 – DN600). All sizes can operate at 150 psi (pounds per square inch) of working pressure, and up to 170°F (77°C). The SV1 is designed with positive bi-directional shutoff that allows zero downstream leakage, and the shutoff performance is not affected by low pressure. Other standard features include dead end service capability, mechanical lock-out in the open or closed position, and discharge equal or less than competitors. Fabri-Valve SV1’s are competitively priced, and are available from authorized ITT Fabri-Valve distributors. To learn more or to obtain technical specifications, please call your F.W. Webb representative.

Fabri-Valve® is a registered brand of ITT Corporation.




To avoid the AFTER WHAT – switch to Flexitallic. Gasket failures can lead to system downtime and serious environmental impact. As the industry leader, Flexitallic Spiral Wound Gaskets are consistently manufactured to exacting engineering standards. They’ll stand up to the toughest temperature and pressure conditions, they’re resistant to virtually all corrosive and toxic media, and you get the same high quality gasket on time, every time. Gasket specifications should be reviewed and updated every 2 years. Call F.W. Webb today for a gasket consultation to make sure you are specifying the most reliable gaskets.



Valves Crane and F.W.Webb Company provide valves that have stood the test of time. Whether it’s Bronze Valves, Iron Valves, Cast Steel, or Butterfly Valves, you can rely on the most experienced team in the Northeast to make your valve selection easy.

 Bronze Valves

 Cast Steel Valves

Gate • Globe • Angle • Check

Gate • Globe • Check

• Class 125 – 300 • Flanged, Threaded, & Solder Ends • Screwed & Union Bonnet • MSS-SP-80 • Commercial & Industrial Grade • Rising & Non-Rising Stem • ASTM B61 or B62 Body • Stainless Steel, Bronze, or Teflon Disc • UL/ULC/FM listed valves

• Class 150 – 600 • Sizes 2” – 24” • Flanged and Butt-Weld Ends • Bolted Bonnet • Swing, Tilting Disc and Stop Check • NACE & Special Trims (i.e., 316 SS, Bronze, Monel) • API 600

¼” - 3”

 Stainless steel valves

• Class 150 – 600 • Threaded, Socket-Weld, & Flanged Ends • Bolted & Screwed Bonnets 316 SS, 316L SS & Alloy 20 Material Standard • Special Materials (Hastelloy C, Monel, 304 SS, & more) • API 603, MSS-SP-42

Over 150 years of experience and reliability you can count on at every turn.

 center line


Resilient Seated Butterfly Valves

High Performance Butterfly Valves

• Rated to 200 & 285 PSI shut-off • Wafer and lug body style • Series 200 Cast or Ductile Iron • Series 225 – 285 PSI shut-off • Series 250 – Carbon or Stainless Steel • Series 300 – Direct Drive • Series 800 fully elastomerlined check • Automated valves: pneumatic, electric, hydraulic Center Line Valves are well-suited for low pressure applications, providing dependable service for air and water in snow making pipelines.These valves are easily replaced in the field.

• ASME Class 150, 300 and 600 • Wafer and Lug body style • Soft seated; zero leakage • Metal seated; ASME Class IV leakage • Fire safe; meets API 607, Rev. 4 • MSS-SP-68 • Automated valves: pneumatic, electric, hydraulic • Lug body valves suitable for dead-end service in either direction The patented Flowseal soft-seat design provides bubble-tight shutoff and provides unparalleled service in vacuum- to low-pressure ASME Pressure Classes 150, 300 and 600 applications.

2” - 48”

2” - 48”

2” - 24”

 Duo-Chek® High Performance Check Valves • Class 125 – 2500 • Lug, wafer, double flanged, and extended body style • End connections: Raised face, Plain face, Ring joint, Weld end, Hub end, Flange connections • Resilient and metal seal materials • API-594 • Cast Iron, Ductile Iron, WCB Cast Steel, 316 SS, all alloys Provide superior backflow and water hammer protection for pumps in snowmaking systems. 2” - 72”

Winter 2009




Don’t replace another check valve before you talk with us! The Check Valve Doctor If you need to replace it, something is wrong. Do any of these symptoms describe your check valve application? 1. Frequent replacement 2. Water hammer 3. Pumps spinning backwards 4. Excessive system maintenance costs At DFT, we make the finest check valve in the marketplace. Our valves seal better, last longer and solve more problems than any other check valve. You can talk with our engineers to find the best solution to your problem applications. The consultation is free.

Model SCV: The best small check valve. Available in 316ss and high alloys.

Model WLC: Compact, economical. Available in steel, 316ss and cast iron.

ASCO Introduces Online Configuration Tool for 8290 Actuated Globe Valve Assembly ASCO, the world’s leading manufacturer of solenoid valves, introduces an online tool for its 8290 series actuated globe valve assembly that dramatically reduces configuration time and ensures a highly reliable, flow control solution. The online configurator enables users to quickly select an actuated globe valve, solenoid pilot valve, and position indicator in an assembly specifically suited to their applications. “The first of its kind in this market segment, the 8290 series online configurator permits customers to easily configure factory-approved and tested valve assemblies in minutes, not months,” said Robert W. Kemple Jr., Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing, ASCO. “No engineering is required. Users can mix and match components to put together a high-quality assembly. This innovative tool saves time, provides greater choice, and delivers a proven ASCO solution.” In addition to real-time configuration, the highly compact 8290 series globe valve has a faster response time and is more durable and reliable. It handles aggressive media, such as hot water, steam, solvents, and slurries, and is ideal for power generation, water/wastewater, and industrial dispensing applications. The two-way valve comes in .375-inch to 2.5-inch sizes and is available in bronze and stainless steel.

Please contact your local F.W. Webb representative for more information.

Ask your F.W. Webb Representative for more information.



Hose Contact Peter Marshall, Gary Rose or Mike Costa: 800.795.6390

Peter Marshall

F.W. Webb represents Gates Rubber Industrial and Hydraulic hose product as well as many other premium hose and tubing manufacturers, such as Crane Resistoflex, Parker-Dayco, Parflex, HBD Thermoid, Tygon, Flex-Hose, Fingerlakes, Pacific Echo, Flexaust and many others.We have a product, price and service that will fill all of your hose and tubing needs.

F.W. Webb’s Hose Division can make custom hose assemblies specific to the customers’ needs.

 232MB STEAM QUEEN® The Value Connection in Industrial Steam Transfer Hosesm F.W. Webb has the capability to make custom hose assemblies to customer specifications. This includes the entire line of Gates Rubber Industrial and Hydraulic products. This includes, steam, acid-chemical, water suction/ discharge, petroleum transfer, fuel oil delivery, general purpose air and water, high pressure hydraulic 6000 psi, and material handling hose assemblies, all made up to your specifications with a choice of end connections and materials to fit your needs. Dry or wet. Saturated or superheated. Gates gives you a high quality steam transfer hose to handle it efficiently and safely. You’ll find

Gates steam transfer hose working hard in steam transfer and heating applications at oil refineries, steel mills, manufacturing plants, shipyards, foundries, chemical plants, and a wide range of other industrial facilities. Lightweight and tough, yet highly flexible, our steam hose products are designed and manufactured to take the heat (up to 450°F), the pressure (up to 250 psi), and the abuse in your toughest working environments.You can always count on Gates steam hose for optimal performance at a competitive price. We are The Value Connection.

Dependable hose that handles pressures up to 250 psi and temperatures up to 450°F, including superheated and saturated steam.

Gates is an engineered system of hose and fittings designed to be used together for top performance, and a long, safe, service life.

Take 5 toGet 5! Take 5 minutes to consider us on your next expansion joint order & get 5% off! • Guaranteed 24 hour response Large to your quote request Invento ry for • 2 week standard delivery Im Please reference promo code FW0109

Winter 2009

mediat Shipme e nt!




