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Qligent is launching a new Cloud-based solution to monitor the quality of viewer engagement and protect media brand value across multiple delivery platforms. Vision Analytics employs data mining, machine learning, and predictive data analytics to help users quickly address quality issues and take corrective action. The solution samples video content globally across any content distribution channel and monitors the viewer’s quality of experience on any platform, network, channel, or app at any given moment. It’s then able to give broadcasters, MVPDs and other content owners an assessment of the health of their media operations, ranging from broad visibility to granular, in-depth reporting. As well as monitoring network performance in realtime, the solution uses machine learning to warn users about a possible incident that could be detrimental to the broadcaster or service provider’s brand. “A broadcaster or MVPD can take corrective action to prevent quality of experience issues when armed with a rich data toolset that delivers insight into real-time performance and trends,” said Ted Korte, CTO, Qligent. “Vision Analytics puts the power back in the hands of our customers. These problems can be prevented from happening in the first place when it’s made clear that trouble is brewing.” NAB booth N4215.

NAB booth SL5724.



N Signiant is launching Jet, a new software as a servic e solution, aimed at making it easier to move large files around the wo rld. The solution, titled Signia nt Jet, is targeted at simple “lights-out” use cases, and is designed to replace scripted FTP wit ha faster, more reliable and more secure alternative. Jet utilises a proprietary transport protocol that optimises network performance for fast, reliable movement of larg e files under all network conditions. “Jet fills a growing need in the industry,” said

Cory Bialowas, SVP pro duct management at Sig niant. “With Media Shuttle, Sig niant has demonstrated that SaaS innovation can bring the power of our technology to companies of all sizes. As customers face increasin g pressure to eliminate FT P and unwieldy first-generation acceleratio n products, they have bee n clamouring for a Media Shuttle companion product to handle automated transfers. Jet extends our SaaS platform to address these use cases within the global media supply chain.” NAB booth SL10216.


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TVB Europe 63 April 2019  

Get ready, coz here is come - 5G

TVB Europe 63 April 2019  

Get ready, coz here is come - 5G