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52 Make interactive 3D type effects Learn how to use JavaScript to create flowing lines and

reactive mouse movement site headers

56 Get 60 frames per second

Code silky-smooth UIs with the help of the latest CSS properties and the Web Animations API

60 Power a blog with WordPress API

The new Gutenberg editor aims to bring everything together in a more modern and easyto-use layout system

Discover how to implement the WordPress API into a Vue.js-powered blog app using Vuex

Web Workshop 50 Add an instructional video Introduce a demo to promote an app

64 Create a text knockout effect Bring bold typography into focus

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Web Developer 74 Browser console masterclass

Get a closer look at your site code with Google and Firefox’s advanced consoles

80 Comment your code Add code comments to styles and JavaScript to generate and maintain comprehensive documentation


ProFile: 51North

Communicating the message


Lightbox: Name That Place

86 Build a voice-activated app

Take your first steps with voice-activated devices and build a to-do app using and Node.js

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