Pipe Fittings/Webb Piping Solutions Gary Rose General Manager Piping Products

Contact Gary Rose, Mike Costa or Peter Marshall: 800.795.6390

In difficult economic times, customers are always looking for cost effective solutions to difficult piping and hose problems. F.W. Webb and the Webb Piping Products Division are committed to finding customer solutions. New and innovative products like Legris and Lok Ring help customers cut installation time and cost with unique installation protocol. Crane Resistoflex and Xomox offer cost-effective alternatives to exotic alloys in chemical process piping. Also call us for Strahman and Gates Rubber— two names you can trust to handle wash down, hydraulic and industrial hose requirements.

Crane Resistoflex and Crane Xomox: You’rE Single Source for Your Most Difficult Corrosion Applications.

 xomox® tufline fully lined plug valves

• These valves are more versatile, and often out-perform alloy valves. • More economical than alloy valves. • With FEP and PFA lining, cast, dovetail recesses and machined grooves lock the lining to the valve body casting. The locked-in lining is virtually impervious to shrinking, stress-cracking, collapse, or blowout. • Unlike alloy valves, there is no need to inventory different valves for various applications. • There is less chance of costly and dangerous installation errors. • Media contamination is prevented. • Positive shutoff. • FEP and PFA locked-in lining. 2-way fully lined plug valves 3-way fully lined plug valves

Xomox® valves are lined with DuPont™ Teflon® fluoropolymer.

 xomox® tufline fully lined Ball valves

• Tufline Lined Ball valves have a metal-tometal body joint to control compression of the liner for assured sealing. • The seats are easily and quickly replaced. Standard port lined ball valves

Full port lined ball valves

fully lined accessories

Tufline Fully Lined Accessories are a reliable and economical alternative to costly highalloy products. • Wafer Swing Check Valves • Ball Check Valves • Piston Check Valves • Sight Flow Indicators • Strainers • Tank Bottom Valves • Poppet Check Valves • Clamp Valves

 xomox® tufline fully lined butterfly valves

• Lower torque ratings. • Continuous disc/shaft lining. • Triple O-ring stem sealing components are all isolated from corrosive flow media. • Spring washer live loaded stem packing. • Slim profile disc. • Completely enclosed shaft bottom. No springs, seals, or

washers to corrode or fail. • Face-to-face dimensions meet API 609 specifications. PFA lining: • More flexible and less bulky for more reliable and tighter sealing. • Excellent permeation resistance. • High Cv values.

The Cost–Effective Way to Fight

Crane Resistoflex / Crane Xomox now give F.W. Webb the capability of offering the complete Crane package for corrosion–resistant plastic–lined pipe, fittings, and valves. The economical alternative that combines the mechanical strength of steel with the chemical resistance of an engineered plastic. Why live with the constant maintenance and replacement of inexpensive materials or the outrageous price for alloy piping?


 xomox® tufline



F.W. Webb Company uses only Resistoflex–lined pipe and fittings and are the only factor y–authorized distributor in the Northeast. Our Conrac Machine allows us to fabricate custom spool pieces for Resistoflex piping systems up to 8” diameter. Our factor y– trained personnel located at our Cranston, RI facility are here to serve you with years of experience and are knowledgeable in lined piping systems.Webb is the only exclusive authorized stocking distributor with the inventor y and personnel dedicated to serve you for all lined product requirements.

Pipe Fittings/Webb Piping Solutions

Contact Gary Rose, Mike Costa or Peter Marshall: 800.795.6390

 TRC Flare-Through Hose Rubber-Covered Smooth-Bore Tefl on® PTFE Lined Hose


Fittings Material Availability

• Flare-Through Design • Patented ThermalokTM Process Results in Interference Fit Liner • No Entrapment Issues • True Sanitary I.D. Dimensions • Wide Variety of Fittings Available • Vacuum-Rated

• • • • • • •

Carbon Steel 316 and 304 Stainless Steel Monel® Hastelloy® Solid Teflon® Solid Kynar® PVDF Solid Polypropylene

Lok-Ring Saves Time and Money at NY Pharmaceutical This was a Lok Ring installation in an Upstate New York Pharmaceutical facility using 3” Lok-Ring fittings on a steam process line. This was a one-day shut down which no welding could be used because of special flooring and a highly flammable area. Two men installed seven fittings 25 feet up from the floor on this job and completed the task in 21 minutes. No power was available other than a small generator for lighting set up outside the area.

 TRC HOSE (Teflon® PTFE Rubber Covered) Construction


• Unpigmented smooth bore Teflon® PTFE liner • EPDM rubber cover • Carbon steel wire helically wound through carcass for crush and vacuum resistance. • Manufactured in most color coding systems

• For laminar flows needs • External abrasion resistance required • Optimal flexibility and resistance to stress cracking and flexural fatigue


• Better flex life than FEP • Better stress crack resistance than FEP • Full vacuum capability • Extreme external abrasion resistance • Outstanding internal chemical resistance • Most flexible smooth bore hose

Winter 2009

Custom colors available upon request. Minimum order quantity applies.



Pipe Fittings/Webb Piping Solutions

Contact Gary Rose, Mike Costa or Peter Marshall: 800.795.6390


New Energy Savings Calculator Legris Transair has developed an energy calculator that enables system designers to determine savings made by using Transair in comparison to steel systems. Contractor/end users can immediately calculate the potential saving. On the basis of compressor related data such as pressure, flow rate, annual hours of operation, the type of dryer and data from the characteristics of the network and the local cost of electricity, the Transair energy efficiency calculator defines the savings and the duration of return on investment. The results speak for themselves and show that Transair is the best performing system and the best long term choice, no matter whether the project is for an extension, the modification of an existing pipe system or a new installation. To calculate energy savings using the Transair Energy Calculator, you will need: data about the compressor room, data about the compressed air network, and economic data (quotation for the network, electricity cost). With this energy calculator, you will be able to compare Transair to traditional compressed air pipe systems: . For a new quotation: the quotation for Transair compared to the quotation for a new network in steel. . For an existing installation: the quotation for Transair compared to the annual cost for an old network in steel. The results will show estimations of: . Total annual cost for a traditional network and for Transair . Total of money saved for 1 to 10 years using Transair . The payback period of the initial investment in Transair products

• Industrial & commercial wash down equipment • Drain valves • Sampling valves • Line blind valves



Piping Systems for: • Compressed air • Inert gases • Vacuum • OEM machines

Fire Protection Contact Bob Schuler or Mac McNulty: 800.624.6647

Mac McNulty

firelock® zone control riser modules


SERIES 747MP (Pressure Relief Option)

Designed for NFPA 13 commercial requirements, the Victaulic Series 747M Zone Control Riser Module features a cast body, and is compact and easy to install in zoned wet sprinkler systems. The integrated module body consists of a shut off valve, test and drain valve combination and different orifice sizes (K factors), a UL Listed and FM Approved Flow Switch, and a Pressure Gauge. The Series 747M FireLock Zone Control Riser Module is available in sizes from 1¼ through 6”/32 mm – 150 mm with grooved ends on the main pipe for installation in the horizontal or vertical up-flow positions with UL Listed, FM Approved Victaulic grooved couplings. 1 ¼ - 2” modules have an NPT drain port. 2 ½ - 6” modules have a grooved drain port. The Series 747M FireLock Zone Control Riser Module is FM Approved for working pressures up to 365psi/2517 kPa and is UL and ULC Listed for working pressures up to 300psi/2068kPa. An optional pressure relief version is available for all sizes. Pressure Relief Version is FM Approved and UL and ULC Listed for working pressures up to 175psi/1200kPa.

