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p h ones t a b l e t s a u d i o t v s c a r s h ome A P P L E L A TE S T !

iPhone 7 & beyond What Apple’s new tech means for your phone iOS 9’s killer features 

t h e

Everything you need to know about Apple Music

gadget surviving a cutting-edge fitness lab

APPLE WATCH UPDATE! All-New faces! Native apps! Time Travel!

PLUS! windows 10 / ee’S action cam / hot £100 tech

pr e s e n ts…

New tech with the power to dent the universe


L enovo M agic V ie w Smartwatches are great, but those tiny screens are an issue. And if you give a watch a bigger face, it’ll look pretty silly unless you have an arm like Hulk Hogan. Lenovo’s solution to this is the Magic View concept: a smartwatch with a second screen that sits beneath the face and enables you to see things in greater detail. T3 thinks this could be a game changer – it might look tiny, and a tad silly, but if you bring the screen close to your eyes, it transforms it into a mini VR-style headset, making small look huge; an increase in image size of around 20 times, according to Lenovo. Just swipe down on the main screen to activate it. Magic View would enable you to watch films as if you were in the cinema, or navigate within a life-sized Google Streetview. Price TBC Available TBC URL M ore grea t content a t the a ll-ne w w w m

au g u st 2 0 1 5 T3 3

issue 245 / August 2015

Meet the team M   eet our advertising team Rob Carney

Nick Odantzis

Duncan Bell

Editor This issue, Rob has been getting to grips with the new Cambridge Audio CXN digital music streamer. It undoubtedly sounds great, but sadly it can’t change his taste in music.

DEPUTY Editor Nick says a sad farewell to some tech this month (see p105 for details), but there are always other cool gadgets to fill the void - it’s not a bad dilemma to be in, is it?

Lifestyle technology Editor Duncan normally takes a lot of convincing on any matter, but this issue’s Opinion (p32) sees him quite clearly state that artificial intelligence is genuinely getting good.

Claire Davies

Gareth Beavis

Marc Chacksfield

Assistant Editor This month, Claire’s been knee-deep in travel tech, editing this issue’s T3 Squared. She’s also been indulging her inner fangirl with a GOT-themed Agenda piece (see p42).

phones and tablets Editor Gareth is our second-incommand for sports-related gadgetry, but he was narrowly pipped to the post by his arch-nemesis below. Revenge will be Gareth’s next issue, we’re sure.

Content team lead Marc has his hands in many gadget pies. For the past few months, he’s been rocking the Nexus Player, and this month he’s got a Samsung S6 Edge (p104) – don’t drop it, please!

Matt Hanson

Damian Hall

Craig Grannell

Phones and tablets writer Matt is a big cinema buff but doesn’t like going out after dark, so this month he set up an awesome Dolby Atmos system at home. You can find out how he got on with it on p24.

Contributor If it makes him sweat and spend days in excruciating pain, Damian is all over it. Not content with testing sports earphones this month, he was put to the ultimate fitness test (p72).

contributor Craig eats, breathes and lives Apple products, so he’s given us a fascinating insight into the future of the iPhone and why it’s going to be the handset to beat in 2016 (p78).

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issue 245 / August 2015

Editor’s letter Welcome to T3’s summergadget spectacular! In this issue, you’ll find the best tech for travel, sports, holidays and more.


As I write this, I’m 30,000 feet in the air, somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean. Sadly, I’m not going on my summer holidays just yet (although I am going to check out a rather cool new set of headphones), but it’s likely that you’re thinking of jetting off right about now. Before you pack the suncream and shades, check out your free magazine with this issue. T3 Squared goes in-depth on travel gadgets – meaning you can prepare for your trip with the latest tech. If you’re not going away, or if you’ve already been (I hope you had a nice time), check out our cover feature on p48, where we run you through all the best gadgets for summer – from 4K TVs on which to enjoy sport, through intelligent barbecues for perfect grilling, to top-of-the-range water pistols! You’re guaranteed to have more fun this summer with our guide. Finally, I’m extremely proud to announce that we’ve launched a new charity initiative – Life’s Better with T3. We want to help bring tech to those who are less fortunate than ourselves. You’ll find more details in our Agenda section on p39. Enjoy the issue and, as ever, please let me know what you think of it.

