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Roger H.J. Cox


JUSTIFIED why only the law can save us now

WARNING You do not have the right to remain silent after reading.

Forewords by William McDonough co-author of the bestseller Cradle to Cradle – Remaking the Way We Make Things and Wubbo Ockels first Dutch astronaut on the 1985 US Space Shuttle Challenger and James Hansen “The world’s pre-eminent climate scientist” (Guardian)

James Hansen on Revolution Justified

James Hansen – “The world’s pre-eminent climate scientist” (Guardian)

“In my opinion, the role of money in our nations’ capitals is the biggest problem for democracy and for the planet. In the climate and energy debate we need more pressure and involvement from the public, willing to defend our rights and those of our children and grandchildren using all the means of our laws to achieve justice and the sound function of democracy. Revolution Justified communicates what I want the general public to know about climate change, our energy issues and the threat that special interests pose for democracy and humanity – and it does so in a very compelling and understandable fashion. Ultimately, broad public support will be essential to achieve the changes needed to phase out fossil fuel emissions.”

William McDonough on Revolution Justified

William McDonough – co-author of the international bestseller Cradle to Cradle: Remaking the Way We Make Things.

“This book puts in our hands a witness to the evidence of tragic socio-economic consequences already upon us because of an out of date energy design. It also shows us that implementing a new energy design, necessary for continued prosperity without massive liabilities or fear, urgently needs coherent, positive, judicial leadership to break the status quo in the energy world. Revolution Justified helps us understand and embrace the legitimate role, power and potential of the legal system to ignite a strategy of change and create a level playing field for commerce to act in ways that divert us from the ad hoc strategy of tragedy we manifest daily.”

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Anyone already suffering sleepless nights due to the Euro crisis had better steer clear of Revolution Justified.

Friesch Dagblad - newspaper

The best book I’ve read in years. This is a must read for every politician and citizen.

Marjan Minnesma (No. 1 in Trouw newspaper’s Sustainability Top 100 in 2012)

Non-fiction that reads like a horror story. Not for anyone who worries or scares easily. Dagblad de Limburger - newspaper

Written for a wide readership, this book explains the extreme urgency of sustainable development and why this is the only way to make the economy stronger and more resilient.

Willem Lageweg (Director of MVO Nederland, the Dutch CSR organization)

This book reads as a piercing indictment, with national governments as the accused. P+ (weblog and magazine)

Wubbo Ockels on Revolution JustiďŹ ed

Wubbo Ockels - First Dutch astronaut, Professor of Aerospace for Sustainable Science and Technology

Where is the sense of responsibility of those who hold power? Why can a few profit at the risk of so many? There seems to be a fundamental injustice in the way we are developing our world. This book by Roger Cox gives power back to the people, showing them the rights they have. I use his book in my lectures and am very stirred by his work because I see myself, too, as a missionary for sustainable culture and society. For me, this goes back to my spaceflight on the US Space Shuttle Challenger in 1985, and is expressed in a metaphor I use: We are Astronaut of Spaceship EarthÂŽ. We are not aware of the vulnerability of our existence, we do not feel ourselves to be the crew members of this ship. But it is time that we do. Revolution Justified is a compass to guide us to do our duty and Roger Cox is an excellent skipper.

The impact of Revolution JustiďŹ ed Revolution Justified was first published in the Dutch language in November 2011 and immediately had a strong impact. Various environmental and business organizations and some of the most influential Dutch leaders in sustainability were quick to publicly endorse the book, distributing over a thousand copies to the Dutch administration, all members of parliament, business leaders, universities and other institutions, urging them to read the book and act with greater urgency in the energy transition. Following the endorsement of so many and its use at universities, the book quickly gained ground and recognition, garnering media attention and generating calls for an English translation. With this translation, Revolution Justified will be able to make an even wider impact in not only the international political and judicial arenas but also in the international environmental and business communities.

Not for the fainthearted Revolution Justified is a book for the courageous. The picture it presents of the powerful world of fossil energy and its mainstays in the world economy, of the overwhelming and inescapable natural force of climate change, and of world governments that are no longer in control is not for the fainthearted. Leaving no room for even a sliver of reassuring doubt or denial about these issues, this book grips the reader in a tightening stranglehold that eases only in the final section, where the author sets out how the judiciary may yet rescue the climate and break through the status quo in the energy world.

About the author Roger H.J. Cox is a partner at the law firm of Paulussen Advocaten in the Netherlands and founder of the Planet Prosperity Foundation. As a strategic advisor on sustainable development issues and transition processes at both national and international level, Mr. Cox also holds seats on the business advisory council of the US Cradle to Cradle Product Innovation Institute and the advisory council of the Dutch sustainable business association De Groene Zaak. In 2012, the Dutch Green Building Council selected Mr. Cox as one of the most influential people in sustainable real estate development.

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