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16 Feature: Look ahead to 2022


Looking Ahead To The Future Of The Smart Home Mitchell Klein, executive director of the Z-Wave Alliance


y now, it is no secret that the smart home market continues to experience yearly growth thanks, in part, to demand from homeowners, builders, integrators, and more. The real question is, how rapidly is it expanding? Recent research from Mordor Intelligence has revealed that 30 million U.S. households are projected to add smart home technology in the near future. Common smart home devices and solutions growing in popularity and the ones most likely to be integrated include smart locks, video doorbells, and connected light bulbs. However, when it comes to brand compatibility awareness, the industry continues to face challenges. With new adoption of connected devices, the need for product interoperability continues to be a top concern for consumers. Since inception two decades ago, interoperability has been at the core of the Z-Wave protocol and a pillar of Z-Wave technology. The Z-Wave Alliance, and its dedicated members, have built, manufacturers, and certified an abundance of devices and smart home solutions designed to help unify the smart home ecosystem. In 2021, the industry witnessed major progression in the goal of offering compete, and full solutions, compared to one-off island solutions. With greater interoperability comes the prospect for new or previously overlooked categories to enter the smart home fold and become part of the overall ecosystem that functions in sync with the unique

needs of each homeowner. Looking forward, we can expect context aware technology to continue to become prominent as these types of devices and solutions work to provide homeowners with new levels of systematic and personalized experiences. If we can be clear on one thing, it is that smart home sensors and sensor-based systems will continue to play a critical role in the development of the contextually aware smart home. The data collected by these deployed solutions will prove invaluable as systems advance and continuously rely on these signals to help make informed

Supporting The Smart Home In 2022 And Beyond: Why Power Management Will Never Go Out Of Style Jimmy Paschke, SurgeX


ome technology trends are always evolving, and they’re getting pretty impressive. Integrated surround sound and whole home AV

decisions – perhaps without the need for any user input – the enhance the overall smart home experience. Lastly, the future of the connect home cannot be fully discussed without first examining the protocol building blocks the entire industry is built upon. There are more protocols playing on the smart home “playground” than ever before and whether you’re a consumer, smart home professional, system integrator, or manufacturer of smart home devices, this should not be, and cannot be ignored. 2022 will be a pivotal year for the connected home as it will become essential to understand the changes and new capabilities of the protocols behind the smart home product entering the market as well as examining what they can (and cannot do), new updates and initiatives, and how they differ from one another. As a champion of both interoperability and backwards compatibility for over 20 years, the Z-Wave Alliance welcomes these discussions, conversations, partnerships and more as the industry prepares to take giant strides towards unification.

systems transform the home entertainment experience while connected kitchen and bath technology gets a boost of intelligence from voice integrations. However, savvy integrators understand one of the smartest aspects they can integrate into a home is a solid power foundation. As a category, power management spans the entire home. All electronics, including the robust home control, security, and entertainment systems – all growing rapidly in popularity - rely on power to perform as intended. Without proper power management, surges, electrical noise, and power anomalies can harm both equipment and a new customer relationship. Building a solid power foundation with SurgeX can protect a technology investment, keep customers happy, and even safeguard the reputation of the dealers and installers integrating these robust and complicated systems. With the industry evolving at a rapid pace, the tech solutions deployed both residentially and commercially are not