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lg G flex the phone that’s ahead of the curve

The Gadget Magazine April 2014 / £4.50

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how the army makes All your best toys

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clubhouse rules golf gear to sync up your swing

Contents April 2014 / Issue 227

On the cover Connect your life Phones and tablets for you

15, 103

From Sony’s new iPad bothering Xperia Z2 and our speciality tablet test to LG’s curved phone revolution and HTC’s hot new handsets, consider all your portable needs covered

Apps to rule at everything


Experts in their fields reveal the professional mobile sidekicks to help you ace every aspect of modern living, from food to fitness

Year of the iCar


Inside the 4G-connected, self-driving, super-safe, drone-carrying future of your motor. It’s nearer than you think…

The 4K effect


Full-HD? That’s so 2011. Time to move to Ultra HD with these TVs, projectors and cams

War is good


T3 investigates how tech flies from the battlefield to your hands with laserguided precision. Boom!

Clubhouse rules


Top golf gadgetry to futurize the fairway and gear up the green

APRIL 2014 T3 7

Contents April 2014 / Issue 227

Editor’s letter



Tech life

Insight by Science Uncovered’s Andrew Ridgway

Three coffee makers for maximum buzz

How WWE is rewriting TV’s tech rules

How to…

Why Virgin Galactic will take off (honest) 51


Most Wanted: Xperia Z2


All of Sony’s skills and services, packed into the world’s thinnest, lightest tablet


Truth by Duncan Bell 18

Finally… by Ben Furfie

Concept: Razer Christine



Sci-fi-styled super-upgradeable gaming PC Trend: 4K all the way


Get your ultra-HD telly upgrades today 24


Obsession: wild camping


Just you, Mother Nature, and a bag o’ tech

How to rebuild a brand like Microsoft

The month’s hottest kit, from HTC’s new everyman mobiles to electric-red unicycles


Build an iOS app, massacre clay pigeons

Google Glass in sex-app shocker!

Need list

Deep space mine


Stateside by Chris Smith

Gadget of the month


Tech Dad


High-tech instruments for mini maestros Upgrade

360 review: LG G Flex


T3 fulfills your luggage allowance Pulse 103

It’s big, it’s curved, it’s quadcore but is the G Flex too little, too undulate?


Cutting-edge wingsuit helps you soar; golf tech helps your handicap do the opposite Test: Cordless drills


The USS Rosetta prepares to drill asteroids

Review: Motorola Moto X

Innovation: Avegant Glyph

The “Born in the USA” mobile lands in the UK


Review: Sony Xperia Z1 Compact

Waterproof superphone makes itself small

Welcome to your dream office: high-end tech and a life-lengthening desk

Review: Panasonic TX-L65WT600



The headphones that are also a cinema Formula 1 vs Formula E


The new all-electric race cars take on the newly electro-boosted motors of F1 Icon: Sir Jonathan Ive

30 32 34 36


Machines, games and films on the horizon


The Essential: Titanfall


Much-anticipated Xbox One shooter, from Call of Duty’s ex-head honchos, is here Games


Thief steals our hearts; Peter Serafinowicz claims Dark Souls II will win our minds Films


Gravity makes your 3D TV worthwhile Music


Recoiled: it’s Nine Inch Nails, but darker Apps, websites and ebooks

Sherlock: The Network and much more

Review: The Q Camera


Review: PlayStation Vita


Review: Humax HB-1000S Freesat HD 


Catch-up and current TV, perfectly melded?


Infographics on all matters tech Incoming


Gaming goes slim, but is it worth the weight?

Our inbox and updates on the big stories Stats

Supertest: laptops built for you

The compact cam for the selfie generation

Tech impulse purchases to peruse The Buzz


More torque, more action, zero wires 86


Jeep’s Grand Cherokee is built for anything; Lambo’s Huracán supercar with e-car tricks

Portable champs for pros, gamers and you, sir

A great, gold-tinged PC but… how much? Stuff


It shows 4K, costs over £5K, but is it A-okay?

