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Issue 85 AUGUST 2013

Plus essential tips for Windows 8, Vista & XP

“Boot your machine in seconds instead of minutes!” – page 16

SPEED UP WINDOWS Your essential guide

■ 30 quick tricks to boost your PC ■ Unlock hidden performance ■ Bring an old machine back to life expert guide

upgrade your pc with the best of Windows 8 Try all the great features from the new operating system – without the hassle

master your music collection

Ten definitive ways to organise, refine and play your entire audio collection for free


do all this and more… • Enhance your email • Try custom icons • Use hot corners Turn to p98 now! New things to do


Windows tutorials


over way to a better org your dr anise ive

packed with 35 essential apps


power your f up iles Disc

Buying advice

Help & support

100% jargon free


16 30 ways to speed up Windows Get your computer working faster with tips and tricks for any version of the OS

56 Get Windows 8 features now Enjpy the new operating system’s best features on your Windows 7 PC

62 Top 10 music managers Play, edit and organise your tunes with these amazing free tools


6 Discover The tech that will make the home of the future a reality

29 Next month Gaze into the future… What’s happening in September? 32 Subscriptions Save up to 37 per cent when you subscribe today 44 Reader offers We’ve a selection of money-saving offers just for you 65 Overseas reader?

Get your mag for less with a subscription

Explore The best PC tutorials Your guide Adam Ifans says…

“Each month we include as wide a range of tutorials as possible, to help you use your computer more efficiently and inspire you to try new things.” 26 Benchmark your PC for top performance

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30 Boost your file manager with Directory Opus 10 34 Use Preme to manage your Windows desktop 38 Get started with Microsoft Word 2013

42 Choose desktop icons that suit your personality 46 Add location tags to your favourite photos

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50 Add a memorable signature to your emails 52 Improve your PC’s audio quickly and easily


66 Four pages of help, including technical queries and Windows Watchdog 4


Help & Advice | August 2013

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Speed up Windows

Plus Tidy up your music collection with MP3Tag– see page 66

16 Boost your PC, unlock hidden performance and bring an old machine back to life On the cover

Upgrade your PC with the best of WIndows 8 56 Try all the great features of the new operating system – without the hassle On the cover

Master your music collection 62 Ten definitive ways to play your entire audio collection for free

Upgrade 70 Hundreds of reviews and recommendations 72 Mini test Our experts check out the best compact system cameras

74 Microsoft Surface Pro A tablet for anyone who needs to work on the go

78 Dell XPS 10 This laptop/tablet hybrid offers incredible battery life

82 Acer Aspire V5-571P A sleek,

streamlined laptop packed with features

86 Huawei Ascend W1 The perfect introduction to Windows Phone 8 88 Hotlist Our roundup of the best laptops, tablets, phones and more 94 Play this Two great new games put through their paces, just for you

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future home Add a splash of technology to your home



Help & Advice | August 2013

fascinating facts

Tom o rro w ’s w o rl d

Discover Home technology

Make the home of the future a reality

Ninja The Blocks Knowledge...

Xbox One

Automatically switch off lights, turn off your TV and monitor your home with our guide to making your home a technological haven


ack in the 1950s, forward-thinkers tried to imagine what the home of the future would look like. They came up with the idea of an ‘electric home’, in which everything was automated and controlled electronically. The lights would dim depending on the time of day, a video camera system would be used to identify visitors and heating would adjust itself automatically. In many ways, we’re living in this technological abode right now. We have thermostats that switch on the boiler when it gets cold, video entry systems are commonplace, and even the humble light dimmer is a feature of many houses. However, you can make your home even more electric with just a few simple additions – and it might even save you money on your energy bills, too. The simplest way to get started is with a few accessories that plug into your existing sockets, and Energenie (www. makes a variety of clever devices that do just that. Its PC standby extension lead includes four sockets that power down everything attached – such as printers or speakers – when you switch off your computer. For the living room there’s an extension lead

with an infrared sensor, which can be programmed to power up your TV when you use your remote control. A more advanced version of this is supplied by Home Easy (www.homeeasy. eu). Its system can be accessed via text message, and a huge range of accessories which can be controlled by the unit. These include sockets so you can turn appliances on and off, light dimmers to change the mood, and even an infrared signal that can be used to switch TV channels. If you’re feeling a bit more geeky, you can’t go wrong with Ninja Blocks (www. This unit connects to the internet and lets you control just about anything that works on a 433MHz frequency. While the initial outlay is quite high – a Ninja Blocks unit costs £130/$199 – accessories such as sockets and light dimmers can be picked up quite cheaply. Ninja Blocks can also work with a USB webcam to provide a bespoke home security system, but if you want to keep things a little simpler it’s worth investing in a Wi-Fi security camera, such as the ones available from These connect to your internet without the need for a computer so you can easily monitor your home from afar.

“In many ways, we’re already living in a technological abode”

Here’s where to start Install a smart meter While not strictly part of an automated home, smart meters can still help you save money on your gas and electricity bills if you live in the UK. The government has promised to roll them out to every home by 2020, but you can get ahead of the energy-saving game by installing your own. The Owl is a simple unit that monitors your electricity use, so you can see how much you’re using on a daily basis. It costs £30, but it can cut up to 15 per cent or £35 off the average bill.

Installation Plug some batteries into the Owl and it can be set up for your currency and tariff.

Get an Owl You’ll find the Owl Micro+ in the shop section of its official site,

Save money The Owl displays your current usage – try turning off appliances to see a difference.

What happened to the other 359 consoles then? We’re not sure, but Microsoft’s new games console has been branded the One after speculation that it would be called the Xbox 720. It’s the successor to 2001’s Xbox and 2005’s Xbox 360, which have sold over 140 million units worldwide between them. What does this one do that the Xbox 360 doesn’t? As you’d expect, it’s a big upgrade from its predecessor. It includes 8GB of RAM, and a more powerful processor and graphics chip. These new bits and bobs mean that it’s capable of displaying games and media in 4K resolution, which is the next big thing in highdefinition entertainment. I’ve never owned a console – why would I want this one? The Xbox One marks a move away from playing games and into a versatile all-round entertainment system. It includes a Blu-ray drive so you can watch movies, and it supports an HDMI input so you can connect your set-top box to it and watch TV. What about games then? Of course, you’ll find a bevy of the latest titles for the Xbox One. Games such as Assassin’s Creed IV, Battlefield 4, Forza Motorsport 5 and FIFA 14 are all in development for the console. When can I get one? Microsoft reckons you’ll be able to get your mitts on the One by the end of the year. Sony’s competing PlayStation 4 is scheduled for release this year too, and the two consoles seem very similar in terms of hardware, so those extra features and new games are more important than ever.

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Windows 7 Sampler

Windows 7 Sampler  

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