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HFPADL rev. 9-20-07

How to convert sample rate with iTunes - from 44.1 KHz to 48 KHz 1.

Open iTunes from the dock.


Select the file that you need to convert from 44.1 KHz.



Go to Preferences from the menu bar.

This General window opens up. Then click Advanced.

your name’s music


In the Advanced mode, this default setting will appear. You need to change some settings here. Please do not click OK yet.

Sample Rate Convert_iTUNES


HFPADL 10-21-05

6. In General of the Advanced mode, for iTunes Music folder locations, you must change the location to your hard drive, NOT to iTune Music Foloder. Hit Change.

And this window opens up below. Then you need to choose your drive and create/select a folder to save. And click Choose.


Back in the Advanced mode, do NOT check Copy files to iTunes Music folder when adding to library. For the other settings, leave the way they are.


Now move on to Importing in the same mode. For minor options, you can choose what you need. For Import Using, you can choose either AIFF Encoder or WAV Encoder to import in Final Cut Pro timeline.

2 Sample Rate Convert_iTUNE

HFPADL 10-21-05

9. For Setting, click Custom. Select 48 KHz, 16 bit, Stereo. And click OK.


Before you click OK in the Advanced window, check the setting details that you choose. And OK.

11. Go to Advanced from the menu bar. Choose Convert Selection to (the file format that you have decided to use).

12. After hitting “Convert Selection to _____�, you can check the file at the folder that you have chosen for iTune Music folder location in your drive.

Now your file is ready to be imported in Final Cut Pro timeline. 3 Sample Rate Convert_iTUNE