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The Monthly Newsletter of Brushy Creek Baptist Church Taylors AUGUST 2011

Take note... The Greenhouse Kickoff Mark your calendar to be at the church on August 21 from 5 p.m. – 8 p.m. Bring the kids and let them bounce to their heart’s content on the inflatables. Savor the summertime flavors of hamburgers and hotdogs, slaw, baked beans, chips, drinks, and dessert...all prepared by Winston Florence! Food will be served from 5:30 p.m. – 7 p.m. Cost is $3/adults and $2/kids ages 12 and under.

The Greenhouse Begins Make this a year of spiritual growth in your life. Strengthen your marriage, tackle your finances, learn helpful parenting techniques, or get fit – all with the focus on God. Or take a class on the Bible or a controversial book and dig deep into your faith. Whatever your interest, we’ve got you covered! Lots of great classes are back this year for kids, youth, and adults! If you missed out last year, get signed up for a class and sign your kid/s up for AWANA. It’ll be a great year! Session 1 Classes: iMarriage – David and Jocelyn Kay // Cents and Sensibility – Amy Taylor, Sabina Weaver // Run for God - Part A – Steve Holcomb // Let’s Go to the Movies – Angela Carter, David Peebles // Discipleship – Francis and Elizabeth Nuthalapaty // 30 Days to Understanding the Bible – Ben Langner // Galatians – Ralph Carter // Bible Stories: Not Just for Kids – Janette Reeves // Angels: Frequently Asked Questions – Cindi Myers // Love Wins: Truth or Heresy? – Jim Russell // Islam: A Closer Look – Zarief Mina

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Prayer is Key RALPH CARTER // Pastor

If we are ever to experience real, God sent revival, it will be as a result of believers turning to God in prayer. Prayer is the key to seeing God move. He wants us to trust Him, depend upon Him and seek Him. Three weeks ago (at the time of this writing) I asked you to consider forming a prayer group of five people and then to pledge to meet every week for the next year and pray for an hour. Thus far, I have heard from eleven groups that have begun meeting. I am confident that more than that are praying, but those are the ones that have emailed me and told me of their plans. If you haven’t yet put together a group, would you do that today? If you have, would you write me at Ralphc@ and make me aware of it? Let’s commit ourselves to asking God to do a great work among us and see what He does.

For Compulsive Over/Under Eaters JIM RUSSELL // Rescue Minister

All of us struggle with compulsive behavior. Some are compulsive users of alcohol or drugs. Some are compulsively angry. Some compulsively lust. And some of us find ourselves, at times, bingeing on food. Some others compulsively under-eat. And some eat and compulsively try to regurgitate what they have eaten. The world tells us that if we struggle with compulsively over/under eating, then we simply need to “buck up” and stop it. But truthfully, there’s more to it. Scripture tells us, “above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life.” In other words, the issue of compulsive behavior starts with the heart, not the fork. When we enter into a real relationship with God, through Jesus, God begins to change our character. We become more honest with ourselves, with God, and with others. Because of this, when there is disharmony with God, or conflict with others, or unsettledness in our hearts, we have the resources, as believers, to deal with it. As we do this, we begin to be at peace with God, with ourselves, and with others. Fact: compulsive behavior cannot take root in a heart that is at peace. Are you struggling with compulsively over/under eating? If so, then let me say to you that there is hope and support. This is one of the areas that we deal with in our Celebrate Recovery ministry. In fact, we are beginning a new men’s and women’s Open Share Group for EATING ISSUES very soon. Why not come and check out a real solution at Celebrate Recovery. We meet every Monday night at 6:00PM in the Fellowship Hall.


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SeeSalt and Missions Update JEREMIAH OLIVER // Middle School Pastor

Once again, the Lord worked mightily during our SeeSalt camp. The theme for this year was, “Party Up” emphasizing the story of the prodigal son and how the Father threw his wayward son a party when he came home. What a wonderful picture of God’s love and forgiveness in the lives of believers. Throughout the week we had two salvations in our group and 15 recommitments to the Lord! God is working in the lives of middle school students!

We spent two days ministering to the elderly in a nursing facility called, Myrtle Beach Manor. Our students immediately began to meet and greet and love on each senior adult with whom they came into contact. Many students read Bible passages and prayed with the residents. It was a great blessing to see our students truly caring for these sweet people. On the second day at the nursing home, one of our 7th grade boys led a woman to faith in Christ and another 7th grader led one of the aides working at the Manor to faith in Jesus! Wow, what a Savior! Many students shared testimonies and helped lead worship through singing hymns, songs, and spiritual songs. It is wonderful to see God work through our leaders and students. On Thursday, we had the privilege of doing beach ministry. Our students were bold as they passed out hundreds of gospel tracts and water bottles. Some students experienced the joy of persecution and others were blessed by Christians who stopped and prayed for our group in this mission endeavor.

