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The Many Advantages of Carports

Introduction If you’ve been paying attention while wandering the streets of new neighborhoods lately, you must have noticed the ever increasing presence of carports everywhere. Whereas garages used to be the norm in decades past, carports are slowly starting to challenge that supremacy, and for good reasons… In this presentation, we will explain why more and more people are choosing carports over garages. We will describe their many benefits and see why they’ve become such an interesting prospect.

Price First of all, carports are much more affordable than garages. The latter option not only requires additional walls, lighting, a door and possibly even windows – all of which will make your budget shoot through the roof –, it will also demand that you lay floor screed. If you don’t want your whole interior to get messy, you’ll probably have to think about tiling the screed as well. Compare the cost of all this to just building the roof of a carport. The beauty of carports resides in their simplicity and the fact that they can provide you with the same functional advantages as garages but for a fraction of the cost!

Size Then, you also get the benefit of space. All parcels of land do not allow garages to be built, either because of lack of room in the front or on the side. Whether you’re building your whole house at once or are just studying your different options for a place to park your car, you not only have to take into account the size of your land but also the distance that separates your home from that of your neighbors. As garages tend to take up a lot of room, because of their thick walls, they may not fit or not respect those distances. On the other hand, carports use up much less space. Moreover, they exist in all shapes and sizes, so they offer a much more customizable alternative.

Storing Space

Oftentimes, garages serve not only to shelter your car but also to store all that stuff that you just can’t put anywhere else because of lack of room. Bikes, lawnmowers and other big cumbersome items – that would soil your home should you store them inside – can also find a place under your carport. Just make sure that you use chains and padlocks to secure them if your property has no gates or is exposed directly to the streets.

Protection One of the worst preconceived ideas people have about carports, and that prevents them from trying them out, is that they think that carports offer a lower level of protection than garages. After all, the car will still be in the open, subject to the cold or high temperatures, right? Quite the contrary, in fact. Because it is an open structure, a carport will always be wellventilated, thus it will prevent moisture from developing. Which means that rust will never be an issue with carports. Moreover, because they offer aerial protection, your windshield will never freeze in the Winter and your car will never turn into an oven in the Summer.

Additional Pros Other advantages that carports show over garages include the fact that you will never feel cramped with the former. If you happen to own a large vehicle, with a garage, you might find it hard to open your doors and get out. You also risk bumping your doors into the walls and damaging the paint. Also, carports allow you to take cover when it rains, much like a porch. And they’re lifesavers when you have a barbecue planned but that the weather is working against you.


All in all, you would be hard pressed to find fault with carports. Not only do they provide a cheaper alternative to garages, they also come in a wider choice of sizes and architecture, and they’re great for storing space-hungry machines or even organizing a last-minute barbecue when it’s raining outside.

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The Many Advantages of Carports  

Carports are excellent sources of storage space. They often provide much cheapter alternatives to garages. For more information, please visi...