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… to Apple’s most advanced operating system yet – meet the powerhouse that is OS X Yosemite With a fresh new look and exciting new features, OS X 10.10 Yosemite is a major upgrade for your Mac which ties together OS X and iOS more than ever before. It will transform the way your Mac looks and the way you work with it – and it won’t cost you a penny to upgrade! Whether you’re new to the Mac, upgrading from an older version of OS X or migrating from Windows, we’ll help you get to grips with what’s changed and how everything works. We’ll take you step-by-step through the essentials of using OS X, finding your way around the desktop and setting everything up the way you want. We’ll introduce all the key apps that come with OS X

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and take a look at the amazing new features in the Safari web browser, Mail, Notification Center, and Spotlight search. And if you’re using an iPhone or iPad as well as a Mac, you’ll be delighted by the new ‘Continuity’ features in Yosemite, which bring the two even closer together: you can receive and initiate phone calls and messages on any of your devices, for example, and with the new Handoff feature, you can start composing an email on your phone and then seamlessly continue it on your Mac from exactly where you left off. We’ll show you how to master all this and much more, exploring all the great features and utilities in the new OS. Whether you’re a complete novice or a power user, we’ll help you get more from Yosemite! Alex  Summersby, Editor

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The Ultimate OS X Yosemite Handbook | 5

Welcome & Manifesto


OS X Yosemite | Contents 6 | The Ultimate OS X Yosemite Handbook

Contents Introduction

Get your first taste of Apple’s powerful new operating system 08 14

Welcome to Yosemite Discover OS X Yosemite

The basics

Everything you need to know to get started with Apple’s new OS

30 32 34 36 38 42 44 46 48 50 52 54 56

Set up your new Mac Migrate to Yosemite Migrate from Windows The Yosemite desktop Master the Finder Discover OSX’s gestures Master Mission Control Launch apps quickly Using Notification Center Discover the Today view Search with Spotlight View files with Quick Look Discover the Dashboard

Sync and share files using iCloud and wireless utilities 88 90 92 94 96 98 100 102 103 104 106 108 110 111 112 114

Using iCloud with a Mac Set up an iCloud Keychain Using iCloud Drive Back up with Time Machine Never lose your work again Networking and sharing Sharing from your Mac Share files wirelessly Move tasks between devices Call and text forwarding Facebook integration Secure your Mac Get to know Gatekeeper Make a Recovery Disk Recover from major problems Protect your Mac

Mac Apps

Find out about all the amazing apps that come with Yosemite 120 122 124 126 129 130 132 134 136 138 139 140 142 143

Browse the web with Safari Advanced features of Safari Master Mail’s new tricks Become an expert with Mail Master OS X Reminders Make a date with Calendar Get from A to B with Maps Download great books Make the most of Preview Annotate PDFs in Preview Master the Notes app Handy OS X utilities More apps for your Mac Using the App Store

Setup & preferences

Advanced users

60 62 64 66 68 70 71 72 74 76 78 80 82 84

146 148 149 150 152 154 156 158 160 162 164 166 168

Customise OS X to your liking Setting up your desktop Setting OS X preferences Alter the look of your Mac Enable Yosemite’s dark mode Customise Notification Center Master Date & Time Add an extra screen Manage multiple displays Using Bluetooth Master your mouse Set up your sound Set up a printer Manage user accounts Manage your login items

Automate repetitive tasks, fix problems and much more!

Get more info about your Mac Automate repetitive tasks Record your own scripts Batch process your photos Dictate to your Mac Use spoken commands Get started with Disk Utility Discover Terminal Tricks with Terminal Understand Activity Monitor Using the Console Dual boot with Boot Camp Improve the way you interact with your Mac

The Ultimate OS X Yosemite Handbook | 7

OS X Yosemite | Contents

Networking & Security

Introduction | Meet Yosemite

introduction | Meet Yosemite

Welcome to Yosemite

The latest OS offers the perfect combination of simplicity and power he all-new, all-singing, all-dancing, OS X 10.10 Yosemite is here – and you’ll love it! Like its predecessor, OS X 10.9 Mavericks, it continues the theme of Californian place names: Yosemite is named after one of America’s most impressive National Parks. Also like Mavericks, Yosemite will cost you nothing: you can download it for free using Software Update on your Mac or from (Find out more about upgrading from an older Mac or migrating from a Windows PC on page 34 onwards.)


