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Thin Lizzy Emerald

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James Bay Hold back the river

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Lamb Of God

Plus metal rhythm workout

ic play its best st ou ac ur yo e ak M ✓ ic tracks at home st ou ac o pr rd co Re ✓ ✓ Tips for playing live p lu s !

Line 6 firehawk

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Learn To Play Thin Lizzy Emerald

James Bay

Hold Back The River

Lonely the brave Backroads Video riff online


Ghost Failure Mick Mars summer 2015



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Welcome… The acoustic guitar is kind of the ultimate instrument. It can be entirely self‑contained, played anywhere you can carry it, and can be integrated into any style of music. It’s a lead instrument, a textural tool, or a cacophonous provider of rhythmic power. As well as being your ultimate songwriting partner, it can even be used to provide percussion! No wonder, then, that the last couple of years has seen the acoustic guitar hit its biggest stride in over a decade. More and more, singer-songwriters are opting to pick up an acoustic guitar, get out there and start playing live. That’s what we love about it; it can be that simple. There are a few pitfalls that arise from plugging in a big wooden box full of air, though. So this month we want to help you get the best out of your acoustic guitar, whether you’re playing for fun at home, recording or taking it to the stage. We’ve enlisted the help of some industry experts, and if you’re stuck for inspiration, check out our 30-strong collection of lush-sounding chords to try on p40. See you next month!

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making this month’s mag: Chris Bird Much of Chris’s time has been spent putting together our Open-Mic Songbook lesson on James Bay’s hit single, Hold Back The River (p98). He’s following a pop-rock path at the moment, but James is a gifted blues guitarist. We’re hoping for a John Mayer style blues reinvention soon…

Josh gardner bringing a much-needed splash of flamboyant colour to Making The Mag’s dress code, Josh caught up with Philadelphia’s finest pop-punk purveyors, The Wonder Years, for the lowdown on recording their latest album, No Closer To Heaven. Read more in our studio report on p16.

Rob Laing When not attempting to start a mosh by the printer, Rob’s often repeatedly proclaiming Lamb Of God’s 2004 album Ashes Of The Wake as a modern-metal classic. So he loved getting the chance to talk to Mark Morton and Willie Adler (plus drummer Chris Adler) on p50. summer 2015


contents monitor First Look Caparison Horus�������������������������������������������������� Riff Of The Month Lonely The Brave – Backroads�������� On The Up Vant, Chelsea Wolfe, Bastard Sons�������������� On The Road Def Leppard and Whitesnake������������������� In The Studio The Wonder Years��������������������������������������� Five Minutes Alone… Mick Mars������������������������������������� Me And My Guitar Dan Hawkins�������������������������������������� Scale Of The Month Minor Pentatonic (shape 3)������� Win! A customised Fender California Series acoustic�� Albums This month’s best guitar releases������������������������ Feedback Your letters�������������������������������������������������������������

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Acoustic survival guide

TG’s essential tips for recording, maintenance and playing LIVE

050 6

Lamb Of God

  summer 2015


TG brings you expert advice on recording your  acoustic guitar, making sure it’s in tip-top   condition, and how to prepare for a live gig������������������������


Ghost TG takes you behind the evil masks of the   Gibson-toting ghouls in this Swedish metal outfit�����������


Lamb Of God Mark Morton and Willie Adler   on their songwriting process and playing in 6/8��������������


Failure This 90s alt-rock underdogs reunite after 


18 years thanks to a devoted fanbase����������������������������������


And So I Watch You From Afar Rory Friers and   Niall Kennedy on their creative use of effects�������������������


Schecter Banshee Elite-6


Me And My Guitar – Dan Hawkins

Cover: Joby Sessions Contents: Adam Gasson Olly Curtis Travis Shinn Photography 1976 Erica Echenberg Shirlaine Forrest/WireImage

Symphony X Michael Romeo talks Underworld������������� 030 COVER FEATURE: Acoustic Survival Guide 

issue 270


summer 2015

Line 6 Firehawk FX

Gear Schecter Banshee Elite-6���������������������������������������������������


Simon & Patrick Songsmith Concert Hall A3T����������


Laney IRT-Pulse�������������������������������������������������������������������


Round-up Chapman Guitars����������������������������������������������� 074 Antoria Telstar Deluxe������������������������������������������������������� 080

Antoria Telstar Deluxe

And so I watch you from afar


Round-up Valeton Coral Series pedals����������������������������� 082 Line 6 Firehawk FX���������������������������������������������������������������� 084


Quick Tests Orange Bax Bangeetar Guitar Pre-EQ, DigiTech Obscura Delay�����������������������������������������������������




techniques Classic Track Thin Lizzy – Emerald������������������������������������� 090 Open-Mic Songbook James Bay –   Hold Back The River����������������������������������������������������������������������


Thin Lizzy ‘Emerald’


james Bay ‘Hold Back The River’


Guest Lesson Ron Thal���������������������������������������������������������� 102 Get Your Grades! RGT���������������������������������������������������������� 106

