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Project Name: Dogana house Date: February 2011

Contents: -Project name -Project Purpose -Objectives -Target group - Problems -Budget -Program Planning -Stakeholders -Special information

Project name ShKBSh Dogana House 6 apartments, 2 garages, 1 housekeepers house 1 Project Purpose In general the purpose, to create an idea of what the program will bring. Longtime and shortime goals.

To run an apartment building for multi-purposes, especially for accommodation of our beneficiaries and to raise income for the ministry with the monthly rent. - Accessible and affordable accommodation for our beneficiaries (Shortime) - A place where vulnerable people have good willing housekeepers to support them reintegrate into society - Income generating project by housing both beneficiaries and regular tenants (Longterm) 2 Objectives Write down as exact as possible what the purpose of the project is. Also give information if this is a new idea, or continuing to former programs. Are we requested for this, by whom..? What will be the results.

Main objectives: Accessible and affordable accommodation for our beneficiaries Income generating ShKBSh has the possibility to obtain an apartment building to use it for the good of the prison ministry. The building has a fairly royal penthouse that can be used for a ‘housekeeper family’ and 6 apartments which can be rented by two ore more persons. Additional it has 2 garages, one functional. The owner of the building requires a very reasonable price of € 500,- per month for the building as a whole. This amount, plus taxes and energy should easily be obtained from renting all apartments for modest prices. At the same time we could employ a housekeeper that will ‘keep an eye on the people’ and take care of maintenance. The salary of the housekeeper can be paid from the rent for his penthouse.

Accessible and affordable accommodation for our beneficiaries Shkbsh beneficiaries for rehabilitation often receive financial support for housing. Within a certain period they have to find work to be able to provide for their won needs. Instead of the trouble of finding a reasonable place time after time again, we can offer them a place in our building (since we do not refuse people with a history) where the prices are fair.

A place where vulnerable people have good willing housekeepers to support them reintegrate into society People that rent a place in our Dogana house, are considered independent tenants. They have to secure their own life-support, friends and all what’s more important. The house has a bunch of fix house-rules, about seeing other people, about keeping the environment clean, about making noise; rules for being a good citizen. The important part starts where the housekeepers council the residents as good friends, giving practical advice, helping them to go to work and living a Christian live alongside them. Of course this is voluntary and beneficiaries / residents don’t have to accept the advices of the housekeeper, as long as they accept the general house-rules. Income generating Out of the rent, though modest, we will generate extra income, of which a part will be used for small maintenance and the extra will be used as support for the prison ministry. For this reason we need to establish a healthy balance between regular tenants (including the housekeeper) with regular financial contribution and free spaces for urgent cases of our beneficiaries. 3 Methodes In what way are we going to achieve the objectives mentioned under 2

For the renting part we follow the Albanian law, extended with simple logical house rules. For the housekeepers part, we offer a mature Christian couple with a heart to help in a natural way. The housekeepers are supported by the Shkbsh staff, especially the social workers and the chaplains. The housekeepers are accountable to the coordinator.

4 Problems What will be the likable problems we will face by starting and running the program

We need to deal with the following issues: 1. Legal Position of Shkbsh 2. Condition of the building 3. Maintenance of the building 4. Position of the housekeeper 5. Position of the beneficiaries of Shkbsh 6. Status of the tenants of the Dogana house 1 legal position of shkbsh If we officially obtain the building as of SHKBSH, we will be considered as a business. This will jeopardize our status as non-profit organization. If we do not take the building in our name, how should the project be organized than? 2 Condition of the building The building is solid, but the facilities are rather poor. We need to improve the facilities. In good understanding with the owner we need to make a plan do devide responsibilities. After that we should find renovation groups (from the Netherlands) to bring the general condition to an acceptable level. 3 Maintenance of the building Continuously maintenance is important. The daily maintenance will be the responsibility of the housekeeper. We’re looking for a man with good technical skills, a real handyman. He and his spouse must also fulfill the requirements as housekeepers. 4 Position of the housekeeper (One of ) The housekeeper(s) will be employed by Shkbsh as (part-time) social worker. They have to establish a relation with the residents that allows them to interfere in their lifes for the good. Therefore they must have good social skills, besides the handyman skills, since the residents are independent tenants. The allowance of the housekeeper is based on a part-time salary, hence they must have another form of income too. They pay a very modest amount for the rent too. Find a couple that fits the requirements of housekeepers. In short: Handy, social equipped, working, active members of a church.

