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Wedding Dress Guide

Choose Your Fabric If you are getting a good wedding dress, choose the accurate fabric is one of the most important points to begin with. Every fabrics have ideal look. To make it easier for you to understand, we will divide them into two major groups: Structured and Soft. Usually, a wedding dress is made up of a combination of fabrics, the stronger structured fabrics on specific areas, like the detailed bodice or underskirt while soft fabrics add more romance and elegance to your wedding dress. Here I mentioned some fabric material.

Structured Fabrics

1. Satin 2. Organza 3. Taffeta

Fabric Structured Fabric

Soft Fabric

 Tulle  Satin

 Lace

 Organza

 Chiffon

 Taffeta

 Georgette

Structured Fabric


Occasionally Referred to as ‘Duchess Satin‘. This is the heavy, plain and shiny. It is the popular fabric material because dress shape and natural sheen. Individual for traditional weddings, but not suggested for hot occasions due to, the structure is heavy.


Organza fabric is a versatile that look like to chiffon but stiffer. It is especially great for overlay embellishments like trains, full skirts & bridal veils.


Taffeta is similar to Satin Fabric. This is lighter, smooth & crisp, which rustles when you move. Suitable for structured ball gowns and full skirts.

Soft Fabric


Tulle looks wonderful when mixed with other fabrics. It is also individual for overlay full skirts and wedding veils.


A stunning fabric which gives a real Era look.


It is transparent, sheer without sheen. Mostly available in simple styles, like prom and evening dresses. Chiffon wedding dresses are the perfect match for destination weddings in warm weather.


Georgette fabric is light, sheer & float, it is often used for wedding dress overlays and train embellishments, which can soften the silhouette of the dress.

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