Celebrating the Apple master’s designs Spend: XDNA Aurum




The T3 guide to being an app pro


Essential downloads picked by industry insiders to get creative, fit, healthy, organised and entertained across every device you own Plus: speciality slates to partner with them The iCar cometh

The guide Smartphones Tablets Cameras Laptops Gaming Headphones Home audio Home entertainment Televisions Accessories

122 123 125 126 127 128 130 131 133 134


How motoring’s current crop of smartphones on wheels will soon become self-driving, red light-banishing, self-aware rulers of the road Battlefield tech


T3 investigates the military innovations that have moulded your most-loved gadgets, plus the innovations moving from the frontline to the homefront in the very near future Shutdown

The ten tech battles you will never win


On the cover

melanie ribbe @ storm Photographed by Richard grassie Styling by Michelle Kelly hair and makeup by Ginni Bogado retouching by james wootton

APRIL 2014 T3 9

Editor’s letter April 2014 / Issue 227

While the tech world is, by its very nature, constantly in a state of flux, 2014 is already seeing an intriguing changing of the guard, as celebrity gadget brands repent and refocus in the shadow of their year-end spreadsheets and try to throw their ideas at the right cash-lined coconuts. We’ve seen Google sell Motorola – but keep all its mobile patents – just as it signed a car alliance with Nvidia and Audi. Sony flogged its PC arm, but came out all guns blazing with new portable Xperia and PlayStation efforts, and Microsoft found itself with a new CEO just as its full buyout of Nokia’s phone business went through. These are big changes for even bigger brands, and a mobile, connected future shines at the heart of it all. That’s why we’ve made this the ‘Connect Your Life’ issue. From phones that pay bills and glasses that record your runs to fridges controlled from afar and cars that crack open the 4G, never before has there been such a push for total contact, all of the time. We thought it only right to help you through this over-sharing overload. First, we’ve taken care of the hardware starting blocks for your new mobile life. If you’re in search of a stellar

phone, we’ve tested LG’s 4K-shooting G Flex that leads the curved-screen revolution (p103), the Sony Xperia Z1 Compact and Moto X (p107). Tablet fans can check out our exclusive on the thinnest slate in the world, Sony’s new Xperia Z2 (p15), plus our specialist tablets for all tastes supertest (p66). Even laptop die-hards are catered for, whatever your price point or persuasion (p111). Then there’s the new age of apps upon us, one that extends the control, convenience and wanton distraction of our pocket pals to the broader world; less Clash of Clans, more connect your castle. We need never touch, or even be in the same room as, our worldly possessions again, as our mobiles are granted entry into an interconnected wonderland of gadgets that talk each other’s language. It’s been a long time coming. The “internet of things” has been a buzz phrase to describe the growing chinwags between connected devices for nearly 15 years and we’ve had Apple’s App Store for the past six, yet only now are the world’s tech brands truly embracing them in unison, and handing the results back to us as purchase incentives. To help you decode it all, we asked some expert pals to pick the truly indispensable, pro-grade apps in amongst the herd; those that genuinely up our collective game in all areas, from work success to focused fitness, DIY to DJ sets. The full ‘app yourself better’ list starts on p54. But the ride doesn’t stop there. With the iCar class of connected autos on the rise, apps are belting up and taking to the road; within the next decade they’ll be driving themselves and grassing you up to insurers as they do. The future of automobile advancement is on p69. Where we’re going we will need roads – and, preferably, 5G coverage. Matt Hill, Editor Twitter: @gethill / Email:





The editor of Science Uncovered , the mag where the world’s top experts explain the planet’s biggest breakthroughs, gives his view on space tourism and takes on Virgin Galactic haters on p51.

Kai Vermehr, Steffen Sauerteig and Svend Smital are eBoy. They create “re-usable pixel objects”, using them to populate intricate illustrations, such as our technology-filled battlefield on p93.

Freelance tech writer and enthusiast Julian has spent this month testing the best laptops for every variety of consumer. Gamers, video editors, penny pinchers: he’s got your back. Results on p109.

Andrew Ridgway


julian prokaza

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