 Vic®-Quick Riser For Series 768 Dry, 769 Deluge, 769 Preaction FireLock NXT™ Valves and Series 756 Dry, Series 758 Preaction and Series 758 Deluge Valves It is now easier than ever to install the revolutionary Victaulic FireLock® line of actuated devices into your Fire Protection system. The introduction of the Vic-Quick Riser installation is fast and easy because valves are pre-trimmed for your convenience.Vic-Quick Riser includes a shut off valve (11/2 - 2” sizes use a Series 728, 21/2 - 8” sizes use a Series 705W) for system shut-off, pressure switches, and a drain kit for ease of installation.Vic-Quick Riser is offered in 11/2 - 8” sizes for use with Series 756 Dry, Series 758 Preaction and Series 758 Deluge valves. The Vic-Quick Riser can be installed into the system using Style 009 FireLock EZ™ or Style 005 FireLock rigid couplings. Once the air lines are hooked up and the drain is connected the device is ready for service. For complete installation procedures always refer to the installation manual included with each device.

Winter 2009

F.W. Webb continues to offer new and innovative products to speed any installation. We stock pretrimmed alarm and dry valves including the Victaulic NXT Quick riser dry pipe valve, as well as the newly designed Victaulic 747m riser manifold assembly. Many contractors are now using the Easy-flex flexible sprinkler drop assemblies offered in both recessed and concealed applications. We continue to stock the new Victaulic 009 E-Z coupling. These are designed to be installed with less labor and faster installation Call us for any and all of your fire protection needs.


SERIES 247P (Pressure Relief Option)

Designed for NFPA 13, 13D and 13R commercial and residential requirements, the Victaulic Series 247 Zone Control Riser Module features a cast body, and is compact and easy to install in zoned wet sprinkler systems. The integrated module body consists of a shut off valve, test and drain valve combination and different orifice sizes (K factors), a UL Listed and FM Approved Flow Switch, and a Pressure Gauge. The Series 247 FireLock Zone Control Riser Module is available in sizes from 1 through 2”/33.4 - 60.3mm. The 1” module has 1” FNPT ends on the main pipe. The 1¼” through 2” modules have grooved ends for installation in the horizontal or vertical up-flow positions with UL Listed, FM Approved Victaulic grooved couplings. Each module has a 1” NPT drain port. The Series 247 FireLock Zone Control Riser Module is FM Approved for working pressures up to 365psi/2517 kPa and is UL and ULC Listed for working pressures up to 300psi/2068kPa. An optional pressure relief version is available for all sizes. Pressure Relief Version is FM Approved and UL and ULC Listed for working pressures up to 175psi/1200kPa.

Live Working Demonstration Valves and Training offered at F.W. Webb’s Canton Location F.W. Webb Canton has live working demonstration valves and can host training sessions for your employees, including Victaulic products. We also offer CPVC training and certification—both in-house or on the job site. We invite you to tour our modern and efficient fabrication shop and view our capabilities and capacity. Please call us to schedule a tour and/or training session.



Cranston, RI: 866-850-7867 Winslow, ME: 800-452-1928 Syracuse, NY: 866-850-7867

Pump Sales • Service • Repair

Jim Bodle General Manager

Webb Pump is a market-focused division of F.W. Webb Company targeting the Commercial and Industrial Pump marketplace. Our bottom line: Service is king, and each and every member of our team works hard to offer our customers an experience that will bring them back again and again.

PurePro® All Stainless Steel Condensate Return Systems Webb Pump, a division of F.W. Webb Company, offers the latest in Condensate Return Systems. Our proprietary PurePro design starts with Grundfos stainless steel immersion-style pumps and a 304 Stainless receiver tank. The concept is simple: our system offers flexibility in design coupled with the integrity of long-life stainless steel. Why risk failure of a cast-iron system, the unsightliness of corrosion, the difficulty of maintaining side or bottom-mounted pumps when there is an affordable stainless steel option? PurePro® Systems come in standard 25 gallon, 50 gallon, and 100 gallon receiver sizes. Our Standard package offers the following features: • Simplex (single pump), Duplex (double redundant pump)models • Grundfos SPK , CRK, or MTR Pumps with stainless suction components and cast iron discharge head • Flows to 90GPM and pressures to 85PSI • Ease of maintenance with top-mounted pumps - Duplex systems allow one pump to be removed while operating the system • Drain plug for thorough draining of receiver • Standard Mechanical duplexing float switch • Flanges on tank bottom for secure installation • Simple Control panels with integral breakers and motor starters which can be tank-mounted or remotely wall-mounted • Integral tank vent



Options include: • Front-mounted sight glass • Bimetal thermometer • Temperature transmitters • Custom vacuum systems with integral eductor for use when gravity draining of a condensate system is not an option • Stainless Steel pump discharge heads • Electrical duplexing panels available • Variety of electrical options: Single phase and three-phase motors Webb Pump has in-house CAD design capabilities to customize a system for your requirements. We routinely build systems to match unique footprints, to match up to existing piping, or for custom receiver capacities. Standard PurePro® Systems are available to handle condensate temperatures up to 180F. Higher temperatures are available; please contact our Inside Applications Team to discuss your application!

Please contact our Inside Applications Team to discuss your application!

Engineered Products Group 800.452.1928

Daryl Schoellkopf General Manager


Skid Mounted Systems The Kentrol Engineered Products Group designs and builds complex skid mounted systems that can be delivered to your facility fully tested and ready to go. We have trained chemical, mechanical and electrical designers that can provide the skid system you need. We have built batch systems, small pilot plant systems, chemical feed systems, pump skids, compressor skids, high pressure chemical sampling systems, ph neutralization skids, soluble mercury removal systems, etc. • Design – The Kentrol Systems Group provides skid design services starting from a conceptual study through finished drawings ready for fabrication. We will provide full electrical, instrumentation, programming and fabrication documentation.

Kentrol and SEVCO, both respected names in the industrial marketplace have combined their years of product application, sales, service and design experience to better meets today’s customer demands. The combination of our field, shop, and manufacturing professionals, enables us to deliver highly qualified and factory trained personnel to our customer locations. Focusing primarily on the service of automated, control and overpressure protection valves, provides added assurances that the repairs are done right and to factory specifications.

Aqueous Ammonia Package System for a power plant in Lansing, Iowa. Included was a Truck Unloading Station, Forwarding Pump Skid, Injection Flow Control Skid, and Distribution Metering Enclosure. This is used as part of a NOx reduction system for pollution control.

 Injection Flow Control Distribution Metering Enclosure – Front View   Distribution Metering Enclosure

Forwarding Pump Skid 

• Fabrication – Kentrol’s skid fabrication capabilities include: a welding shop, sheet metal fabrication shop paint booths, sand blasting booths, control panel assembly and a complete machine shop. • Programming and Controls – We provide all the con-trol systems for the skids we build including all necessary instrumentation, PLC programming or software required to automate the skid. This would include all DATA output from the skid required by your main DCS.

 Special Fabrication Jig for the dispersion tubes. 

• Testing – We fully test all skid systems at our facility to ensure proper operation in the field. • Start-up – Our technicians assist you with the start-up in your facility until you are completely satisfied with the skid’s operation. • Training – We will train your maintenance staff on the operation and maintenance of the skid and it’s subsystems.

Completed Duct Section on the Road  Ammonia Injection Grids including 24” diameter x 42’ long distribution manifolds for a power plant in San Antonio, Texas. The AIG’s were fabricated into subassemblies for final field assembly. This system is used as part of a NOx reduction system for pollution control.

To see and hear more about our services, please call or visit: or 800.452.1928

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Ted Pooler Corey Post Mechanical Engineer Design / CAD

Steve Perro Electrical Engineer

Raymone Grenier Greg Dow Project Management Engineered Products Manager



Automation & Controls

800.452.1928 207.873.7741

Gaseous Ammonia Flow Control skids for shipment to a power plant in Gainesville, Florida. All piping is 316SS and is fabricated to ANSI B31.3. These units are used as part of a NOx reduction system for pollution control. System included 4 zones of heat tracing and controls. All necessary monitoring instrumentation and automated and control valves.

