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How to Manage your F/V Server Account Approximately 50 GB is allocated to the Home of your F/V Server account. Home directory consists of the following nine folders, including Desktop. Please save your files within these folders. If files are stored outside of these folders, they are not secure. You may see a file, nethasp.ini in your Home directory. Do not delete or motify it. Please be aware of how much space you have occupied: - click Home icon from Finder window. - check its availability from the bottom of the window. Desktop is part of your Home, not a separate entity. Downloaded or saved files on Desktop screen occupy space of your Home.

Do not store Media files of Final Cut Pro in your Home directory for capture/playback/output. Filling up your Home causes malfunctioning of your account and slows down the entire server. When you have finished working, make sure to log out of your account first, and then shut down the system. HFPADL 9_13_10


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