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Excerpts Major Ravi as a scriptwriter…. I’m not a writer who can sit and write pages in hours. For me completing an entire script might take years. When an idea clicks me, I throw it to my friends. We discuss, they bring in their concepts and lastly when it forms in shape I choose to go to begin the script at some quite and serene location.

A memorable Onam with Mohanlal and family…. Last Onam we were together in Kochi, celebrating at his house. He is an excellent host who makes me feel at home and so is Suchi, his wife.

happy. I’m not saying that all must adhere to this act. We can’t compel public to reflect so, but positively can be a source of encouragement.

Is it true that actor Suresh Gopi is making his comeback through one of your movies? I wish to do a film with Gopi. We have seen a lot of him; more often as a police officer. But these days as he is busy with the Kodeeshwaran show, we don’t get to see him on big screen. But surely I want him to be casted in one of my movies.

Recently the army was called to thwart untoward incidents at the Secretariat. Was it needed? It formed a scary moment in Kerala. I don’t incline to get into minutiae but in-short it was a misuse of freedom and power. Our rulers are people who don’t have a vision. When the ruling party, be it the Left or Right, it is on a cold war for survival, where do they find time to look after the State’s developmental affairs. To substantiate it, I like to refer to the number of corrupted legislators holding on to their hot seat as an MP.

A kind gesture by a tough ex-army officer…. On an Onam day, two years back, Captain Raju and myself seeing the plight of inhabitants residing at the slums of Kaloor, distributed food packets. They were so pleased to grab it and watching them relish the meal, we felt so

When you were told that ‘Karmayodha’ wasn’t going to be dubbed into Tamil by Mohanlal, you seemed to be displeased….. I was, but not any longer. As a director it’s fairly natural for me to be so. When a versatile artiste like Mohanlal can

fluently speak Tamil, why go for a dubbed version. Why didn’t I make Amitabh Bachchan speak Malayalam in ‘Kandahaar’? It’s not that he wouldn’t have learned few lines in Malayalam. But for his expressions, Hindi was the appropriate language. I was certain that dubbing ‘Karmayodha’ in Tamil without Lal’s voice will be a flat exhibition of the film without realizing the efforts my artiste had taken and so I refused.

Your brainwave to direct movies….. It’s not a person, but a feeling that drives me to create patriotic films like Karmayodha and Kandahar. I’m particular that the movie must get across a message. Filmy association with Mohanlal… We are family friends, co-workers and above all true patriots. At times he is also my mentor. When a thread for a movie comes to mind, he is one person I discuss it with. He makes suggestions; I convince him with my ideas and together we wrap up.

Projects in the pipeline… I have a script for the last 2 years; a love story with a Naval backdrop. I approached an artiste, the dates were finalized. Just as the shoots were about to begin, the actor postponed the dates when the entire crew was ready for Take 1, such a move was unacceptable. So I dropped it. I’m a disciplinarian and don’t appreciate unprofessionalism. As of now the cast hasn’t been finalized, but optimistically will happen in 2 weeks time. If not I will sell the script.



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