Instrumentation Services • Installation and Calibration • PID Loop Tuning • Troubleshooting • System Start-up Support • Commissioning Support • Full Shut-down/Outage Assistance

Control Panel Design and Fabrication • CAD Design • UL Certification • NEMA 12/4/4x & Class 1, Div.1 • Custom Stainless Steel Fabrication • PLC Cabinets • Solenoid Cabinets • Complete Control Rooms • Sampling Systems • Damper Drives • Custom Consoles

 Emergency shutoff valves with manual overrides. Digital valve positioners on the flow control valves for high turndown capability. and control.   Skid ready for shipment in custom crating. A large abrasives manufacturing plant in central Massachusetts, contracted Webb Kentrol /SEVCO to fabricate an integral Heating/Cooling Valve Rack for their process.

Valve Services • Valve Calibration • Valve Repair and Rebuilding • Valve Diagnostic Surveys • Valve Optimization Software • Predictive Maintenance Software

8 stage heating and cooling rack with automated valves and condensate return components.

Engineered Systems • CAD Designed Skid Mounted Process Systems • Metering Systems • Filtration Systems • Temperature Control Skids/Modules • Utility Boiler Burner Valve Racks • Instrument Racks • Pump Skids

Call Scott, Chad, Cynthia or Parrish with your questions. 800.452.1928

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Chad Collier

Cynthia Berkovsky

Parrish Lovell


Safety Relief Valves


Services • Authorized Crosby Valve “Pressure Management Center” • Holder of Certificates of Authorization for the use of “V”, “UV”, and “VR” symbol stamps • Factory trained and certified field and shop technicians • State-of-the-art steam test facility to 1500 psi • Liquid test facility to 3100 psi • Air test facility to 3100 psi • Electronic testing of safety valves, in line and under pressure • Hydraulic Lift Assist devices for testing safety valves in line at reduced pressure • Lapmaster facilities to ensure mirror-finish on valve seats, rotary joints, and custom machining • In-plant valve surveys and preventative maintenance programs

Energy Conservation • Sevco’s “4 Phase Steam Program” • Internet Based SEVCO Computerized Valve Survey System (SCVSS) • Steam Trap, Unit Heater and System Surveys

Engineered Systems • Automated and Continuous Blowdown Systems • Burner Management Systems • Desuperheating & Steam Conditioning Systems • Boiler Controls • Condensate Recovery Systems • Relay Protection Panels • Skid Systems

Steam Desuperheater skid for power plant in Gainesville, Florida measuring (5’ W x 20’ L x 7’ H) with integral pressure reducing station. This unit is designed to drop 9,200#/HR of superheated steam at 550psia and 680 Deg. F. down to 255psia saturated steam. Piping is all ANSI class 600# and 300# carbon steel. Additional pressure reducing station brings the desuperheated steam to a lower pressure for plant use.

 Variable frequency drives used for finite pump control.

Condensate Return Skid for a power plant in Gainesville, Florida. The skid is designed to flash/collect steam condensate and return 38,000 #/hr back to the boiler. The dual Grundfos pumps, receiver tank, and pump control panel were supplied by our Webb Pump division, while the remainder was designed and fabricated here at Webb Kentrol / SEVCO. Per customer requirements, the skid was heat traced and fully insulated prior to shipment.

Call Cord or Gary with your questions. After–hours Emergency Service: 207.872.4779

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Plastics Utilities Supply Company • 50 Everberg Rd., Woburn, MA 01801 Contact Dave McGlynn or Ian Power • 800.343.7555

 Double-contained pipe Corrosion-Resistant Thermoplastic Due-Pro Due-Pro Leads the Market for Large, Flexible Systems • Any combination of PP, PVDF, Halar, or HDPE • Components joined by reliable thermal butt fusion • To 150 PSI pressure in carrier and containment • Accepts many leak detection and location systems • Field fabrication from components or pre-fabrication • Size ranges for all pressure or drainage systems • Supporting devices on inner carrier pipe prevent sagging or buckling • Containment piping can be compartmentalized, creating leak zones, and can be designed for continuous draining

 relief, by-pass, back pressure and anti-siphon valves

Angle and In-line designs for Corrosive Chemicals, Water & Ultra-Pure Liquids providing smooth, sensitive operations.

Applications: • Handle highly corrosive or ultra pure liquids • Provide by-pass flow relief to avoid pumping problems • Prevent over pressures in vessels and piping systems • Maintain back pressure in piping systems • Prevent gravity-induced siphon through pump • Enhance pump performance • Simplify piping and eliminate the need for 3-port valves • ¼” – 3” pipe sizes in PVC, CPVC, Natural Polypro, Glass-filled Polypro, PVDF and Teflon ®.

 conical bottom storage tanks Conical bottom tanks (OTCB, ICB) are available in seamless molded one piece units from either virgin high density crosslink or FDAcompliant linear polyethylene. A funnel shaped conical bottom with 30º or 45º slope is moldedin as are gallon markers and access openings. They have more resistance to corrosion and chemicals than fiberglass, stainless or mild steel. Wall thickness conforms to ASTM D-1998 standards for liquid containment.



John Romano Vice President, USCO

Today’s thermoplastic piping systems, offer features and benefits that can help to overcome the challenges of escalating construction costs and minimize harmful impact to our environment. These thermoplastic piping systems are lighter in weight, resistant to corrosion, have smoother interior surfaces than metals, and require less energy in total from manufacture to installation; all of this makes plastic piping systems a wise choice for your next application!

 High purity systems

Call us for your

• Polypure™ = Natural Polypropylene high purity needs! • Purad™ = PVDF Asahi/America offers PolyPure and Purad products in sizes to fit your needs. For both large and small systems, Purad is available in a complete offering of ½” – 12”. PolyPure may be obtained in sizes of ½” – 4”. Both PolyPure and Purad fittings and valves are also available in zero dead leg configurations. In addition to piping, fittings and valves, Asahi/America’s Vortex Flow Meter is ideal for sanitary pharmaceutical and bio-chemical operations. The instrument has no moving parts and is crevice-free. It may be steamsterilized and can be installed in Purified Water, Water for Injection, and Solution Preparation Systems.

 Harvel Pipe Clear PVC Pipe: Harvel Clear

Rigid PVC piping provides a versatile, cost-effective choice for semiconductor, sight-glass and dual-containment applications, where visual monitoring of the process is critical.

PVC Pipe: Harvel has

expanded its original “quality line” of PVC pipe to include sizes 1/8” – 24” in Schedules 40, 80 and 120 as well as a broad range of sizes in SDR 13.5, 21, 26 and 41.

LXT™ Ultra-Pure Water Pipe: Harvel LXT™ low-

extractable piping for ultra-pure water systems offers fast, lowcost and reliable installation in semi-conductor, electronics, biotechnology and other industries.

FlameTech™ 25/50 Pipe:

Harvel’s unique PVC low flame and smoke translucent containment piping offers exceptional fire performance characteristics and good optical properties.

ISO 9002 Certified.

