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Week 3: Storyboarding & Design for Web Worksheet 1. List the information a storyboard should contain:___________________________

2. Currently, it is still recommended that you design with__________________ resolution in mind. This means that your actual site should be _________________ in size, as it needs to sit within the browser window. 3. There are several triggers that gain or hold human attention. Some of these triggers and factors are: _________________________________________________

4. List the design devices:_______________________________________________

5. Why should we bother using layout grids? _______________________________

Important Points from this Lecture: 1. You need to storyboard BEFORE you create a website. This allows you to know exactly what media you need to acquire, to spot problems early on, and

saves time. If you are creating your website in industry, it allows your client to know what they’re getting. 2. Make sure you’re putting all relevant information on the storyboards. Colours, fonts, all of it is relevant. 3. If you are creating a site for the 800x600 resolution, you should make the site no bigger than 750x550. 4. By 2012, it is projected that 1024x768 resolution will take over from 800x600. In that case, you should make the site itself no bigger than 955x600. 5. Keep things in the same place throughout the website (e.g. buttons, general layout). It stops user confusion and saves you work. 6. People don’t read everything on websites. Design for people who are unobservant, stupid, can’t be bothered or don’t know how computers work all that well. 7. Don’t over-do the attention reflexes. 8. Use layout grids to help layout everything straight and well. IN ADDITION: When writing text for websites, throw away half the words from the first draft. Then re-read. Cut out half the words from the second draft. Then it’s ready for web. People hate long sections of text on sites and usually can’t be bothered to read them. Try not to use too many main navigation links. Sub-links are fine, but otherwise it gets confusing to navigate. Stick to 5 or so main navigation links.

Story Board and Web Basics  

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