If you have an iPad or an iPhone, you’ll be right at home with Yosemite’s fresh-looking interface, which takes many a cue from iOS. The new system font is clean and simple, and the transparency of drop-down menus and parts of windows allows for easy navigation and, quite simply, a more pleasant experience. Probably our favourite improvement is the family of ‘Continuity’ features. Take Handoff, for example: start an email on your Mac, then if you’ve moved away from your desk, finish it off on your iPhone. Or how about call forwarding –

if you can hear your iPhone ringing downstairs but you’re working at your Mac upstairs, you can take the call on the desktop! Just about every app has been enhanced, so you’ll find improved search, a new Favourites view and easier ways to share in Safari, a new PDF markup feature within Mail itself, and the ability to send large attachments of up to 5GB. And with iCloud Drive, you’ll be able to access your stuff anytime, anywhere you go…

The interface has a fresh, clean look with a new system font and simplified icons to provide a real ‘easy on the eye’ experience.

In addition to simpler tickboxes and pop-up menus, even the window traffic light buttons are simpler and cleaner.

8 | The Ultimate OS X Yosemite Handbook

In keeping with iOS, many windows and menus sport a translucent background, which helps to provide context.

The fantastic new Today view in Notification Center will be familiar to you if you use an iPhone or iPad.

Like Mavericks, Yosemite is available as a free upgrade.

The Ultimate OS X Yosemite Handbook| 9

Introduction | Meet Yosemite

Meet Yosemite | Introduction

Introduction | Meet Yosemite

introduction | Meet Yosemite


When AirDrop was introduced, it enabled two nearby Macs to exchange files without formal networking, but now you can use AirDrop to connect to nearby iOS devices as well as Macs – so it’s easy to share a photo, a location on a map, a document of almost any kind, and much more.


See page 102 for more

Forward calls

And yet more iOS co-operation! So, picture the scene… You’ve left your iPhone in your jacket pocket in the hallway. You’re upstairs working in your study, and the phone rings. There’s no need to rush downstairs – now you can pick up the call on your Mac. It works the other way round too: you can receive and make calls, SMS and MMS messages on all your devices.


See page 104 for more


Now there’s no need to upload your large videos or photo collections to the web and send links so that friends and family can see them: with Mail Drop you can send attachments up to 5GB in size. Plus, the new Markup feature enables you to add notes and annotations to attachments within Mail, rather than having to take a round trip to other apps like Preview You can even fill in forms and sign and return documents.

Updated See page 124 for more

10 | The Ultimate OS X Yosemite Handbook

Notification Center

The truly exciting thing about Yosemite is how it has incorporated so much from iOS 8 for a consistent experience, making it especially familiar and useful if you’re also using an iPhone or an iPad. An invaluable example is Notification Center’s Today view, which gives you ata-glance access to information, and you can tailor it with the things that really matter to you.


See page 48 for more


Spotlight now opens not in a little pop‑down menu at the right but in the centre of the screen, so your search results are clear to see. As well as searching for content on your Mac, it includes search results from Wikipedia and elsewhere on the web. Spotlight’s pane in System Preferences enables you to choose the order in which search results are listed, ensuring that the things most useful to you are put first.

Updated See page 52 for more

icloud drive With iCloud Drive, your Mac is now able to sync data with all your iOS devices, so you can make all your documents available on your Mac, your iPad and your iPhone, and be sure that your files are up-todate on all of them. You get 5GB of storage space for free, and you can even access documents stored in iCloud Drive when you’re offline!


See page 92 for more

The Ultimate OS X Yosemite Handbook| 11

Introduction | Meet Yosemite

Meet Yosemite | introduction

Introduction | Meet Yosemite

introduction | Meet Yosmite


Among the nice little touches added to Safari, you’ll discover that you can now use trackpad controls to zoom out of pages for an overview of all open pages or tabs. And your favourite and recently visited sites are displayed when you create a new window or tab, putting them only a click away.

Updated See page 120 for more

Continuity features This we really like! Linking iOS and OS X are new ‘Continuity’ features that enable seamless cross-device working. Handoff, for example, allows you to start an email on your Mac, then transfer it to your iPhone to complete. You can do the same with a Safari page, if you’re partway through reading something and want to continue on your iPad. Very clever. Very handy.


See page 103 for more 12 | The Ultimate OS X Yosemite Handbook

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