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TODAY . . . TOMORROW . . . FOREVER It is our goal to ensure no student is denied access to education at FVCC because of financial need nor are they burdened with heavy debt when they complete their studies. “A scholarship has much greater value than just monetary. It increases a student’s perception of their own self-worth. It is confidence. It is a limitless motivator. You are teaching us the value of generosity. You become a voice in our heads saying, ‘I believe in you.’” Kim Lantrip Biology Student Tranformation Scholarship Recipient

“Because of our donors and my professors at FVCC, I will be successful. You have made all things possible. The fact that we have financial assistance available to us is a testament to the character of the people in our community.” Brian Leukuma Engineering Student Honors Student

“A scholarship comes as an unexpected blessing. A total stranger invested their hard-earned money in my education and my future. The fact that somebody out there thinks I deserve that kind of support fills me with hope and courage.” Sara Gomes Business Student and Mom 17

Scholarship Brochure 16 17  
Scholarship Brochure 16 17