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issue 247 / October 2015

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Don’t rely on fate use T3 to shape your lifestyle with our ultimate tech fest

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Gadget Guru Looking for advice on all aspects of tech? Check in here for GaGu’s expert tips on playing vinyl, making a healthier breakfast and kitting yourself out as a road cyclist

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Seven awesome tech adventures to try this month, including flying a powered paraglider beneath the clouds. OK, we didn’t say you had to



 o cars dream of d electric power? Plug-in, drive-away motoring is coming to a forecourt near you, and you’d be a fuel (titter!) not to jump on the electric bandwagon. We take three high-tech motors and put the pedal to the metal

078 M an Vs Tech

Our man goes all caveman this month, as he gets handy with the best DIY gadgets to fix any disaster. Question is, will he still do a bodge job?


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issue 247 / october 2015

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ipod touch

Thought drones were just for flying? Well, now they can float, thanks to Parrot’s new MiniDrone. There’s more hot new tech inside, including the ultimate kitchen gadget and the biggest edge-to-edge, curved-screen smartphone

The MP3 player is officially not dead, as Apple’s new and incredible, classic pocket unit just goes to show


Bluetooth speakers that are small enough to go anywhere – we test two of the best so you don’t have to

Nothing beats listening to your favourite tunes. Oh wait, it does - listening to them in highresolution! T3 readers test out the latest audio kit, and tell us whether it’s worth the coin


reader preview


people He cost more than any other English footballer – and no, we’ve never heard of him either. Let’s tech-up Raheem Sterling


we can build you... Give your home office the ultimate lick of tech, so you can work as hard as you play




super six You don’t need to buy a shoulder-mounted camera to take great photos. Here’s T3’s selection of the best compact system cameras


a drift stealth 2 HD action cam p118

119 introducing the best buyer’s guide known to man

From thermostats to tablets, and camera to cars, our selection of the very best tells you what to buy Plus! T3’s £100 Hotlist

our gadgets The T3 team put their kit through a long-term testing process. This month, the Surface 3, the TomTom Rider 400 and the Withings Activité Pop


games We’ll tell you exactly what you should be playing right now


The autumn is fast approaching (boo!), so let’s kit you out with our pick of the best-looking and performing lightweight jackets you can buy right now


115 apps

Choice selections from the worlds of Android and iOS for smartphones and tablets



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M ore grea t content a t the a ll-ne w w w m

tech adventures

get your wings Paramotor ‘wings’ are made of non-porous materials: ripstop polyester or nylon fabric. Choosing the right equipment for your weight is crucial for performance and safety

time to fly Ideal conditions are early morning or evening, when there’s less thermic activity (warm air rising from below)

Lift off with a powered-up paraglider Paramotoring, or powergliding, is a fast-growing adventure sport that adds a hi-tech motor to a paraglider to put you in complete control of your own personal aircraft

4 0 T3 o c to b e r 2 0 1 5

M ore grea t content a t the a ll-ne w w w m



While a normal paraglider uses thermal currents and requires a hill-start to get going, strapping a motorised shell to your back like a flying Ninja Turtle enables you to lift off from anywhere, and control your speed and altitude without leaving it up to nature’s whim. Classed as a “foot-launched, ultra-light aircraft”, a 14-litre paramotor can fly for up to three hours at 25-40mph, so you can potentially cover 75-120 miles. You can also cut the engine and use the natural glide of the aerofoil wing. The air-frames are crafted from a sturdy alu-magnesium alloy, the wings are made from non-porous materials like ripstop polyester or nylon fabric, while the engines are two-stroke and 80-250cc. Your engine and wing will depend on your in-flight weight, as Tom Prideaux-Brune, of

paramotoring specialist Parajet, explains: “An inexperienced pilot of 75kg would typically use an engine of 80cc-130cc, and a medium-sized glider. An experienced pilot of 110kg might use a 200cc engine and a smaller, more dynamic glider. “Paramotoring is the closest you can feel to being a kind of motorised bird,” he adds. “Because of its low cost compared to other forms of aviation, it offers people an accessible, safe and enjoyable way to realise their dream of taking to the skies.”

engines. At the lowest price point, a Volution air-frame fitted with an 80cc engine costs £5,020. Wings start at £2,000. Remember, your in-flight weight will determine the gear you need. Gear sorted? Go fly! Eighty per cent of the UK is unrestricted air space, so there are plenty of locations for you to explore.

