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ADVERTISING WORKSHEET Who are you? Name of company to be listed in ad ______________________________________________________ Any business nicknames or other business names ____________________________________________ Mention any first names _______________________________________________________________ Any awards or honorable mentions _______________________________________________________ Any slogans, tag lines or mission statements_________________________________________________ Where are you? Exact address wanted in the ad ________________________________________________________ Areas serviced (ask for cities or counties) _________________________________________________ Any landmarks, other businesses across street How can clients reach you? Business number _____________________________ Cell number ____________________________ Fax number ______________________________Toll Free Number ______________________________ Website _________________________________ Email Address ______________________________ When are you available? Hours of operation __________________________________________________________________ What do you offer (Look in the yellow pages at competitors)

___________________________________________________________________________________ Logos Company logo (provided by advertiser) Date sending___________________________________ Master Card



American Express

Other _______________

Any other logos (master plumber, equal housing, etc) _______________________________________ Any specific instructions per advertiser __________________________________________________ Any Camera ready art must have advertiser, project name & city sent to If this is Camera Ready Art, what date will info be in the office _______________________________

SPARTANBURG y a d y r e ev

ADVERTISING PLACEMENT WORKSHEET Basic Information Company Rep ____________________________ Guide Type _____________ Date _______________ Project/Sponsor ____________________________________ City ______________________________ Company Name ____________________________________ Contact _________________________ Address ______________________________________________________________________________ City _________________________________________ State _______ Zip Code ________________ Phone_____________________ Fax ___________________ Email ___________________________

Placement Ad Size:

Page Layouts 8.25 x 10.75: Horizontal Advertise Sizes: Verticle Advertise Sizes:

1 Page Layout Fourth Third Square Fourth

2 Page Layout or more ____ Half Full Page Third Half Full Half

Location_______________________ Index Category_______________________ Color_____________

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SPARTANBURG y a d y r e ev