5 Position of the beneficiaries of Shkbsh Shkbsh beneficiaries will be independent Tenants, just renting a place to live as any other place. We offer them the possibility to join an apartment with someone else to split the costs. Regardless if beneficiaries get support from Shkbsh or not, they are considered regular tenants. 6 Status of the tenants of the Dogana house Tenants have to pay the rent in time to the housekeeper, who collects the rent in the name of the legal owner. The collected rent will be given to the owner, with the maximum as agreed on. All extra collected money is a gift to the prison ministry of Shkbsh. As a courtesy towards the owner, Shkbsh allows our housekeeper to take care of small maintenance of the building. We need to conduct a contract which expresses the position of the tenant, the owner and the role of the housekeeper.

5 Target group Who’s benefiting from this project, numbers, specification

The house has 1 penthouse which is preserved for the housekeeper, and 6 apartments. Considering the place of the house, and the targetgroup we’re aiming at, we suspect to have a certain flow of residents. Our primary target group with this project are the vulnerable women from Shkbsh projects: ex-male and female prisoners, victims of human trafficking, and their family. When we start with running the place, we will not have all beneficiaries waiting to find their place in our house. That’s why we will also accept at least 3 families from outside the project. In this way we will have some income and keep some places over for beneficiaries.

6 Budget Make a list as complete as possible: Salaries of own personal, extra personal, equipments, materials, salaries, transport for persons and materials, communication, AND ALWAYS a % office/ overhead

The obligations will be divided but for Shkbsh the allover budget is important. Inputs for the budget: Salary housekeeper; Monthly payment to the owner; state taxes over the rent; Rent from housekeeper; Rent from app.1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6; Energy for the building; Maintenance

per month description payment owner salary housekeeper taxes on salary taxes on the rent Service facilities penthouse rent appartment 1 appartment 2 appartment 3 appartment 4 appartment 5 appartment 6 garage maintenance


350 40% 10%

CMA??? total

amount 500 175 70 100 0 250 125 125 125 125 125 125 0 60 95


150 for 2 tenants ,, ,, ,, ,, ,, Later to be explored Profit per month

In order to not risk losses to Shkbsh, we need to secure a buffer of â‚Ź 2.500,In that way possible set backs will not immediately harm our ministry, and after a while we will have a buffer created by Seperated from the budget will be the budget for the first renovation, which hopefully will be done by volunteers that bring their own budget: â‚Ź 7 - 10.000,-

7 Program Do we have a program to work with, books, examples, do we need to write/create a program, who will be in charge, when?

Not applicable

8 Project Planning / methods Numbers, time periods, ect.

After approval of the SHKBSH board, and after a construction report has been conducted of the building, a proper planning can start. We have estimated to get the permission to use the building around June 2011 A voluntary group can come in June, July and the housekeeper and the first tenants can get into their homes around September. OVERALL OBJECTIVES General objective

Describe in general what you want to achieve.


Describe in specific steps the goals – eg. General objective: have a business as income generating project for the church. Goals might be: 1 open a shop with good quality bikes…; 2 employ 2 people with regular salary; 3 have a monthly income (…lek) for church work; 4 ….

1. 2. 3. 4.

Indicators Project Goal Indicator 1 Have a realistic business plan, with clear explanation for investment and clear ‘Kingdom goals’ Indicator 2 Eg. Establish relations with bike factory or wholesale (in/out Albania) Indicator 3 Eg. It’s clear which documents and licenses are necessary Indicator 4 Eg. The business is registered and the shop opens as planned Indicator 5 Eg. The employers finish a technical and administrative training Indicator 6 Eg. … PROJECT RESULTS Result 1 Eg. Before 15 sept. the business plan is accepted by the sponsors, the church and Vush Ks Result 2 Eg. Actual contract with 1 factory, before 1 january Result 3 Eg. Nipt, tax registration Result 4 Eg. Registration before 1 october, shop start 1 march Result 5 Eg. Trainings between 1 jan. and 1 march

Assumptions Assumption 1 Assumption 2. Assumption 3. Assumption 4.

Church will have problems, Vush KS may offer 35h for writing ,, ,, ,,




Starting date

1 2 3 4 5 6 7

9 Stakeholders Who else is involved, how often, how long, …

ShKBSH The owner of the building A partner for a buffer budget

10 SMART This is just to check if your project is ……

Specific Measurable Acceptable Realistic Time-tables

11 Summary of the main problems / needs After writing everything above, what specific needs are left

A construction report must be made Voluntary groups must be found A time table must be set

Completion date

Project Dogana house  

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