Utilities Supply Company • 50 Everberg Rd., Woburn, MA 01801


Contact Dave McGlynn or Ian Power • 800.343.7555

Harvel® HydroKing® Commercial IPS SDR 11 CPVC plumbing Pipe provides high fl ow capacity and high pressure bearing capability combined with exceptional corrosion resistance for hot and cold water plumbing applications. Easily installed using Schedule 80 CPVC fittings with reliable solvent welded joining techniques, HydroKing® Commercial pipe is the quality, cost-effective choice for reliable long-term system service in commercial water distribution systems – including system risers. Product Ratings Harvel® HydroKing® CPVC pipe is manufactured in iron pipe sizes (IPS) to SDR11 dimensions in strict accordance with ASTM F442, Standard Specification for CPVC plastic pipe. Pipe produced to these dimensions provide unique advantages for use in commercial water applications that include:

• High pressure bearing capacity – 100psi @180ºF continuous pressure • Improved flow – Large ID; less friction loss (C factor = 150) • Fire Resistant – Listed to ULC S102.2 • Corrosion Resistant – Will not rust, scale, pit or corrode • Light weight – easy to assemble & install • High energy efficiency • Quiet operation • Maintains water quality • Lower installed costs – Readily joined with Schedule 80 CPVC fittings using inexpensive tools

 LabWaste™ chemical & corrosion resistant cpvc One of the key advantages of LabWaste™ • Specially formulated one-step solvent ceCPVC System is its excellent resistance to ment provides chemical resistance equal to a broad range of corrosive environments. system pipe & fittings – now in special CPVC is inert to most mineral acids, Yellow color bases, salts and aliphatic hydrocarbons, • ULC flame & smoke rated and compares favorably to other non• Non-pressure drainage service to 220°F metals in these chemical environments. • Complete system of pipe, fittings and adapters • All CPVC construction in full assortment of standard DWV patterns • Custom fabricated accessories-drains, neutralization tanks & pump stations

Winter 2009



Specialists in BioProcessinG Components 1.877.WEBB.BIO • 401.463.4176 • FAX: 401.463.4160 Contact Jim Bodle •

 BT6-B Thermostatic Clean Steam Trap Higher Trap Capacity and Sensitivity The initial test results are in…and the BT6-B sets a new standard in subcool performance across the condensate load range. Upgrade today and get an instant performance boost—the BT6-B meets and exceeds our current BT6 specification. The BT6-B redesigned seat provides high-capacity flow and positive draining for minimal condensate backup across the entire load range. That means you’ll enjoy improved SIP operations on bioreactors and fermenters, with tighter temperature control and reduced cycle time. Plus, you’ll get improved performance in mains drainage applications. All in all, enjoy best of breed performance that will help reduce rouging, system corrosion and extend life of diaphragm valves and seals. How about maintenance? BT6-B brings improvements here, too. Upgrade to BT6-B for foolproof reassembly after cleaning. There’s no longer any risk of trap failure resulting from reassembly error. What’s more, the safety clamp prevents accidental disassembly. The BT6-B…a new standard in performance. Ask us for more information—upgrade today! Features: • Two models, both with redesigned element • BT6-BL (low capacity) and BT6-BH (high capacity) – replace existing BT6 and BT6HC • Connection sizes: ½”, ¾”, 1” and 1½” • Materials and finish: 316L stainless steel with 25 μ-in (0.6 μm) Ra surface finish optional 15 μ-in (0.375 μm) Ra • Seal: Viton (FDA and USP Class VI compliant)

Lower body shows enlarged outlet with 15° seat for improved flow and shut-off..

Redesigned capsule fits in the body only the correct way for foolproof reassembly.

Contact Webb Bio-Pharm today for more information!



Jim Bodle General Manager

Did you know Webb Bio-Pharm stocks a complete inventory of Alfa Laval Centrifugal and Positive displacement pumps. All pumps come complete with full documentation such as heat traceable components, material test reports, surface finish and elastomer certification. In addition, we stock the complete service kits for all LKH, SX and SRU pumps.

Webb Bio-Pharm and WIKA are Teaming Up Together! Webb Bio-Pharm has become the Master distributor for WIKA Instruments. WIKA is an industry leader in advance pressure and temperature instrumentation technology and applications. WIKA utilizes state-of-the-art manufacturing technology and highly automated production equipment in its quarter million square foot facility in Lawrenceville, Georgia. WIKA offers a wide variety of stock and customized instrumentation solutions for critical applications and has the most extensive product line in the industry. Here is one example of WIKA’s unique products they offer to the Bio-tech and Pharmaceutical markets: INLINE SEAL WIKA’s sanitary INLINE Seal permits pressure measuring instruments to be installed into the process without the use of a standard instrument “T”, WIKA Model L981-22. This unique diaphragm seal design, the INLINE Seal, assures no process dead space, corners, turbulence or obstructions to the process flow, thus providing a sterile and accurate pressure measurement. Out INLINE Seal is available for use with various pressure measuring instruments; mechanical gauges, transmitters and switches. This diaphragm seal can be combined with an integral temperature measuring sensor (RTD or thermocouple), WIKA Model L983.22. This allows measuring pressure and temperature with one non-intrusive tapping of the process. This unique sanitary solution meets or exceeds stringent sanitary industry standards. For more information on the INLINE SEAL or on WIKA Instruments please contact our inside sales team today!

Meet Matt Hancur Matt Hancur has been with the Webb Bio-Pharm team for over 5 years now. He is a key member of our inside sales team. Whether you need technical support on something specific or need something taken care of in a hurry, Matt can get it done for you! Matt’s dedication has made himself a brand name to Webb Bio-Pharm’s customer base. Matt also just recently completed a course in the fundamentals of AutoCAD. He will be our dedicated point man to produce AutoCAD drawings for your specific requirements. This new offering will also help to design and engineer the sanitary pumping systems that have become a large part of Webb BioPharm’s core focus. Contact Matt Hancur today and experience the superior customer service he has to offer. He is waiting for your call!

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Exceeding the demands of a changing industry is not always easy. With escalating energy costs, demands for higher efficiency and renewable energy systems; change becomes daily. Webb continues to meet the challenges with systems utilizing R410A refrigerants, advance coil technology with the York Micro Channel, along with Variable refrigerant John Thomas systems by Daikin. Call Webb today and take advantage Vice President HVAC/R & Controls of industry leading products and systems.

 direct coupled electric linear valve actuators

 T600 Series Digital thermostat The thermostat replaces many competitive brands. The T600 digital programmable and non-programmable thermostats provide advanced temperature control and easy-to-follow menudriven programming. All setup and programming is done at the push of a button by following plain text menus. The T600 is available in a 7-day, 2/4 event programmable model or a non-programmable model. Each one offers at least 20 configurable parameters. They can control single-stage multi-state, and heat pump units. Plus, the programmable model controls unitary rooftop equipment with economizers.

ML6421/7421 Non-Spring Return ML6425/7425 Spring Return Suitable for use with on-off controllers/ SPDT floating controllers or electronic modulating systems.

 remote temperature controllers

T775 Series

Offers the flexibility of up to four stages ON/OFF, modulating or reset control with digital display and wide set point range.

 Variable Air volume modular assembly

VMA1400 is a configurable digital controller with a pressure sensor and an actuator, housed in a pre-wired unit. Continuous loop tuning through algorithms, automated commissioning, position feedback for enhanced damper position accuracy, advanced diagnostics, N2 network communication and Palm Pilot interface.

 single/dual transmitter input receiver control


 two position actuator MA-5200 MA-5300 Series Series

VSD Series • World’s smallest footprint • Standard copy/paste keypad (for copying parameters to other drives) • External Fan is removable with no screws (Frames 4 & 5) & Fan can be temperature controlled • EMI/RFI filters & 3 % Line Reactors Standard Local / Remote button on keypad (1 – touch)

 Retrostat kit Converts existing pneumatic room thermostats to Powers 192 Series. Competitor retrostat kits have factory calibrated changeover pressure to match the manufacturer they replace.

 powermite 599 series MZ Series: . Close-off up to 25 psi . Electronic actuators only 0 to 10V fail-in place 24 Vac, 2-position, 3-position control . Low leakage rate (ANSI Class IV)

Please contact your F.W. Webb Sales Representative for more information! Winter 2009



HVAC/R & Controls

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energy saving commercial equipment

