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TAKE NOTE... Taste of Heaven Mark your calendars now for September 25! That is mission Sunday and you don’t want to miss our third annual Taste of Heaven. This has become a favorite of young and old. You will definitely want to be there! Keep an eye out for more details.

Live at BCBC Our Sunday morning services are now streaming live on the internet. This means everyone around the world will be able to see Ralph’s sermons and worship with us. Unlike our current audio sermons at, this live-streaming will feature audio and video. Our stationary cameras will be aimed at the stage, not the pews. Anyone who is on stage for various reasons, might be seen in the live-streaming. We just didn’t want anyone caught nodding off in the choir loft...not that they would.


The Cooperative Program RALPH CARTER // Pastor

THE COOPERATIVE PROGRAM IS A GREAT PLAN FOR ACCOMPLISHING THE KINGDOM’S WORK, but it won’t survive much longer if there is not a renewed emphasis placed on educating our people as to how it works. So, I hope you will study this article carefully. Here’s a little bit of information about how our church fits into the grand scheme of things from a Southern Baptist perspective. For openers, we are members of three groups, of which, all our associations are completely voluntary. We belong to the Greenville Baptist Association (there are about 100 churches in the GBA, all located here in Greenville County). We are also a part of the South Carolina Baptist Convention (the SCBC is comprised of about 2100 Baptist churches from within our state). Finally, we are part of the Southern Baptist Convention (comprised of 42,000 churches from all over America with a membership of over 16,000,000 people). This year Brushy Creek will contribute $200,000 to the CP. From across our state churches will jointly contribute about $29,400,000 to the CP. The “state convention” meeting in November of each year votes on a budget as to how to allocate those funds. The state convention meets annually in November for two days and is comprised of messengers from the 2100 different churches. Churches are allowed up to 25 messengers based on their size and level of giving. Each year they produce a budget that determines basically two things: 1. What portion of the CP gifts will be sent to the SBC for distribution. 2. How to spend that which is kept here in SC. 2

the Creekside

The funds are split today, with 41% or $12,054,000 going to the SBC and 59% or $17,346,000 going to the SCBC. Each year both the state and national convention put together a budget that is approved by the convention for spending those monies. Here is a look at the SCBC Budget for 2011: Executive Board Ministries 9,187,297 WMU 667,583 Baptist Courier 505,680 Baptist Foundation 235,200 Connie Maxwell 1,014,300 Ministries of Aging 1,202,460 Anderson University 1,370,040 N. Greenville University 1,370,040 Charleston S. University 1,793,400 The Executive Board Ministries include the operation of White Oak, Camp McCall, Camp La Vida, our disaster relief ministries and a host of services that help strengthen the local church technically and spiritually. One of their primary responsibilities has been to plant new churches and to do all in their power to help revitalize struggling, plateaued or declining churches. 41% of your CP gifts are likewise sent to Nashville, the headquarters of the SBC. They, too, annually have a budget approved by messengers to their convention meeting in various cities across the US, which is held annually during the month of June. It, too, is a two day convention, attended by messengers from its member churches. Churches are allowed up to ten messengers to this convention, based on membership and gifts given.  


Here is a look at the budget they approved in 2010: IMB (International Mission Board) 6,027,000 NAMB (N. American Mission Board) 2,747,107 Seminaries 2,642,237 Library/Archives 28,930 SBC Operating 409,836 Religious Liberties & Ethics 198,891 The money going to the seminaries is divided, based upon enrollment, between Southwestern (Fort Worth, TX), Southern (Louisville, Ky), Southeastern (Wake Forest, NC), New Orleans, Midwestern Seminary (Kansas City, Mo.) and Golden Gate (San Francisco). The Religious Liberties and Ethics Committee basically endeavors to lead the way for Southern Baptists regarding social issues. They lobby Washington over a variety of moral, social, and administrative issues facing the church today. I hope this mini-lesson on Southern Baptist life helps you to understand the work of your denomination a little better. I hope it also serves to show you why our CP is so important. By cooperating with other Baptist churches across the country we are able to impact lots of ministry opportunities. If we were to try to place missionaries on the field ourselves we might be able to place two or three, perhaps even four. They, however, would be ill equipped, poorly trained, and terribly detached. By participating with churches nationwide in this effort we are able to field a network of about 10,000 missionaries at home and abroad, who are able to be placed more strategically and safely around the world. On behalf of all our missionaries, seminaries, universities and benevolent ministries, thank you for your CP gifts.

