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of the area makes it apt. The wall cladding in front of the prayer hall with small pieces of coconut shells is the wow factor here.

Living Room The living room is simple, well arranged and creates a lasting

impression for all who enter the house. The LCD unit maintains a vast music collections and a provision for curious. Light coloured sofa and direct lighting in conjunction with indirect illumination adds to the elegance of the room. A warm appeal to the room

is maintained with an overall beige dominant theme. The walls are painted with light beige with two wall contrast; the contrast wall is painted a shade of yellow and orange mix. The ceiling work is done with 12mm gypsum board, provided for indirect illumination. The entry


to the living room is through a contemporarily styled sliding door.

Dining Area It is the same pattern as that of the living room - a light orange colour with beige tone for walls, and ample wooden finish. Family photos arranged in an asymmetrical manner add to the beauty of the wall.

Home Theatre cum Reading Room This is designed as a sort of combination of AV room and a reading room. Regarding the lighting of the interiors, the client wanted his interiors to be bright; and cove lights are used along with a square modern chandelier. A reclining type sofa here adds luxury and comfort. The wall colours are a combo of dark maroon with light hue of maroon.

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Kitchen The kitchen here is modular; a U shaped one with multi utility facilities. The kitchen has a breakfast counter and a utility area which is equally eloquent. Kitchen is made using high quality BWP plywood with MR+ laminations from Merino Laminates due to the fact that it is totally scratch proof and is easy to clean. The colour combo used in the kitchen is slightly different from the other designed areas; and executed in a total modern outlook with an off white color as whole and choco brown laminate (elevated wood) for contrast. The wall tiles also syncs with the design.

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FWD Life September 2013 MovieGear  

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