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n the current climate of empowerment, I wanted to ensure that we celebrated some of the strong, accomplished women of Hollywood in this issue. So, to that end, I chased the super-busy Jennifer Lawrence all over LA to talk about the game-changer aspects of her new thriller, Red Sparrow. Though she’s a down-to-earth girl who laughs a lot in interviews, this film was galvanising and deadly serious for her from both a professional and personal point of view. Another woman who doesn’t mix her words (and kicks ass) is Charlize Theron. She’s becoming a powerhouse producer as well as actor and doesn’t take any prisoners in Gringo, while firebrand Ava DuVernay is recalibrating the family blockbuster with her female-led A Wrinkle In Time. We also had tea with Sharon Horgan (writer, producer, comedian, actor) and went on set of Jessica Jones S2. That’s not to say we’re missing out on male achievements – we talked to acting chameleon Mark Strong, got the inside track on Dwayne Johnson’s bonkers new tentpole and revisited Dario Argento’s classic, Suspiria. Ladies and gents, we salute you!

Enjoy the issue!


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Interviewed Taika Waititi, who glimpsed a rival billboard and remarked, “It really looks like Aquaman has got a strange vaginal thing going on with his suit.”

Went to The Fast And The Furious live show at the O2 (introduced by Vin Diesel himself). Now all I want is a trippy, glittery, hologram car to do J-turns in.

Great to see our Ed Jane presenting a gong at The London Critics’ Circle Awards. Luckily, she avoided going full Travolta (Adele Dazim!).

Jamie Graham

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March 2018 | Total Film


Contents #269

This issue

13 wonderstruck Todd Haynes’ latest is guaranteed to leave you... well, you get the gist.

68 gringo David Oyelowo. Charlize Theron. Two Edgertons! And a whole lot of funny.

16 sophie turner The Game Of Thrones star is on fire right now.

78 a wrinkle in time Ava DuVernay is updating a timeless story for 2018. We find out how. 06


58 red sparrow Jennifer Lawrence reveals all about her toughest role yet as a Russian spy.

74 mute On set with Duncan Jones. We can’t keep quiet about this one any longer.

84 sharon horgan The writer/producer/ actor’s career is anything but a Catastrophe. 88 the assassination of gianni versace On set with the cast of Ryan Murphy’s latest American Crime Story. 92 awards special The runners, riders and records. Here’s the inside scoop on the Oscars.

every issue 5 editor’s letter WTF interview moments, fast cars and gongs. 9 dialogue More musings on all things silver screen. 98 Total Film interview Is there a more reliable actor than Mark Strong? We catch him to chat spies and supervillains.

march 2018

17 mary magdalene Rooney Mara and Joaquin Phoenix adapt the Bible. 20 rampage Dwayne Johnson gets cut down to size. 24 blockers Would you want to date John Cena’s daughter? 26 ant-man and the wasp Evangeline Lilly is stepping up in the MCU sequel. 33 IT SHOULDn’T HAPPEN TO A FILM jOURNALIST Jamie’s had an awkward dinner or two in his time. 37 TF hero We play a game with Jigsaw’s Tobin Bell.

total film buff 126 Is it bollocks? Outrunning volcanoes. 128 twilight How Bella and Edward changed cinema. Seriously. 138 tf classic Dario Argento revisits his giallo masterpiece Suspiria. 146 60-second screenplay Star Wars: The Last Jedi gets roasted like a porg.


58 going under the covers Jennifer Lawrence opens up about facing her fears in dark spy thriller Red Sparrow.

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42 68 big screen


42 the shape of water Gushing over del Toro’s creature-feature marvel. 44 i, tonya Margot Robbie skates towards an Oscar nom. 45 lady bird Greta Gerwig’s sparkling directorial debut is full of wit and warmth. 46 early man Does Aardman’s Stone Age football comedy hit the back of the net?


48 mom and dad Nic Cage goes wild (even by Nic Cage standards). 50 you were never really here Joaquin Phoenix stars in the anti-Taken.

small screen 108 blade runner 2049 The stunning sci-fi sequel deserves rewatching.


‘i walked out feeling empowered. i felt amazing’

110 i am heath ledger Remembering the late Oscar-winner. 112 when the wind blows The most depressing animation of all-time. 114 extras The Death Star cat bed you’ve been waiting for. 116 jessica jones On set of Season 2. 120 ces round-up The best upcoming hardware for your home. 123 on demand Our verdict on Netflix’s Altered Carbon.

march 2018 | Total Film


Dialogue Mail, rants, theories etc.

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TF’s cinematic agony uncle has your back.


