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The Gadget Magazine September 2013 / £4.35

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SONY PS4 vs XBOX ONE Hands-on with 2013’s gaming heavyweights

Google Glass all eyes on...

Extensive review of the world’s most controversial gadget


ISS U E 2 1 9 T 3 . C O M

iOS 7 Sir jony reinvents apple

66 more brits changing the world

hawk-eye mclaren virgin galactic rockstar games raspberry pi MAn city fc

273 gadgets including cameras, tvs, Camping gear, headphones, Water Pistols!

Contents September 2013 / Issue 219

On The cOver Great British Tech List 2013


A patriotic 66 of the hot gadgets and tech icons that make Britain great, from Jony Ive to Raspberry Pi and Virgin Galactic. Makes yer proud, dunnit?

WWDC: Apple iOS 7 and more


Speaking of Jony Ive, we have the skinny on Apple’s new iOS, OS X Mavericks, plus the stunning Mac Pro and more

All eyes on Google Glass


We take the controversial eyewear for a spin, get a few odd looks, report back

PS4 vs Xbox One


After the big gaming brawl at E3, which next-gen console has emerged on top?

Holiday tech reviewed

116 & 126

Headphones and compact cams tested for your summer lovin’ enjoyment


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7/4/13 10:41 AM

Contents September 2013 / Issue 219

Editor’s letter



Most Wanted: Apple special


We hit WWDC, San Francisco to bring you the full story on iOS 7, the new Mac Pro and all other things iFresh Need list


Must-have gadgetry, from Samsung’s 4G Android camera to Sony’s Smartwatch 2 Samsung’s tech attack


A tablet, an all-in-one and a phone that thinks it’s a camera, all from the Big S… PS4 vs Xbox One


The next-gen rivalry rumbles on post-E3, but who will win consumers’ hearts? Gaming’s upstarts


Not sold on the PS4 or Xbox One? Ouya (p114) leave you cold? Try these three… Spend: Huawei Ascend P6


The tech that could mean this superplane takes down Dreamliner, to rule the skies Innovation: MWE Labs Emperor 1510 34

Ultimate, three-screen gaming throne Stuff


Tech-related impulse purchases


360 review: Google Glass


T3’s inbox and updates on the big stories


Review: Apple MacBook Air


Longer battery life and a cheaper price-tag. Is Apple’s latest ultra-portable a winner? 115

The Windows Phone 8 handset with a PureView camera and a can-do attitude… 116

Noise-cancelling for the plane, buds for poolside, plus first-class and economy cans Supertest: TVs


Web-connected smart TVs for under a grand – features by the yard and cracking image quality without breaking the bank (much) 126

Leave your DSLR in the hotel safe and take these sub-£200 point-and-shoots sightseeing


Britain’s got tech


Alien-tentacle-sex-divorce shocker! Music


The dubstep stylings of AlunaGeorge Apps, websites & ebooks

Deus Ex: The Fall hits mobiles, stealthily


Ten techy things that always occur at a wedding, from “I do” to gadget don’ts…

Tech Dad


Ultimate water-squirter arsenal 96

Cool, retro-technical sneakers, for summer Pulse


What type of camper are you? Bivouacker, glamper, family, we’ve got all you need… Drive


Audi RS 5 Cabriolet provides top-down thrills. New Mini heads off-road 103

Krell’s extremely high-class streamer plus some exceedingly manly gardening tech 106

Springbreakers’ Harmony Korine: big on Skrillex, not so keen on early adopters

The guide

Smartphones Tablets Cameras Computers Gaming Televisions Home entertainment Home audio Headphones

140 141 143 144 145 146 147 148 149


This green and pleasant land is a hotbed of tech innovation. We bring you 66 of Britain’s greatest exports, including homegrown talent you might not be familiar with… Shutdown


Obsession: ultra running

Tech Lives

Games Films



The indie point-and-click adventure with a dose of David Lynch-style weirdness 50


Spend your Bitcoins and pimp your BBQ



The first of a new breed of Android console, putting games on your TV for not much money. We grab a controller and get busy

Gaming’s future generation

Gunpoint, spartans, zombies and cuteness

How to…

Review: Ouya console




The parent-friendly Android computer

Kit and tips to take you beyond 26.2 miles

Face-time with gaming’s bigwigs to unearth the tech that’ll make the next gen great. Plus a slew of games that mean you needn’t ditch your current console just yet…

Essential: Kentucky Route Zero

Gadget of the month: MiiPC

Stubble be gone: We conduct a cut-throat test of razors both retro and bleeding-edge


The tech, games, films and events of 2013

Tech life

The life-blogging eyewear is currently only available to developers, competition winners, random celebs… and us. Just how good is it?