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summer 2015


first look…

Purple reign The Iris Violet-finished Caparison Horus celebrates 20 years of the Japanese shred co


t was off the radar for a few years, but make no mistake: Caparison is back with a vengeance, and with instruments like the C2 ANG-QE bagging a TG Best Buy and artists including Killswitch Engage’s Joel Stroetzel and Motörhead’s Phil Campbell wielding them on stage, the company’s profile has never been higher. This limited-edition Horus commemorates 20 years of fine instruments from the shred gurus at Caparison, and with its much sought-after Iris Violet finish, it certainly carries a regal air. But as you’d expect from its £1,999 price tag, there’s more to it than that. Don’t bore us, get to the Horus…

Photography: Gavin Roberts


  summer 2015

first look


1 Vibrato A gold-plated Schaller S-FRT II locking vibrato handles whammy duties. The pickups are Caparison’s own medium-output SH-27F stacked humbucker in the neck and a high-output PH-R in the bridge.

2 frets Yep, there are 27 of ’em, with Caparison’s ‘clock’ inlays featuring along the way, displaying different times for each fret. These are fitted to an ebony-fingerboarded hard-maple neck, with an oil finish for slick playability.

3 finish There’s no denying it: the gloss Iris Violet finish is a real showstopper, applied to a three-piece mahogany/ maple/mahogany body. Each finish is hand-applied by lead designer Itaru Kanno, so no two of these 20th anniversary models are the same!

summer 2015


SINCE 1958



riff of the month

tracks 07-08



video lesson y/ w w w.bit .leo tg 270 v id

Lonely The Brave Backroads 0:11



e’ve got something special for you this issue: TG has been lucky enough to score some time with Lonely The Brave’s Mark Trotter, who shows you himself how to play one of our favourite LTB riffs, Backroads. Essentially, the riff is a run of arpeggios played on the first, second and third strings, but those position changes need to be well-timed. We advise practising two picking patterns: ‘third string, first string, third string, second string’, and then reverse the first and second strings to get ‘third, second, third, first’. The hardest part of the riff comes as Mark changes patterns, so practise slowly to begin with. You could start out playing the riff in a simplified manner, fretting notes only on the third string and leaving the first and second strings open. Then you can introduce the second-string fretted notes.

CHANNEL Overdrive






Mark uses a bright, overdriven tone with moderate gain setting. Avoid the urge to dial in too much gain, though, or your sound will lack clarity. To add further definition, try rolling off some of the bass and boosting the middle and high frequencies on your amp. A delay effect adds ambience and size. DELAy

Time: 244 ms (82 bpm) Feedback: 10% Level: 15% all the video Lessons in this issue of Total Guitar are available to view online at

Guitars and backing: Jamie Hunt





 o n t h e


u T p Words: Matthew Parker  Photography: John Oliver  Shaina Hedlund  Steve Gullick

45 revolutions per minute – pop culture has something to say


o say politics is a dirty word among Britain’s youth is like opining that the earth is round. Where, then, are the voices of dissent? You’re looking at them… “I started writing because I was genuinely frustrated that no-one in the rock genre was voicing an opinion about anything that mattered,” explains Sunderland-born Mattie Vant, frontman of indie punks Vant. “We’ve got another government for rich people. There are so many people affected, [so many] young people finding it hard. That causes frustration and anger, which should be shown through our music.” For Mattie, though, the silence from a generation of cowed rock bands has been deafening. “I look to earlier generations: The Clash, Rage Against The Machine… These people had something important to say and it is kind of shocking that no-one is saying anything [today]. Everyone has this feeling like it’s going to come to a head. Everyone seems frustrated.” Mattie’s lyrics deal with everything from the implications of a UK-US ‘special relationship’, to immigration and apathy – all in two-minute torrents of first-wave punk energy, moreish choruses and empowering garage-rock riffs. “We also have two very different styles of lead

  Summer 2015

guitar,” adds Mattie. “[Co-guitarist] Henry [Eastham] comes from a theoretical background, whereas I’m self-taught. I play the solo on Parasites and he plays the one on Do You Know Me? and you can see quite a difference between those tracks.” While Henry utilises a Fender DeVille, a Jazzmaster and a large pedalboard for the creation of sizeable sonic squalls, Mattie’s found his voice with a Telecaster and Supro amplifiers. “They have this driven, surf-y feel,” says Mattie. “But with my pedals, it creates a really grungey sound.” Whether it was the tone, the writing or the message, things have moved quickly since Vant started sending out demos earlier this year. There’s been heavy gigging and now Reading and Leeds festivals and an October tour, but TG senses there’s more to come – and not just from Vant. “When we signed to Parlophone, one of the guys there said, ‘Do you realise there are probably going to be a lot of bands that copy you?’” says Mattie. “But if there are a dozen bands coming out with something to say off the back of what we’re doing, that’s amazing. That’s an achievement in itself.” For fans of: The Vines, Slaves, The Vaccines Hear: The Answer

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