A curious question came to mind the other day – would you be able to help? During a conversation with my husband, an age-old adage came up, which made me wonder whether any movies or TV shows have ever contained a happy medium – ie, not Patricia Arquette in the show Medium. HANNAH, FAREHAM

wingman says…

Hang on a sec, we’re getting something… no, not you, Vera Farmiga in The Conjuring… definitely not you, Haley Joel Osment in The Sixth Sense… jog on, Matt Damon in Hereafter! We can hear the sound of a whoo… Whoopi Goldberg in Ghost! She’s pretty jaunty as folk who speak to the other side go. All we need now is a clever Dick (Linklater? Philip K?) and a sunny Jim (Broadbent? Parsons?) and we’ve got an expanded universe!



Now we’re at the height of awards season, I’d like to personally recognise a few movies based on my cinematic experience over the last year. Best Picture… After A Crapper Of A Day At Work: Thor: Ragnarok. Best Picture… To See With Your 80-Year-Old Mum: Murder On The Orient Express. Best Picture… With A Noisy Nacho-Eating Neighbour: Dunkirk. Best Picture… To Validate Your Movie-Nerd Existence To Your Partner: The Florida Project. Do other TF readers have awards suggestions following recent cinema trips? DECLAN MACMANUS, VIA EMAIL We’ve dished out a few ‘alternative’ gongs ourselves as part of our awards special starting p92; no spoilers, but it’s a breakout year for bushiness, across multiple species. Declan and everyone with a letter printed here will receive

a copy of the Oscar-nominated Van Gogh portrait – in every sense – Loving Vincent, available 12 February on Blu-ray and DVD via Altitude. Didn’t send an address? Email it! Plus an oil-painted selfie, if you like. Please note, we’re unable to return any severed ears.

peak too soon? Dunkirk seemed an awards shoo-in a few months back, but is the tank now empty?



t a time when cinema is truly oversaturated with superhero movies, I must say I am really looking forward to the follow-up to Wonder Woman. I just hope they can make it slightly more believable and show some actual deliveries on the Amazon island. ALEX COLLIER, DURHAM

reflective interest curve™ Thrilled Entertained

Seriously, is this 28 Days Later?

Finding no one else is back yet

flippin’ eck! bad times…

Back to work




Bafta noms


Oscar noms


Churros, jelly om noms


March 2018 | Total Film

“Yes, boyo. This is exactly how 007 is meant to speak.”

totalfilmonline @totalfilm

JELLY OF THE MONTH We were all a-wobble when we saw this Victoria & Abdul über-jelly, with its spiced-cherry-honeymango-coconut flavour medley. True, it left no room in the fridge for even a cheese slice, but it was worth it.

A GHOST STORY RETOLD To mark the home-ent release of A Ghost Story, we hit the kitchen to recreate a key scene, complete with vegan pie. Cast: Jane (seated); Josh (sheeted). No, we don’t know where the door to our dishwasher is, either.


Well, perhaps they were all delivered by invisible plane – or maybe left with a neighbour who themselves turned ‘invisible’, no matter how many times you rang the bell, before showing up with a bejewelled ancient spear (with hunting net and carry case) that looked remarkably similar to the one that Auntie Antiope had ordered all those weeks ago! Immortal warrior goddesses – they’re just people, really.



fter careful consideration and a rewatch, I’ve decided Dunkirk is my favourite movie. Apologies to Neo; The Matrix now sits at a respectable number two. But I’ve become very worried for Christopher Nolan. While in cinemas, his film looked a certain win come Oscar time, for Best Picture and Best Director. Nolan has made some seriously good films to date and Dunkirk sees him at the top of his game.

But I’m anxious that its summer release has made it old news. As much as I absolutely LOVED Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, I’d still be disappointed for Nolan if Dunkirk doesn’t win any of the main prizes. Any other year, I’d be cheering on McDonagh’s masterpiece. And then there’s Guillermo del Toro to consider! Tough year. Fingers crossed for Mr. N. RUSS TRIBE, FAREHAM If this doesn’t turn out to be Christopher Nolan’s year, then we’re sure it’s only a matter of time before the Oscar-signal shines for him. At least he got shortlisted, though – just imagine the consternation elsewhere at Warner that Wonder Woman didn’t lasso a single nomination. On the other hand, picture the relief that Justice League didn’t sweep the Razzies – looks like Diana’s bracelets really can help you dodge bullets…

Office spaced

Chatter ‘gems’ overheard in the Total Film office this month…

“My dream toast? Charred on the outside. Chewy within.” * “I just ate an unexpected kumquat!” * “There’s a lot more tongue in movies these days.” * “My biggest fear? They’ll screen Red Sparrow while I’M ON HOLIDAY!” Total Film | MArch 2018

MARIACHI (LUNCH)TIME No media trips to the Land Of The Dead for Pixar’s Coco, alas, but we got the next-best thing: a (very much a)live mariachi band in reception, plus enough churros to feed an army (of hungry journalists).