 Millennium Split System 2 and 4 Pipe Condensers 15 to 50 Ton

All models include the Simplicity controls system, engineered for ease of set up and programming, to provide alarm monitoring. Free local networking carries all alarm and diagnostic data directly to an on-site PC. When available,York Wireless data can be transmitted virtually anywhere. These units are completely assembled, piped and wired at the factory to provide one-piece shipment and rigging. Each unit is pressurized with a holding charge of refrigerant-22 for storage and/or shipping. The compact design, clean styling, low silhouette, and quiet operation make these condensing units suitable for almost any outdoor location. • Meets or exceeds Ashrae 90.1-1999 standards • Simplicity Controls • Inherently protect condenser fan motors • V-Coil Design with exterior service port connections • Five-minute anti-short cycle timer and minimum compressor run time • Standard operation to 40 F. Fieldinstalled Low Ambient VFD Control to 0ºF • Factory installed disconnect and Technicoat coils option • Scroll compressors provide both high efficiency and reliability • Condenser coils are constructed of copper tubes and aluminum fins for durability and long lasting efficient operation • Crankcase heaters that will be de-energized when the compressor is operating • Self contained high and low pressure controls • Solid state or internal line break compressor motor protection • Class 2, 24-volt thermostat control circuit

 Large Commercial Rooftops (Y) 25, 30 and 40 Ton

York Millennium® Rooftops offer the flexibility to meet the requirements of a wide range of installations.They’re built to last and priced to compete. Numerous options can be added to the base unit to satisfy almost any specifications —from the simple to complex. Units are offered in the following combinations: • Cooling Only • Cooling/Gas Heating (Natural Gas or Propane) • Cooling/Electric Heat • Cooling/Hot Water Heat • Cooling/ Steam Heat In addition, these units are designed with the flexibility to support the industry’s best practices for indoor air quality.All these features are available on 25, 30- and 40-ton single-package units that are easy to install, use, and maintain. Factory-installed options, such as economizers, power exhaust, high-efficiency motors or filtration, barometric damper relief, 0° low ambient, high-capacity evaporator coils, and single-unit disconnect, add to the versatility of these self-contained rooftops. • Double-wall construction with galvanized sheet metal liner to protect against microbial growth. • Rigid sheet metal inner liner to keep insulation out of the airstream. • Sloped drain pan protects against pan corrosion and bacterial growth. • Pitched roof design for natural drainage. • Scroll compressors for efficiency and durability. Multiple refrigeration circuits for greater turndown and the best unloading capabilities in the industry. connection for BAS compatibility. • Extended flue connection on gas units to eliminate the possibility of corrosion in the furnace heat exchanger. • Constant air volume or Variable air volume by inlet guide vanes or variable frequency drive. • Full range of airflows and static pressures to meet most every application requirement.

F.W. Webb is the exclusive distributor of York Heating and Cooling Systems and Source 1 Parts for New England and Upper New York.

 variable refrigerant volume (VRV) system Optimized R410A Design

make-up air units

This industry benchmark is the world’s first R410A-operated variable refrigerant ❷ volume (VRV) system and represents ❸ a considerable advance in efficiency ❹ over competitive systems. ❶ Aero Fitting Grille and Aero Spiral Fan❺ ❷ DC Fab Motor ❸ Sine Wave DC Converter ❹ E-Pass Heat Exchanger ❺ Reluctance Brushless DC Compressor Optimized R410A design: The motor comprises powerful neodymium Daiken sets the industry standard magnets that generate the reluctance torque. These magnets are approximately 12 times stronger than ferrite magnets and contribute to its substantial energy-saving performance.

➊ ➋ ➌ ➍ ➎


 duct furnace heating, ventilating and


WeatherPack II There are two basic types of WeatherPack II units: gravity vented or power vented. Gravity vented units (Models PBG and PSG) are provided with factory supplied vent caps. Power vented units (Models PBP and PSP) include an integral 115V/24V power venter as standard. The power venter is supplied with a ball bearing motor and includes a centrifugal switch for positive interlock with the gas controls.

800.253.7838 • 781.933.1804 • Fax: 781.933.3528


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Refrigeration 781.272.6600 • fax: 781.275.3354 Contact Harry See

 cROWNtONKA wALK-INS Construction Cross-Section

Quality Construction from the Inside Out

Harry See Vice President Refrigeration

Changes in the refrigeration industry are happening on a daily basis. With refrigerant and equipment changes from one refrigerant to another and all the problems it brings, it is a challenge to keep up with these changes. We here at F.W. Webb are training both our customers and employees to meet these challenges.

 chandler / heatcraft Evaporators

Features: • Patented Floating Tube condenser construction • Suction and discharge vibration eliminators with spring mounted Discus compressors • Fixed high and adjustable low pressure switches • Sentronic oil failure switch with Discus compressors • Discharge line check valve with high and low temperature scroll compressors • Discharge line thermostat with high temperature scroll compressors • Liquid injection solenoid valve and capillary tube with low temperature scroll compressors • Manual pump-down switch

 Air, Water, & Remote Cooled Modular Contour Cubers - CME506

Value the Difference of CM3 Ice Machines

 Honeywell Genetron Refrigerants A complete inventory of your refrigerant needs for today’s requirements.

• CM3 Series offers the lowest lifetime operating costs based on lower water and electrical usage. • AutoIQ™ Control System monitors and controls the ice machines’ functions to ensure consistent ice production and reduce operating costs. • CM3 Evaporator is a hot tin dipped, molecularly bonded plate that has been field tested and proven 99.4% reliable over 5 years. • Rust-free Polyethylene Base and Food Zone is insulated with 1½” of foam which keeps water and food zone cool to reduce operating costs and is backed by a Lifetime Rust-free Warranty. • Contemporary styling and stainless steel finish make the CM3 a perfect addition to any operation.

 Thermostatic expansion valves  tecumseh condensing units



Features & Benefits: • Selective thermostatic charges • Thermostatic element design • Diaphragm design • Replaceable thermostatic elements • Balanced port design • Pin carrier design (conventional valves) • Accessible internal parts • Materials of construction • Silver soldered connections • Adjustable superheat design

Institutional/Property Management 781.272.6600 • fax: 781.275.3354 Contact Dean Plouffe

Dean Plouffe Product Manager Plumbing

 SLOAN SOLIS® Heu/het FLUShometer

Water and energy conservation continue to drive innovation in the development of new products in the plumbing and heating industry. Municipal buildings, hospitals and schools are welcoming “green” products that are consistent with their goals of sustainability.

 Sloan Solis® solar-powered

• Sloan Valve Company introduces the world’s first solar-powered, sensor-operated Flushometers. Sloan SOLIS® Flushometers for water closets and urinals provide ground-breaking water efficiency and utilize state-of-the-art photovoltaic technology. • Sloan SOLIS® Flushometers use light to charge a highly efficient capacitor, providing power even in rooms with occupancycontrolled lighting. The solar panel powers the unit without the need for moving parts in the waterway. No moving parts in the waterway mean superior hydraulic performance and reduced maintenance. • These revolutionary plumbing products offer engineers and designers a way to visibly express a facility’s commitment to sustainability. • Toilets account for most of the water used in commercial restrooms. The new SOLIS® High-Efficiency Flushometers are available in single-flush and dualflush models. The dual-flush model has two flush cycles: Users can choose the full 1.6 gpf/6.0 Lpf flush for solid waste or the reduced flush of 1.1 gpf/4.2 Lpf for liquid waste. • If the user does not press a button, the Flushometer’s Dual-Flush Smart Sense Technology™ takes over and automatically initiates a flush cycle, based on how long the user remains in the sensor range. Users who stay within the sensor range less than a minute activate the reduced flush; users who stay longer activate the full flush.

faucet – EAF-275

Sloan Valve Company’s new SOLIS® EAF-275 faucet incorporates the latest advancements in solar-powered technology and leadingedge electronics for energy and water savings. Works with ambient light, like a solar-powered calculator. The SOLIS® faucet with its integrated Power Plant storage cell, transforms light from any source into electrical energy. • 0.5 gpm aerator regulates water flow . Electronic sensor automatically turns water on/off . Integral temperature control The SOLIS® EAF-275 is a reflection of Sloan’s commitment to designing and providing energy and water-saving systems. The SOLIS® EAF-275 is the natural choice for projects that call for a “green” faucet, European styling and the benefits of convenient touch-free electronics.