START YOUR ADVENTURE TODAY Find your nearest training centre at You can rent gear for the ten-day course, which teaches you about the paramotor and the handling techniques. You’ll be flying by day three! When you’re ready to buy, Parajet has a range of paragliders, air-frames and

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WORDS Craig stewart

illustration White Russian Studio

you can’t live without BEST KIT FOR

 Running  Commuting  Watching  Cooking  Driving  Working  And more!

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M ore grea t content a t the a ll-ne w w w m

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State of the Art



It’s no longer a fantasy: your next car really could be electric. BUT WHICH WOULD YOU GO FOR? T3 TRIES OUT THREE OF THE TOP CONTENDERS… Words: Ben Barry

6 6 T3 O c to b e r 2 0 1 5

Photography: Joby Sessions

ack in 2006, Sony released Who Killed The Electric Car?, a documentary film suggesting that the US government and big businesses were conspiring to keep cars burning oil. IT WAS PREMATURE.


Five years on, interest in electric cars had been revived to such an extent that a follow-up film, Revenge Of The Electric Car, was released. Around the same time, the UK government introduced the Plug-In Car Grant, subsidising every electric vehicle by £5,000. Today, BMW, Renault, Nissan, Toyota, Tesla, Citroën, Peugeot, Kia and others have electric cars that make the 1997 Toyota Prius (the first mass-marketed hybrid petrolelectric vehicle) look positively Jurassic. The promise is of cheap power, zero emissions (depending on where you get your juice from), effortless acceleration and whisperish refinement. But there are downsides to this new technology, too: namely cost, range anxiety, battery life and the time it takes to charge the things.

M ore grea t content a t the a ll-ne w w w m

State of the Art

Electric cars W hat’s on test…


Renault Zoe The cheapest car in this test, the Zoe’s maximum range has just been extended to 149 miles. It features a Chameleon charger that adapts to available power supplies, and it also comes with a free 7kW wallbox charger. Price: From £18,445 URL:

Electric cars remain something of a niche proposition: of the 1,376,889 UK vehicle registrations in the first six months of 2015, just 4,681 were electric. Yet that represents an 83 per cent jump over 2014’s figure, proving that


BMW i3 The i3 boasts a unique carbon-fibre construction and sci-fi looks, while an optional range-extender petrol engine relieves range anxiety. It’s one of the more luxurious electric cars, and the price reflects that. Price: From £25,250 URL:

the public are warming to the e-mobility revolution. Technology is evolving to make electric cars a better fit for our lives, and charging stations continue to proliferate at workplaces, forecourts and retailers.

M ore grea t content a t the a ll-ne w w w m


Nissan Leaf The UK’s best-selling electric car, the Leaf kickstarted the v2.0 e-mobility revolution back in 2011. It’s had a series of recent tweaks, but will they be enough to keep it up to speed with fresher competition? Price: From £21,490 URL:

The big question is, will electric cars fit in with your lifestyle? To help you make your mind up, T3 got to grips with three of the most popular models on the market today, from Renault, BMW and Nissan…

o c to b e r 2 0 1 5 T3 6 7

Gaming From closed-box consoles to the very latest specialised laptops, the world of gaming has entered a new generation Words: Dom Reseigh-Lincoln

nce upon a time, gaming was a far simpler beast. On one side of the fence were the consoles: with the big yen of Japanese heavyweights Nintendo and Sega driving the war to win that space under your old CRT TV, mascots such as Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog became popculture icons overnight. On the other side were the PC faithful: unbound by the 8- and 16-bit processors that held back their closed-box cousins, the likes of Doom and Myst brought a far more mature spin to proceedings.



These days, gaming – both console and PC – has transformed from the hobby of stereotypically secluded geeks into one of the fastest-growing entertainment mediums in the world. Games, in short, have arrived, and they’re getting bigger and more complicated by the day. Question is: where do you even start? So, whether you’re a fresh-faced newbie or a once-proud gamer returning to a since-forgotten pastime, T3 brings you the ultimate guide to one of the best forms of entertainment money can buy…

For the players If we’re going to talk about games, let’s start with the fastest-selling and most powerful console on the market today: the PlayStation 4 (£279.99). Developed by Japanese electronics powerhouse Sony, the PlayStation brand has been building on innovation since its first console debuted in 1995, and the PS4 is no exception. With an AMD 8-core CPU, 8GB of GDDR5 memory and 500MB of storage, this sleek bit of kit is the most powerful

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M ore grea t content a t the a ll-ne w w w m


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