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Everything you need to get the very best from your iPad Air

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…to this Made Simple guide, designed to help you get the very best from your new iPad If you’re holding this Made Simple guide then either you’ve just become the proud owner of a new iPad Air or are thinking of buying one. Whichever it is, you’re about to embark on an exciting journey – this latest update makes the world’s best tablet even better: lighter, thinner, more powerful, with faster graphics and a better display. It also happens to be a beautifully made device, too. All of Apple’s iPads are great machines, but the iPad Air 2 takes the field to a whole new level. The sheer speed of Apple’s hardware has to be seen first hand and, of course, the user experience is second to none. After a few teething troubles iOS 8 is maturing nicely and has some genuinely innovative features that you might never find without our help (check out the articles starting on page 20).

Made Simple books are designed to get you up and running quickly with a new piece of hardware or software. We won’t bombard you with jargon or gloss over basic principles, but we will… Explain everything in plain English so you can tackle your new device or software with confidence. And if there is jargon, we’ll explain that too

But the hardware and interface are only half the story. Yes, there’s a lot you can do with just the iPad and the built-in apps (we’ll take you through most of these over the course of this guide). You could happily use it just for email and surfing the web, but it really comes to life when it’s populated with your own music, videos and photos, plus your favourite apps – and there’s a vast library to choose from. The iPad Air is a brilliant games machine, perfect for those dull moments on the train or when the family TV is being hogged. It’s also an excellent media system, delivering music, video and books whether you’re in bed or on the beach. And you can even carry on working with it (if you really have to!). This guide has been devised to help you use your new iPad Air to its fullest potential, so turn the page and let’s get going! Steve Jarratt, Editor

Break instructions down into easy-to-follow steps so you won’t be left scratching your head over what to do next Help you discover exciting new things to do and try – exploring new technology should be fun and exciting, so our guides are designed to make the learning journey as enjoyable as possible

Teach you new skills you can take with you through your life and apply at home or in the workplace Make it easy for you to access our advice, no matter where you are, by providing a free digital edition of this book. You simply download a copy to your tablet or smartphone, so you always have it with you. See page 146 for more details

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iPad Air Made Simple | 3

Welcome & Manifesto


iPad Air Made Simple | Contents

Contents Get started

iPhone basics

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The iPad Air 2 Explained iPad Air cases on test Key features of iOS 8 50 hidden features of iOS 8 Find you way round iOS

Setup with your Apple ID Keep things secure Using Touch ID Your iPad’s Lock Screen Using gestures Multitasking on your iPad Using Control Centre Using the keyboard Discover keyboard shortcuts QuickType word suggestions Improve autocorrect Using Siri voice control Using Spotlight in iOS 8 Using Notification Centre iPad parental controls Using Do Not Disturb

Get connected

Master your apps

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84 86 88 90 92 95 96 98 100 102 104 106 108

The basics of iCloud Using iCloud Drive Using iCloud Photo Library Setting up iCloud Keychain Share with AirDrop Print from your iPad Mirror the iPad’s screen View photos using AirPlay Be more mobile with Handoff Use Bluetooth accessories iPad accessories

6 | iPad Air Made Simple

Read and send email Multiple email accounts The Contacts app Using the Calendar app Conversations in Message Video calls with FaceTime Get alerts with Reminders Surf the Internet with Safari The Camera app Get to know the photos app Master the Maps apps Using Numbers on the iPad Get started with Pages

Entertainment 114 Get more at the App Store 116 Syncing with iTunes 118 Play music on your iPhone 120 Enjoy video on your iPhone 122 Share music, books an apps 124 Stream media with AirPlay 126 Buy music and video 127 Buy mags with Newsstand 128 Read iBooks and PDFs 130 Master Game Center

Tips & Tricks 134 136 138 139 140 142 144

Personalise your iPad Declutter your home screen Maximise battery life Basic troubleshooting Free up some space Simplify the iPad’s display Locate a lost iPad

iPad Air Made Simple | 7

Before we go hands-on, lets see what your new iPad can do… 10 Welcome to iPad Air 2 We take a close look at the iPad Air 2 and discover why this is the best tablet you can buy 18 iPad Air cases compared We’ve rounded up five of the best cases available, to keep your iPad clean and safe 20 Key features of iOS 8 If you’re coming to iPhone 6 from an older model, here’s what the latest iOS has in store 22 50 hidden features of iOS 8 Apple’s mobile operating system is full of new features – here are some you may have missed 26 Find your way round iOS 8 Here’s a quick guide to the icons you’ll use to navigate the iPad’s operating system

