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Special Report: CES DailyPreview


The Eyes Have It At EyeQue BOOTH 44118 EyeQue is at CES 2020 showcasing its EyeQue Vision Monitoring Kit, a convenient, low-cost eye wellness system designed for everyone from children to adults that has been honored with a CES 2020 Innovation Award. The Vision Monitoring Kit combines the award-winning EyeQue VisionCheck, PDCheck and the new EyeQue Insight Plus, empowering anyone, anywhere to take an active role in their vision wellness in between doctor’s visits. The EyeQue Vision Monitoring Kit includes: • Insight Plus: measures visual acuity (the ability to see 20/20 to 20/400), providing exact measures of single and dual eye performance. Insight Plus accessory pack, which includes adjustable mount to secure the Insight Plus goggles to the tester’s head, and a Bluetooth-enabled handheld remote control for an intuitive test taking experience, designed for children’s small hands or those with low dexterity. • VisionCheck: an at-home vision test that offers a convenient, accurate and affordable way to order corrective eyeglasses without leaving home.

• PDCheck: accurately measures pupillary distance, the distance between the centers of the pupils of your eyes, with a selfie. PD is a critical number needed to order good fitting glasses. • Carrying case: a soft-shelled attaché offering a convenient way to protect, store and travel with EyeQue products. The EyeQue Vision Monitoring Kit is available now on Indiegogo, with pledge levels starting at $119 (retail value: $205). The product began shipping to backers at the end of November 2019.

DMAI Puts The AI Into Edutainment BOOTH MP25261 DMAI is showcasing AILA Sit & Play, an intelligent monitor and edutainment system that comes preloaded with AILA’s enriching and engaging pedagogically solid content for early preschool learning skills, 21st Century skills, STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics), and Social Emotional Learning (SEL), all presented through the fun and engaging characters from Animal Island. Powered by cognitive AI, AILA Sit & Play has the capacity to adapt its curriculum to suit each child’s level of engagement. Young children will be able to learn at their own pace, solving problems with compassion as they develop communication and collaboration skills with their dynamic friends on Animal Island. Plus, there are never any ads. Sit & Play also aids parents, saving hours of time spent trying to curate the right content for their child. AILA Sit & Play Intelligent Monitor and Edutainment System is priced at $149.

XPLORA #GOPLAY Rewards Active Kids BOOTH 44755B To encourage children to stay active, investigate and explore the world, XPLORA Technologies is launching #GOPLAY, an O2O platform combining physical activity with entertainment. The O2O platform encourages children to spend more time taking part in other physical activities offline in exchange for virtual rewards that can be redeemed online via a gaming platform. XPLORA has entered into partnerships with Sony PlayStation, Paramount Pictures’ Dora and the Lost City of Gold movie (released in August 2019) and Fox Movies’ Spies in Disguise (released in December 2019) by Fox Disney. XPLORA is demonstrating that multiple renowned brands are already looking to innovative companies that can creatively and effectively deliver concepts that tackle the unbalanced screen time issue.

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Twice 0680 - Dec. 9th - Tech 2020  

Twice 0680 - Dec. 9th - Tech 2020

Twice 0680 - Dec. 9th - Tech 2020  

Twice 0680 - Dec. 9th - Tech 2020