 Madera Flowise™ ELONGATED water efficient toilets • 1.28gpf/4.8Lpf • Elongated floor mount flushometer valve toilet, top or back spud • 10” or 12” inch roughing-in • EverClean™ Anti-microbial ceramic glaze • Fully glazed 2-1/8” trapway • Condensation channel • Powerful direct-fed siphon jet action • 10” x 12” water surface area • 1½” inlet spud • Recommended working pressure-- between 25 psi at valve when flushing and 80 psi static

Winter 2009

15” Rim Height 16½” Rim Height



Industrial Specialties

Kentrol is EPG Preferred Supplier of NOx Reduction System

Newly Commissioned Dean Hot Water Pump at Eastern Connecticut State University

Gaseous Ammonia Flow Control skids prepared for shipment to a Gainesville, Florida power plant. These units are used a part of a NOx reduction system.

The Dean Pump Model RWA 4166, which is air cooled, is capable of pumping hot water up to 400ºF and is used as part of Eastern Conn State University’s campus-wide hot water heating distribution system. From left to right: Steve Frederick, Supervising Stationary Engineer; Martin Ludvigsen,Webb Pump Service Technician; and Sbigniew Mroz, Mechanical/Electrical Facilities Manager.

A-D Expansion Joint and Industrial Metal Hose Training Seminar – September 23-24, 2008

From left to right: Mark Yonnick and Julio Garcia of Flex-Hose Co., Inc; Brett Finemore of F.W.Webb Co., Roy Hendrix, Ed Bardin and Ron Bedsole oof Piping & Equipment Co.

Product Vendor Day at F.W. Webb’s Gloucester Branch

F.W. Webb’s Gloucester Store held a Product Vendor Day with six major heating product players on September 30, 2008. Hot food, live fire demonstrations, and raffles resulted in a great turnout for the four-hour event.

From left to right: Carlin Burner representative, Roger Mitchell and Kevin Beullieu from Sonny’s Oil in Rockport.

Participating vendors: Bradford White, Carlin Burner,Watts Radiant, Rinnai Heater,TRIO Boiler, Honeywell, and Milwaukee Tool. Milwaukee ATV Promo Winner! From left to right: Andrew Plowman of Milwaukee; Dave DiPirro, General Manager F.W.Webb Gloucester branch; Bob Matvichuck, General Manager F.W.Webb Haverhill branch; Milwaukee ATV Winner – Tim Lane of Essex, MA; Karl Bertelman of Milwaukee Tool and Bob Quarterone of F.W.Webb.



Industrial Specialties  forged steel Gate and Globe valves

A total containment solution is available with the installation of a Flowserve Vogt Bellowseal Gate Valve constructed to positively eliminate any leak paths at the bonnet joint and packing.

Features: • • • • •

Fully rated Class 800 Zero environment leakage High strength multi-ply bellows Flexible Graphite packing Full hard faced

 Globe valves Suitable for throttling as well as shut-off. They are customarily installed so that the media pressure and preferred flow direction is under the disc. Flow above the disc is also acceptable.

 Spirotrap The life and efficiency of a heating or cooling system is greatly dependent on clean system water. Dirt in the system can cause increased component wear and frequent breakdowns. The Spirotrap will remove dirt down to the smallest particle. Dirt particle filters are now being recommended or required when retrofitting a high efficiency boiler to an existing system.

Features: • Virtually no maintenance • No replacement filters to get clogged • Dirt can be flushed while system is fully operational • No bypass or isolating valves required • Will not block flow • Drain valve for flushing out dirt • Mounts on return piping

 New Home Hot Water

Recirculation System

“Hot water in an Instant” Features: • Complete package that is easy to install • Built in timer and plug in cord • Aquastat control ensures optimum operation • Housing includes built in check valve to eliminate back flow. • Integral isolation valve for ease of installation and service • Requires a return line • Saves an average of 16,000 gallons a year per home.

Features: • Quick lead times • Valves for servicing include: Nuclear, Alkylation, Sour Service, Cryogenic, Low Temperature and more • Qualified under the ISO 9001 Quality System & European Pressure Equipment Directive • Hard faced seats • Spiral wound gasket or bellowseal • Bolted bonnet or seal weld bonnet

 Strainers For start-up on most applications, a temporary strainer used before installing a strainer for permanent use. Available in all sizes 1½” – 42”; in carbon or stainless steel; in the form of a cone, basket, or plate style with an assortment of different perforations, mesh, and lengths if necessary.


 screwed SB-7 Y-strainer

 flanged SSA-7 Strainer

1/4” - 3” 600# screwed & socket weld available in carbon & stainless steel material offered as an import style SB-7I & SSB-7I domestic style SB-7 & SSB-7 Y-strainers.

1/2” - 12” 150# & 300# flanged & buttweld available carbon & stainless steel material offered as an import style SA-7I & SSA-7I domestic style SA-7 and SSA-7.

Now stocking the screwed carbon SB-7I (1/2” – 2”) at the Amherst CD-branch.

For larger sizes please consult factory.

 flanged SGFV-K Strainer 2” – 12” 150# & 300# flanged SGFV-K knob type basket strainer for easy access available in carbon & stainless steel material style SGFV-K & SSGFV-K. Also available in threaded.

Winter 2009



White G

Industrial Specialties

UltraPro Alkaline Batteries TM

» » »

Built to exceed the per formance demands of industrial applications Contractor Packs feature convenient reclosable, reusable containers that protect against damage and shor t-circuiting


Mercur y-free formula − better for the environment


Guaranteed against leakage

Ideal for contract or bid business

AL A A-24

ALD -12

AL A A A-18

Lasts as Long as Duracell® and Energizer ®

AL9V- 8


©2008 SBI CS 37440 * Based on top Industrial Distributors

 forged steel fittings Phoenix *Capitol domestically manufacturers a full line of forged steel fittings and unions along with branch connections marketed under Trans-O-Con. All Phoenix *Capitol products are produced to the latest ASME, ANSI and ASTM specifications and adhere to existing Approved Manufacturing Lists.



Tools 975 Combo Roll Groover

 RP330-B Press Tool  flue gas analyzer Combustion Efficiency and Emissions Analyzer Introducing the RIDGID® FG-100H Flue Gas Analyzer, a 5-in-1 versatile instrument to determine efficiency of boiler systems and to identify harmful emissions of combustion by-products. The FG-100H offers the tests and measurements necessary for complete analysis of a boiler to maintain maximum efficiency and productivity. 5-in-1 Instrument • Combustion Efficiency Analyzer • Draft Meter • Manometer • Thermometer • CO Detector

For convenience and portability, the RP330-B is the logical choice. Featuring a barrel that rotates 270 degrees and a longer service interval, the RP330-B is designed to handle your toughest construction projects. Powered by a 18V Lithium-Ion Battery, the RP330-B offers 50% more presses per battery charge than our previous model! Specifications: • Capacity: ½” – 4” • 270° Barrel/Jaw Swivel • Battery: 18V Li-Ion; Battery Charger: 115 V • Hydraulic Ram Output: 7200 lbs. (32kN) • Weight: 9.8 lbs. w/Battery • Operating Temperature Range: 15°F to 122°F • Approx. Cycle Time: 5 seconds • Standard Kit Includes: RP 330-B Press Tool, 2 Batteries, Battery Charger and Carrying Case • Compatible with all RIDGID Standard Series Pressing Attachments

12 Volt M12 Line  M12 Copper Tubing Cutter

2471-21 • Close quarter rotating cutting head cuts pipe in confined spaces with as little as 1½” of clearance automatically with trigger.

 M12 ¼” Hex

impact driver

2490-23 • Best-in-class 850 in lbs. with 2,000 RPM that only weights 2.3 lbs.