Rob Carney, Editor @robcarney

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Digital edition The iPad edition of T3 features a raft of fresh content, including video reviews and interactive articles. T3 is also available on Android devices, and your desktop via

The all-new We’ve also overhauled – the best site for gadget news and reviews now has a great new look and is fully responsive, enabling you to enjoy it on any device.

Key contributors writer

Rob Redman, 3D artist

Matt Bolton, writer

He’s got great taste in music and his audio knowledge is second to none. So who better to test out three of the best multi-room audio systems this month in State of the Art? p60

Rob runs his own computer-graphics studio and has been in the industry for many years - check out his vision of what the iPhone 7 could look like in Big Read on p78

A lovely chap, Matt works on one of our sister titles, so he’s always around to nag if one of his submissions is missing pics. Check out his guide to tablets on p82

Steve May,

M ore grea t content a t the a ll-ne w w w m

Au g u s t 2 0 1 5 T3 5

issue 245 / august 2015

Contents 048 summer gadget spectacular

Features 034 

Gadget Guru You just had to ask GaGu about fitness trackers and robot lawn mowers, didn’t you? You’ve brought this on yourselves!

 enda 039 Ag

From smartgrills and Bluetooth speakers to, 060 um, super soakers, this is the season for tech! 060

Ride the world’s fastest zipline, hunt dragons in ‘Westeros’ with TomTom, and get Dolby Atmos cinema sound at home

 ulti-room m audio systems We put the best through their paces, letting Denon, Bluesound and Sonos slug it out in our three-stage test

072 M an Vs Tech

Damian Hall is no couch potato, but how did he fare when we sent him to a human performance lab? Clue: he could hardly walk the next day

he Future 078 Tof the iphone

What’s next for one of our fave phones? We round up the patents and rumours to find out


Save 60%


Exclusive T3 subscription offer – p58


082 complete guide to… TABLETS

To subscribe to T3, point your browser at, or turn to p58. The next issue of T3 goes on sale 4 August

They’ve changed the way we work and play. But which tablet rules them all?

M ore grea t content a t the a ll-ne w w w m

Au g u s t 2 0 1 5 T3 7

issue 245 / august 2015

Contents 010




TomTom bandit

A shaver so powerful it could de-fuzz Ron Jeremy at 20 paces? We got it! Plus, new tech from EE, Asus, and more

The satnav giant looks set to shake up the action cam scene with this feature-packed beaut




We take a close look at iOS 9, watchOS 2, and Apple Music

Two top-spec gaming laptops face-off this month, as we merrily rate and slate them

apple reborn



reader preview

six of the best

It’s popcorn time for six of our readers as they try out a Pioneer home cinema system

Don’t even think about hitting the gym without reading our round-up of sports earphones




our gadgets

Manchester motor-mouth Liam Gallagher and Oasis are on sabbatical. We serve up some gizmos to keep him busy

The T3 team put their kit through a rigorous long-term testing process


we can build you... One T3 reader is preparing to run his first marathon and needs tech to boost his training. Our expert, a multi-marathon runner, delivers the goods

030 style

This quintet of holdalls will keep your gadgets in order. Ever spent nearly £600 on a bag? You might after reading this!

024 8 T3 Au g u s t 2 0 1 5

a gold– finish ipad mini 3 p116

117 introducing the best buyer’s guide known to man

From thermostats to tablets, and camera to cars, our selection of the very best tells you what to buy Plus! T3’s £100 Hotlist


games We’ll tell you exactly what you should be playing right now

113 apps

Choice selections from the worlds of Android and iOS for smartphones and tablets


windows 10 We get hands-on with Microsoft’s operating system



Essentials 003 Gamechanger 058 Subscriptions 090 T3 Awards 111 Next issue 116 Competition 130 Money No Object M ore grea t content a t the a ll-ne w w w m

issue 245 / august 15

your guide to the hottest tech, People and Styles Right now

E   E 4GEE Action Cam

this month… 10 EE 4GEE 12 Braun Series 9 9040s Wet & Dry 15 John Lewis 55JL9100 17 B&W P5 Wireless 18 New Apple products 22 Home-cinema test 25 Liam Gallagher 26 Marathon gear 28 Hi-tech holdalls

STURDY build As well as having a waterproof case, the camera feels rugged, which should help it survive any knocks

£299, What on earth is this? Phone network EE is trying to make inroads into GoPro’s action-camera dominance with its own camera.

a Viewfinder Watch – a rugged wearable that helps you to frame your footage, take photos and control the recording from your wrist.