Japan: The Nation of the Cross? 十字架の国、日本 JIM RUSSELL // Rescue Minister

KEN JOSEPH, FOUNDER OF THE KEIKYO INSTITUTE, SHARES SOME LITTLE KNOWN HISTORY OF JAPAN. He states that in 1597, after a terrible earthquake in Kyoto, the Buddhist priests demanded payment to bury the dead. But the Christians did it for free. This blew away the idea of the Japanese that they had to pay to please God. Many turned to faith in Jesus. In fact, it is estimated that 3 million of the 15 million population of Japan turned to Christ by the 1600s. As a result, persecution broke out against Christians in Japan. But the leader in Sendai opened up his prefecture to be a safe haven for Christians. Many flocked to the area. As a result, many who live in Sendai today are well aware that they have Christian ancestors. Now fast forward to March 11, 2011. A 9.1 super earthquake hit Sendai and the NE coast of Japan, resulting in the worst tsunami on record. It is estimated that 25,000 either died or are still unaccounted for. And every village, town, and city on 270 miles of coastline has been destroyed. As a result, again many Christians are flooding to Japan to aid in their relief efforts. While our team from Brushy Creek was there in July, there were other teams staying at the same location from Texas, California, and Korea. The Brushy Creek team took part in food distribution in temporary housing compounds, dug out muck from stopped up street drains, and removed mold from underneath a house that was deemed “savable.” As we were digging out a street drain, the village leader in a town of hundreds of homes which had only two left, asked us, “Why have you come all this way to help us?” It was a perfect opportunity for us to tell him that we had come to show the love of Jesus Christ to the Japanese. It is our prayer that efforts by our team and others, small as they may seem, will result in some “Holy Spirit led gossip” about the Christians who came to help the Japanese, and did it for free.

Less Than Four Months Away ROBBIE SOX // Minister of Music

“I WONDER WHAT I’LL GET FOR CHRISTMAS?” With all the decorations and bright lights, the scrumptious candies and cookies, and no school, this is the burning question most kids have in the days leading up to Christmas. Join us as we celebrate the real meaning of Christmas and why we worship the Christ-child today! For the Glory of the King will remind us all of the importance and significance of Christmas and encourage a spirit of worship in our hearts! Practices will begin Sunday night, September 11 from 4:30 – 5:30 p.m. in the Fellowship Hall. We also have a special event planned for Saturday, December 3. We will be performing some of our songs with the children of “Christ Central Ministries” in Joanna, SC. More details to follow! the Creekside



It's Simple.

1. GOD IS AT WORK! People all around us are hurting and looking for answers. Often people are just waiting for someone to offer help. Just think of how many people you know who came to church initially because they were hurting and needed support. After getting involved and spending time around God’s word and His people, they now understand what it means to follow Christ.

2. TRY IT BEFORE YOU CRITICIZE IT! I recently visited a church where approximately 25% of the attendance on Sundays is guests. The reason for this huge number is they believe in inviting people. This church used the weekend services to reach lost people.

3. THERE ARE EFFECTIVE AND INEFFECTIVE WAYS TO INVITE PEOPLE TO CHURCH! Ineffective way- “I would like to invite to our church sometime. Effective way- “Would you come to our church with me on September 18 at the 9:15 service?” When we ask people to come on a specific date and specific time, they are four times more likely to attend.

DAVID KAY // Associate Pastor

WE ALL NEED SIMPLICITY. I want to encourage you to do something that I believe will help us reach people in our city for Christ. With all of the churches that exist it is surprising that the majority of people right here in Greenville are un-churched. Ok, here it is. I want to encourage you to INVITE PEOPLE TO CHURCH. We have told ourselves that people are not interested, and we assume they will say no. Sometimes they may, but there will be many times people will surprise you and say, Yes! If you are willing to take this challenge, I want you to remember three important pieces of information:

Come on, is this simple or what? Let me know how this is going.

Pray for Our Missionaries. ANGELA CARTER //

College Minister and Director of Missions

LUKE & ERIN TURNER in Orlando, FL Pray for us (and the ministry) as we handle questions and concerns related to Campus Crusade for Christ’s name change. Pray for our girls, Kate (5) and Ella (3), as they start school. - Pray for Luke as he trains a new traveling assistant (Logan) for the CCC president. Praises: Our biennial staff conference in Colorado went very well and many commented how the Lord was glorified throughout. - For safe travels as we’ve been on the road all summer.


the Creekside

JENNIFER SIMS in North Africa/Middle East Pray for new teachers and students who are settling into life here. - Pray that the school year would have a positive beginning for all and that there would be an abundance of students to follow Him this year. - Pray for my health, that I will continue to improve and have energy for the start of the school year. Pray that the girls of Yetesfa Birrhan would be drawn to truth. Praises: For a full staff at the start of the school year and the safe return of staff and students.


PETE & CARRA SELENT in Greensboro, NC Pray that God would bless Pete in his new role and bless our team through the transition. - Pray that God would give us wisdom and the capacity to handle the mixture of student leaders, volunteers, and staff without losing the critical elements of what makes up a Cru movement (winning the lost, building their faith, and sending them out to reach others). Praises: God is raising up volunteers (3 actually) for the Triad campuses! - Pete has been asked to lead the Triad Team.

JOSH SMITH in Clarkson, GA Pray that I protect and cherish my time alone with the Father, getting alone with Him often as Jesus did. - Pray God would use time in jail to break and humble my friend Andrew and draw him to Himself. - Pray that God would save and raise up different ethnic group leaders for us to disciple. Praises: Thank God for recent opportunities to have spiritual conversations with two African men. Praise for God’s peace in the transition to living in Clarkston.