The Model 975 Combo Roll Groover is two tools in one! Use it manually for inplace overhead applications or, like other RIDGID®groovers, mount it on the RIDGID 300 Power Drive for machine grooving jobs. • Auto tracking and depth setting gauge means easier use • Less hand force • Durability and portability Specifications: • Pipe Capacity:1¼” – 6” Schedule 10 and Schedule 40 Steel, Aluminum, and PVC Pipe; 11/4” – 6” Schedule 10 and 1¼” – 2” Schedule 40 Stainless Steel Pipe • Depth Adjustment: Adjusting screw and integral,index depth gauge • Actuation: Feed screw with ½” ratchet wrench(included) or any 15/16” hex • Power Drive Mounting: RIDGID 300 Power Drive38/57 RPM (reverse direction only) • Weight: 26 lbs.

18 Volt M18 Line  High performance hammerdrill with FREE impact driver

2611-24P • 4-Pole Frame-less motor that operates with greater efficiency over an increased run-time.

 4-Piece combo kit with  M12 Hackzall

reciprocating Saw

2420-22 • Industry first reciprocating saw with 3000 stroke p/m and ½” stroke length.

Winter 2009

free impact driver

2690-24P • 18 Volt M18 4-piece tool combo kit with Hammerdrill, Reciprocating Saw, Circular Saw, Work Light and FREE Impact Driver.



Tools/Safety  Roll Groover RGCOMBO2

 Power Drive

 oil bucket

The Reed Power Drive rotates the pipe while cutting, threading, or reaming operations are performed on up to 2” diameter pipe and bolt. WHY REED? Flat top of housing is ideal for placing tools. Power drive includes longlasting HSS dies, not alloy dies. Also, Reed’s Power Drives are approved to the latest USA and CSA Canadian standards!

Reed Oilers effectively deliver threading oil to piping work. The gun-and-trigger approach makes it easy to pump oil directly on the work. The rugged and completely portable Reed OLBUCKT1 (#06150) comes with both a metal bucket and a metal drip pan/chip tray. The system double-filters and recirculates oil as the chip tray catches the big waste pieces and the filter strains out any small particles. OLBUCKT1 features a sturdy nozzle made from turned aluminum. This system ships with one gallon of Reed Threadguard dark cutting oil (#06120). Additionally, the Reed OLBUCKT1 provides a muchrequested 60” (1524 mm) hose.

05303 (5301PDCOMBO)

2-in-1 unit for power and manual roll grooves. Capacity of 1¼” – 6” for up to Sch. 40 steel, stainless steel and aluminum pipe. No groove roller or shaft changeout required. Includes both straight and bent handle ratchet wrenches. Compact, portable design with built-in handle for improved mounting and transporting. All gears enclosed in the casting to minimize debris entering tool. Consistent tracking makes this tool great to use time after time.

06150 (OLBUCKT1)

Improve Your Plant Safety

As your supply partner, the F. W. Webb Company provides you with comprehensive product application support. Together with the Haws Corporation, we can improve facility safety, utilizing emergency eyewash and emergency shower equipment. This program is called the Risk, Response & Readiness Program −“R3”.

Risk, Response & Readiness—“R3” Here’s how it works: • Registration: Contact your local F. W. Webb account manager to review program details and registration form. • Education: F. W. Webb and Haws representatives will schedule in-plant seminars for your staff on the use of eyewashes, eye/face washes and emergency drench showers and related safety procedures. • Survey: F. W. Webb and Haws representatives will work with your staff to develop a comprehensive analysis of the state of your emergency response capabilities. • Report: The emergency response survey will trigger a confidential structured report to be presented to the appropriate people at your facility. • Action Plans: An action plan and timeline will be generated for accomplishing any up-grades or alterations needed to bring your equipment into compliance.



For more information on our “R3” training, please contact Dean Plouffe at 800.344.9322 or

News Release

F.W. Webb Acquires O’Connor & Senecal Inc. F.W. Webb has acquired O’Connor & Senecal Inc. of Sutton, MA.– OSI is a Manufacturer’s Representative of major instrumentation product lines, the principal one being Endress & Hauser – Alan Senecal and his team will become an integral part of Kentrol/Sevco. Daryl Schoellkopf will be responsible for the combined OSI and Kentrol/Sevco operations. This makes Kentrol/Sevco the most comprehensive source for valves and automation, and now instrumentation!

Winter 2009




Through to WebbConnect, you can: Place Orders • Get Pricing • Check Inventory Evaluate Heat Loss/Gain • E-mail

71 Convenient Locations CONNECTICUT Franklin 888-642-9086 Hartford 800-252-WEBB Hartford Victor 800-243-9360 New Haven 800-636-7524 Waterbury 800-572-6479 MAINE Augusta 800-322-4700 Bangor 800-432-7371 Biddeford 800-443-0505 Caribou 800-339-3029 Ellsworth 888-882-9322 Lewiston 800-252-2000 S. Portland 800-482-0791 Rockland 800-287-0015 West Bath 800-427-7990

Winslow F. W. Webb 800-640-9322 Kennebec Supply Kentrol/Sevco 800-533-1172 MASSACHUSETTS Auburn 800-872-0211 Bedford 800-221-WEBB Bellingham 508-966-4999 Boston 617-482-8387 Brockton 800-544-WEBB Canton 781-828-5559 Dedham 800-820-WEBB Fitchburg 800-322-0899 Gloucester 978-283-7800 Greenfield 800-564-3644 Haverhill 800-521-7499 Hingham 781-749-9322

Hyannis 800-352-3159 Lowell 800-642-WEBB Malden 800-963-7111 Methuen 866-548-9322 New Bedford Babbitt 888-354-0048 Northampton 800-282-7721 Pittsfield 800-578-9322 Plymouth 508-830-0125 Salem 800-345-5025 Springfield 800-660-3141 Sturbridge Pipe Depot 508-347-3342 Woburn 800-253-7838 Utilities Supply 800-343-7555



Dover 800-582-7196 Exeter 888-993-9322 Gilford 800-345-1771 Keene 800-235-1218 Lebanon 800-322-8707 Madison 800-852-9203 Manchester 800-789-6488 Nashua 800-462-1440 NEW YORK Albany 800-432-WEBB Binghamton 888-593-9322 Clyde 800-828-8824 Plattsburgh 800-622-WEBB Queensbury 800-826-0326

Syracuse 800-262-9222 Utica 315-724-3191 RHODE ISLAND Cranston 800-795-6390 Webb Pump 866-850-7867 Webb Bio-Pharm 877-WEBB BIO Warwick 888-225-6850 VERMONT Barre 800-244-5044 Bennington 800-821-9506 Brattleboro 800-821-9511 Rutland 800-622-4365 Springfield 800-872-5303 St. Albans 800-696-3763 St. Johnsbury 800-872-8028 Williston 800-696-0340

F.W. Webb has acquired O’Connor & Senecal Inc. of Sutton, MA.– OSI is a Manufacturer’s Representative of major instrumentation product lines, the principal one being Endress & Hauser – Please see the complete OSI line card on page 31. Alan Senecal and his team will become an integral part of Kentrol/Sevco. Daryl Schoellkopf will be responsible for the combined OSI and Kentrol/ Sevco operations. This makes Kentrol/ Sevco the most comprehensive source for valves and automation, and now instrumentation! Happy New Year! John Pope, CEO • Jeff Pope, President •

F.W. Webb is a member of the following associations: A-D (Affiliated Distributors), ISPE, TAPPI, NECCARAPA, and MHEC.

For questions or comments, please email Carol Rosinski (Production Manager) at

F.W. WEBB COMPANY 160 Middlesex Turnpike Bedford, MA 01730 We Honor:

F. W. Webb is a participant in American Express’s Corporate Procurement Card Program.

F. W. Webb Company is in no way responsible for any printing errors, omissions or typos in the WinSheet.

Presorted Standard US Postage Paid Permit No. 12 Bedford, MA

WinSheet - Winter 2009  

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