Really? What are the specs? It shoots 1080p at 30fps, and you can take that up to 60fps by dropping the resolution to 720p. It can capture 13MP stills, and it has three hours of battery and 64GB of memory. EE has also added 4G live streaming so that you can share your films with your pals.

Sounds great. So, what’s the damage? EE clearly wants us all on 4GEE Action Cam contracts, so there are lots of options available. The pay-monthly option, for instance, costs £49.99 up front and then £15 a month for 2GB of data. Don’t fancy a contract? With EE’s pay-as-you-go package, you drop £299.99 up front and get the camera with 2GB of data per month. There are other packages available.

Live streaming? Tell me more... Well, EE has created an app called Skeegle, which enables you to broadcast big moments as they happen. Sign up to the app through Facebook and you can create ‘circles’ of friends to view your videos. What about accessories? The 4GEE Action Cam comes with a waterproof case and

1 0 T3 AU G U S T 2 0 1 5

When is EE’s newbie out? Now, along with a range of Action Cam accessories. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7


9 10

live streaming You can stream 720p footage straight to the Web over 4G, through the EE app Skeegle

Vital stats 1080p 64GB Full HD video shooting for crisp pictures

The max microSD card supported by this camera

Three hours 30fps… How long you can continually shoot for per charge

…at 1080p. Drop to 720p for supersmooth 60fps

M ore grea t content a t the a ll-ne w w w m

Hype ee 4gee action cam stay focused The 4GEE Action Cam comes with a sturdy Viewfinder Watch, enabling you to frame and check your shots

wet and wild The watch has a battery life of 90 minutes during continuous live viewing, and is waterproof to 60m

One to watch! EE 4GEE ACTION CAM, £299

I t’s durable and the Viewfinder Watch is handy nick odantzis, deputy editor

M ore grea t content a t the a ll-ne w w w m

AU G U S T 2 0 1 5 T3 1 1


Vital stats 40,000 3 days

Braun Series 9 9040s Wet & Dry

The number of cross-cutting actions per minute

60 minutes 5-action The time it takes to fully charge this shaver

£269.99, So, it’s an electric shaver, then? Listen, whippersnapper, this isn’t just any old shaver. Braun’s deluxe models (the 3, 5 and 7 Series) have a heritage that goes way back, and the Series 9 is the first major update to the Braun range this decade. Unlike the company’s previous luxe shavers, the 9040s Wet & Dry can be used in the shower, bath or jacuzzi (if that’s how you roll).

When can I buy this shaver? Now! The 9,095cc Wet & Dry is also available, priced at £329.99. Go forth and de-fuzz. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7


The alcohol-based cleaning system that slays germs

CUTTING EDGE The SyncroSonic shaving head houses Braun’s HyperLift&Cut and Direct&Cut trimmers. The former takes out hairs that have lain flat, while the latter handles what doctors call your “pointy-uppy” hairs

Have they finally made electrics better than wet shaving? No! However, the gap has narrowed. Electric razors work a treat if you use them daily, but descend into painful ineffectiveness when faced with a few days of growth. We’ve been using the Series 9 for a month now, and can confirm that it keeps you as smooth as a eunuch’s nads if used daily, but can also handle two days’ growth without issues, and actually makes a decent fist of 72 hours of enthusiastic beard growth. How does it work such magic? Via the SyncroSonic shaving head. It’s driven by Braun’s Linear Drive motor, which generates 10,000 sonic vibrations per minute. The head sports two centre blades – a Direct&Cut Trimmer and a HyperLift&Cut Trimmer – and has been designed to glide over your face. OptiFoil shaving foils kick the smooth factor up a gear by getting as close to your skin as possible.

The level of beard growth this Braun shaver can handle

LED display This shows the amount of power remaining and alerts you when cleaning is required. We’re finding we need to charge this shaver every fortnight or so

9 10

1 2 T3 au g u s t 2 0 1 5

M ore grea t content a t the a ll-ne w w w m

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