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________________________________________ ________________________________________ A CHANGE By: Nilda T. Resano

As we all know, everything changes, nothing stays the same. As Summer exits, Autumn comes in. Two contrasting seasons. One is fiery, the other mellow. Yet, both possess distinct qualities of their own. While Summer brings a myriad evocative and idyllic images, like sunshine and laughter, clear blue skies, meals in the garden, etc., Autumn has its own glory too. At this time of the year, think of the wonder the falling leaves conjure, the feel of crisp, fresh and cool air, the taste of delicious stew in the kitchen, etc. They bring one message: Change. In this ever-changing world, let us keep in our hearts the passing joys of Summer and welcome the glory of Autumn. To both, our cheers!



Slowly, summer departs but still with glee, Its many blessings, they're not hard to see. Here in the UK, who would ever forget The thrill of Wimbledon, the Royal Ascot's grand parade, Amazing football matches for everyone's delight, The Chelsea Flowers Show, its blooms - what a wonderful sight.

Autumn comes swiftly With russets and reds. With ragged clouds Racing over my head.

Back home, we have the Santacruzan, Flores de Mayo, fiestas, and lots of fun, Mangoes, duhats, sampaguitas, and ilang-ilangs. Summer, Oh! delightful summer, What precious things you have done! And though the approaching new season Will bring changes for us all, We still can count our blessings, Some great and others small. As we step forward to search for love and joy Summer's gifts are there forever more, Creating a place within us A peace we love to recall!

Forlorn trees bending, The wind growing cold And rustling carpets, Of yellow and gold. Misty mornings, fresh and cool, Grass with dewdrops by the pool. Remember Summer As she leaves a warm glow, Here comes Autumn With her magical show. Though Winter will soon be creeping steadily, Don't let it dismay. Just keep Autumn within you. To brighten each day.

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Halo-Halo Summer Autumn 2010  

Halo-Halo Summer Autumn 2010

Halo-Halo Summer Autumn 2010  

Halo-Halo Summer Autumn 2010