Many seeds were planted and at least one person prayed to receive Christ that day! There is no limit to what God can do through each of us if we seek Him through prayer and ask for boldness and love to compel us to share the gospel. I am convinced that we have power through the Holy Spirit to be witnesses! (Acts 1:8) Will you join our youth this upcoming school year in becoming more bold in your faith and loving in your witnessing? I believe we are on the brink of revival in our church and I am excited for our middle schoolers to experience the blessing of ministry! Thanks for all of your prayers. I cannot wait to see what the Lord is going to do at Pastors’ Camp this year! Don’t let your children or grandchildren miss out. Go to www.brushycreek. org for more details on how to get involved at BCBC.

Apart from the incredible worship, powerful skits, and convicting invitations, SeeSalt and Missions provided our group with the privilege of doing ministry in the Myrtle Beach community.

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| august 2011


BENJI LADD // High School Pastor

Collide is a once-a-month, high energy, worship service where we will come together to worship the one true and living God and force your worldview to clash with the Creator’s. The Josh Ridings Band will lead our worship and the speaker will vary from month-to-month. Be on the lookout for an important COLLIDE postcard in your mailbox. You don’t want to miss it! What? a high energy worship service for high school and college students When? one Sunday night a month; first night is August 21 Time? 6:30 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. Where? the youth room


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Hey Woman! Things You Need to Know from the Women’s Ministry of Brushy Creek sew together Making Pillow Case Dresses for the Operation Christmas Child Shoebox recipients. This event will be held on Sunday, August 7, from 2:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. in the gym. We need sewers, cutters, and ladies to thread elastic. We will be accepting monetary donations as well as donations of supplies (pillow cases, ribbon, elastic, thread) in the breezeway. For more information, contact Michelle Welter 864-270-6853 or

Mark your Calendars Girls Night Out will be held on Sunday, October 2 from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. Our guest speaker is Martha Gillen and music will be led by Dana Stout and Praise Team. Dessert and beverages will be served. For more information, contact Libby Massey at 864-292-1363 or

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| august 2011


summer is beginning to wind down and kids are gearing up for the 2nd year of awana at brushy creek! We had around 200 kids participate every Wed. night last year! AWANA requires a LOT of hands and ears serving! We have many needs. Please prayerfully consider joining us as we serve BCBC kids this year in AWANA! It can’t be done without YOU and our children need YOU! AWANA is for ages 3 through 5th grade. Cubbies (3 and 4-year-olds) need leaders in both 4-year-old classes. With enough interest, we may add a third 3-year-old class, so please let us know if you are interested in serving with our 3’s as well! These leaders are responsible for planning a lesson and activity each week and keeping records. The teachers who work as partners can share these responsibilities in whatever way works best for them. We are looking for committed servants that are excited about coming alongside our parents to help our preschoolers learn God’s word. Sparks (K5-2nd grade) need leaders in all classes…boys and girls! We have at least one person in each class who served as a leader last year…so, don’t be scared, just come help! It takes 2-4 leaders per class. T&T Clubbers (Truth & Training for 3rd-5th grade) need leaders in 5th grade boys and girls. Sparks and T&T Leaders are responsible for assisting children with scripture memorization as well as making sure they understand the meaning behind the verses they are learning. Each child moves at his/ her own pace in the workbook and all information is included in the workbook. You don’t have to prepare a lesson! We’re also looking for a few willing people to help with administrative tasks. And, we always need active listeners, people to come from time to time and visit classroom to classroom just listening to children recite verses and checking them off the list. Please consider helping in one of these areas. Want to serve or have questions? Contact Amy Childers, or Tammy Roach, dtroach@charter. net. ATTENTION LEADERS We’ll hold training for returning and new leaders on Sunday August 21 before the Greenhouse Kick-Off event. Details to come! Also, we are ordering new shirts so that everyone will receive a t-shirt. Please email Amy with your shirt size. ATTENTION PARENTS AWANA begins Wed. August 24, 6:30 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. Registration begins on Sunday, August 7 in between services and will continue each Sunday in August. Come see us at the AWANA table out front! The cost is $15 per child with a $30 per family max. Scholarships are available. 6

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| august 2011

For those clubbers who have been working on AWANA books this summer, we’ll have awards at the registration table as well.

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merry makers meeting Special guest will be Ryland Brown, local church musician Tuesday, August 16 at 10:30 a.m.

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MEN!! Please note breakfast is on SATURDAY this month!!

Men’s Testimony Breakfast Saturday, August 13 8 a.m.

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