iPad Air Made Simple | 9

Get started | Contents

Get started

Get started | ipad Air explained

Get started | iPad Air explained

10 | iPad Air Made Simple

iPad Air explained | GET STARTED

iPad Air 2 The iPad Air 2 is the best iPad Apple has ever made. We’ll take you through everything you need to know about it aking its design cues from the iPad mini, the original iPad Air was thinner, lighter and much smaller overall that its predecessors. Yet it also managed to be the most powerful and capable iPad ever by a wide margin. Until, that is, the iPad Air 2 came along. Not only does it squeeze down the already slender iPad Air from 7.5mm to an incredible 6.1mm, but the iPad Air 2 is also lighter and faster. Inside its gold, silver or space grey chassis, you’ll find a new Apple A8X processor, a customised version of the A8 chip that powers the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus. The iPad Air 2 comes with an improved 8MP camera too and adds the Touch ID fingerprint recognition tech that debuted in the iPhone 5s. Compared to any other tablet out there, the iPad Air’s looks and its build quality are out of this world; it really feels like the


ultimate evolution of what Apple’s been doing with its tablets for the last few years.

All about apps But it’s not just about how nice the iPad Air 2 feels, or even how well it performs. The best part about it is the huge range of over 475,000 apps that are designed specifically for the iPad’s screen, taking full advantage of its high-res Retina display and its size. You can do anything from digital art to movie editing to writing music to tweaking and sharing your photos. The speed of the iPad Air 2 (Apple says it’s 40% nimbler than its predecessor) means that in many cases it could replace a laptop for tasks, while its light weight and long battery life mean you might well prefer to carry it around instead of a full computer. But first, of course, you’ll need to get to get to know your device – and this is where to get started…

iPad Air Made Simple | 11

Get started | iPad Air explained

The new

Get started | iPad Air explained

Get started | iPad Air explained

10 things you need to know Get started with these essential facts about the iPad Air 2

1 It has improved cameras

The iPad has two cameras, a front-facing Facetime HD camera and a rear-facing iSight camera. On the original Air they were 1.2MP and 5MP respectively, with video recording of up to 1080p HD with stabilisation. The iSight camera offered a very respectable f/2.4 aperture for low light shooting. In the iPad Air 2 both cameras have been improved. The Facetime HD camera has an improved 1.2MP sensor, and the iSight camera is now an 8MP model with an f/2.4 aperture – close to, but not quite as good as, the f/2.2 aperture in the iPhone 6. The sensor is new, too, offering better low light performance and better image quality overall.

2 Smaller battery = smaller iPad

How has Apple managed to make the iPad Air 2 thinner and lighter? First, the iPad Air has a smaller battery. The original Air came with an 8,600mAh cell, giving it 10 hours of battery life. The iPad Air 2 is equipped with a 7,340mAh cell, but it manages to retain a 10-hour battery life, thanks to more efficient processor performance. Second, Apple has changed the way that it makes the screen for the iPad Air 2. By eliminating the air gaps between the IPS-LCD, the touch sensor and the glass, Apple has managed to make the display significantly thinner, and it has the pleasant side-effect of making the pixels appear closer to the surface of the screen too.

the thinnest iPad 3 It’s ever If you thought that the original iPad Air’s 7.5mm chassis was thin, the iPad Air 2 is an astounding 6.1mm thick – that’s 18% slimmer! The difference is obvious when you have it in your hands and it’s a more comfortable experience if you need to hold the Air 2 for long periods, such as when you’re reading books or watching video. The iPad Air 2 has also lost a little weight, which is perhaps even more important. Compared to the first iPad Air, which tipped the scales at a mere 1 pound (469g), the Wi-Fi-only iPad Air 2 now weighs just 0.96 pounds (437g). The LTE version is only a touch heavier at 0.98 pounds (444g).

great photos 4 Taking is now even easier It’s a shame that the iPad Air 2 didn’t get the optical image stabilisation that Apple included in the iPhone 6 Plus, as we’ve found that the bigger and heavier the device, the more photos tend to suffer from shaky hands syndrome. But, the new A8X processor inside the iPad Air 2 includes an Apple-designed image signal processor to reduce noise and artefacts. There are some new features too. The iPad Air 2 can now record panoramas of up to 43 megapixels, it gets a burst mode for high speed action, and inherits the iPhone’s brilliant time-lapse feature.

12 | iPad Air Made Simple

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