JOSH & KRISTEN HEPNER in Serbia Pray for the team and the family members of an 18-year-old football player who was hit by a car and killed on the way to practice. - Pray that God would give Josh opportunities to witness and minister to the team through this tragedy. - Join me in praying for the Dover family. They found out their 5-year-old son Josiah has lymphoma. They all love the Lord and will find strength and peace in him. They serve in Macedonia but have gone to the states to figure out how to proceed with this news. Praises: Camp went really well and there were lots of decisions for Christ. - Our crate from the states arrived.

What a Summer! JEREMIAH OLIVER // Middle School Pastor

WOW! ANOTHER BUSY SUMMER HAS COME AND GONE! Praise the Lord for the many wonderful things He has done in and through the lives of our students this summer. We have been involved in service projects, Bible studies, outreach and evangelism, summer conferences, Pastors’ camp, and many other fun and exciting activities designed to build fellowship, and spiritually strengthen our middle school students. Throughout the summer, students have given their lives to Jesus, others have made commitments to follow Him more closely, and some have even felt the Lord’s leading into vocational ministry! Our living Savior desires to change lives, and I am privileged to see the Holy Spirit working in the lives of Middle school students. Thank you for your support and prayers that have played a crucial role in another successful summer!

REMINDER: Just because another busy summer has come and gone, does not mean that our work is over! In fact, with another school year underway, it means that we are just getting started again! I am excited to welcome our new 6th graders into the group, and my heart is somewhat heavy to say goodbye to our rising 9th graders. However, as the family of God, we will continue to do the work that He has set out for us to do in our community and around the world: RESCUE, GROW, and SERVE! This will continue to be our mission as a youth ministry as we move forward in another school year. Please stay involved this year through our Greenhouse classes, Sunday school and worship, Life Hurts God Heals, and the various fellowship and ministry opportunities that are offered here at BCBC. Let’s grow together as we strive to learn God’s living Word and share His love with a lost and dying world. We are always looking for good volunteers in our program, so please do not hesitate to contact us so you can join our team and get involved in one of the most exciting ministries at BCBC! God bless you and I look forward to ministering to your students this 2011–2012 school year.

Collide Gameday BENJI LADD //

High School Pastor

ATTENTION HIGH SCHOOLERS AND COLLEGE KIDS: If you missed last month’s Collide, make sure you don’t miss this one! Be at the church, in the youth room on September 11. Tailgate party starts at 5:30 p.m. Come dressed in your school’s colors! the Creekside



Hey Woman!

Things You Need to Know from the Women’s Ministry of Brushy Creek

GIRL’S NIGHT OUT Girl’s Night Out will be held on Sunday, October 2 from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. The guest speaker is Martha Gillen and praise and worship will be led by Dana Stout and Praise Team. Dessert and beverages will be served. Tickets are $5 and free child care is provided. Registration will run from September 5 – 25 in the breezeway and online at For more information contact Libby Massey at 292-1363 or

CHRISTMAS IN JULY FOLLOW-UP On Saturday, July 30, the Living Fragrance Women’s Ministry hosted its 2nd annual Christmas in July event, benefiting Operation Christmas Child. We were blessed to have almost 90 women in attendance. Nearly $700 was collected toward shipping shoeboxes, and countless toys, toiletries, and clothing items were donated to be assembled into shoeboxes for Christmas 2011. Women attending the event were inspired by the speaker’s message, as she described her experience receiving a shoebox as a young child in Belarus and the impact of including a personal letter in a shoebox. Several commitments were made: one recommitted her life to Jesus, two committed to read their Bibles every day for one year, and others committed to make more shoeboxes or write letters to include in the shoeboxes. Praise the Lord!


KIDS You’re Invited

WHO: All boys and girls in K5 through 5th grade WHAT: Sunday School and Children’s Church WHEN: Every week at 9:15 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. WHERE: 3rd floor of the Education Building WHY: Learn about the Bible, God and Jesus AND surround yourself with Christian friends.

Don’t miss out on all the fun! See you there!

2011-2012 Calendar

Sept. 7 - Super Snack Night

Sept. 28 - Silly Hat Night Who will wear the funniest hat? Oct. 26 - Fall Festival Wear costumes... please NO scary costumes Nov. 16 AWANA Store and Operation Christmas Child Bring a shoe box filled with items

Jan. 11 - PJ Night Wear your PJ’s Feb. 8 Chocolate Night Recite a Bible verse and get a piece of chocolate Mar. 7–28 Can and Coins for Harvest Hope Donate one can of food or give your loose change to help feed the needy

Apr. 25 Measles Night Recite a Bible verse and see which leader gets the “bad” case of the measles May 9 - Last Night for Small Group and Verses

May 16 AWANA Store Last night of AWANA

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MEN!! Please note breakfast is on SUNDAY this month!!

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The Creekside Newsletter September 2011  
The Creekside Newsletter September 2011  

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