Group test: compact cameras

The Buzz & Stats

59 60 62 62


Group test: travel headphones

Airbus A350: cleared for take-off


Insight: Matt Warman Silicon: Mark Prigg Truth: Duncan Bell Future: Peter Firth

Review: Nokia Lumia 925 30

The slimmest phone in the world, with a cam app to make you (more) beautiful




On the cover

jessica p @models 1 Photographed by Richard grassie Styling by Dean Hau hair and Make up by Dina @soho manageent ltd retouching by james wootton / steven wood

SEPTEMBER 2013 T3 1 1

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{ a L S O M a K I N G WaV e S }

Samsung’s AtIV army unleashed p24 PS4 vs Xbox one: it’s on! p26 the next gen of PC gaming p28 Huawei’s world’s slimmest Android p30 Airbus 350 XWB rules the skies p32

esseNTial News from Tech’s froNTliNe

m osT wa N T e d

Jony Ive’s iOS: the lights! The colours! The floaty bits!


2 0 1dc c i a3



{aPPLe iOS 7}

seveNTh heaveN The lowdown on Apple’s new, rave-tinged operating system, plus the tiny, cylindrical Mac Pro and more announcements from 1, Infinite Loop… ➜

SEPTEMBER 2013 T3 17

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7/4/13 12:38 PM


m osT wa N T e d

➜ WHeN tHe PreSS AND DeVeLoPINg community entered the giant moscone conference centre in California for Apple’s Worldwide Developers’ Conference (WWDC) 2013, it was largely in anticipation of seeing what Jony Ive had done with ioS 7. google’s Android continues to gain converts and leads the way in terms of innovation. meanwhile, Windows Phone 8 has won plaudits, if not for sales, but for its sharp, modern, streamlined approach. What would Ive’s riposte be? Simple: borrow the best tricks from ioS’s rivals – a swipe-up Control Center (sic) for accessing oft-used features, swipe-through multitasking and more – then unleash them on a tidal wave of acid-tinged colour washes and clean lines. ioS 7 has an aesthetic somewhere between a 1990s rave flyer and the Bauhaus. Ive calls it “unobtrusive but differential.” We call it unrecognisable. to give just one example, look at the toggle switches. Ive’s used an all-white surface with green accents, removing the 3D metallic elements that were integral to the old system and replacing it with something far more “new Star trek” and glossy. this bright, new world of translucency and grids has been incoming since Ceo tim Cook announced, back in october 2012, that Brit designer Ive would “provide leadership and direction for Human Interface,” a new role that put him in charge of Apple’s mobile hardware AND its software. ioS 7 is packed with refinements and shorn of fussiness, as Ive puts it, “bringing order to complexity.” First up, the lock screen has been revamped. You can now swipe-to-unlock anywhere on the screen, not just on a set icon. A full-screen Notifications Centre swipes down, or pull up the Control Centre for quick-toggle options from music controls to Wi-Fi and a torch. that’s hardly an original idea, but the requisite Apple fairy dust has been lavishly sprinkled. one thing that no other mobile oS can boast is the parallax effect. It uses the phone’s accelerometer to detect you moving and tilting the phone, moving the wallpaper accordingly, creating a 3D effect over which the icons appear to fetchingly float. that brings us, of course, to one of Apple’s favourite buzz words “skeuomorphism” – in this case, getting rid of it, removing material effects such as pine (iBooks), ruled paper (Notes) and, er, green felt (game Centre). In ioS 7, all that is gone. Ive clearly still sees smartphones as efficient, futuristic gadgets, and has no time for nostalgia. As such, he serves up swathes of pristine white, interposed with pixel-perfect typography in Notes and Calendar. the music app is equally pared down, with album ➜

c wwd 3 1 2P0E c i a l S


{Deta ILS} 1. parallax effecT

One visual calling card of iOS 7 is the way icons now “float” above the wallpaper, which changes perspective as you tilt the handset 2. icoNs

These are simplified, flattened and make heavy use of colour washes. Faux-wood and felt textures have been banished 3. updaTes

iOS 7 upgrades your apps in the background when you’re Wi-Fi-connected 4. GesTures

Swipe from the bottom to bring up the Control Centre, for instant access to settings such as Wi-Fi, or from the top for the Notifications Centre


18 T3 SEPTEMBER 2013

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