ARMED AND DELICIOUS Goodies celebrating It on homeent: balloon, Funko Pop and themed treats. As Paul Hollywood would probably never say, nothing sets a cupcake off like a severed arm. “You’ll bloat too!” quipped passersby.

HAVING IT SMALL It’s not all about the biggest package, as we were reminded by this dinky box of tiny trinkets celebrating Downsizing. Fairly certain there’s no miniMatt Damon in there, but if there is, finders keepers, OK?

GOT S8 CONFIRMED FOR... 2019! Most were distraught at the thought of a year without Game Of Thrones… but some went a bit schadenfreude: “Ha from everyone who hasn’t watched GOT yet,” said @ModdedToHell. “I’m alone. I know.”

AVENGERS 4: TITLE predictions “Avengers: Not Part 2 Even Though It’s Back To Back” tweeted @InLibdingColor; @hydrojen19 offered a BVS nod (“Avengers: Tell Me, Do You Bleed?”) and a Two Ronnies tribute: “Avengers 4: Candles.”

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mend his ways, or seek counselling, or learn to fish with his hands not his face, and he still carried on, biting hands like an overtired toddler. If you haven’t settled down by the time Dialogue’s counted to three, you’re going in the lava!


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magine my surprise when I saw that Gary Oldman had gone full Christian Bale in American Hustle and put on a bit of weight for his latest dramatic role as Winnie in Darkest Hour. Imagine my worry when I realised that he’d actually gone full Mike Myers in Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me. Luckily there were no poop jokes to be heard (despite a number of scenes taking place in and around a bathroom) and instead we received a gripping performance from Mr. Oldman. TOM ELLIS, VIA EMAIL

hile everyone seems to love a continuity error or an obvious gaffe in films (Arnie’s self-fixing Porsche in Commando, especially in for example, or a visible documentaries. overhead mike in Have to Obviously, the fight Manhunter), I have admit, is ideal for a dramatic no time for mistakes thoughts of climax, but they should in today’s CGI-heavy • videos • reviews the wet-farting, mix things up a bit. How films! If you’re spending • trailers • news chicken-eating (in about a thriller set around hundreds of millions of bed), human-flesh-fancying a training camp? And are there dollars on a film to then still monstrosity that is Fat Bastard any boxing movies without the release it littered with easily didn’t really cross our minds while fight at the end? fixable mistakes is unforgivable! watching a recreation of the looming TOM HAIME, CAMBRIDGESHIRE OWEN HOLLIFIELD, CAERPHILLY prospect of Nazi invasion… OK, OK, maybe we did, in a brief moment ‘Training Camp Day’: we like it. ’d like to respond to Greg’s letter of madness, come up with just one Raging Bull doesn’t finish with a fight [TF268] about continuity issues, comedy spin-off: Big Momma’s (unless you count De Niro going 10 as I’ve identified similar consistency House Of Commons. rounds with a wall), while Million problems with a certain secret agent Dollar Baby ends with no punching who has a licence to kill. You see, whatsoever (least of all the air). one minute he’s Scottish, then he’s On the more mainstream front, a suave Aussie, an eyebrow-raising ’ve noticed something about boxing Rocky V highlights the dangers of Englishman, broodingly Welsh, films; the best ones tend not to the sport by having its braina dashing Irishman and now an focus on the sport itself as their main damaged hero retire from the ring. intensely macho English mystery theme. I think more should cut out Instead, he wraps things up with man. What next? the predictable, clichéd bout at the end a bare-knuckled fight in the street, JACK H, VIA EMAIL and just show the training. It’s the with a man half his age. D’oh, Adrian! most interesting part of boxing IMHO, Well, they’re apparently sticking with the intensely macho English mystery guy for one more go-around, but after that, it’s anyone’s guess. Maybe a CGI hydra of all previous 007s, to keep everyone happy? Mind you, Dialogue’s not sure Miss  some massive savings * Bag Moneypenny’s hat stand would be on a TF subscription able to cope with all the chapeau* Your own exclusive chucking. As for CGI-made mistakes, subscriber-only covers we know exactly what you mean; Visit all those chances Gollum had to

have your say totalfilm

box fresh Rocky also prefers a training montage to an actual fight.




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March 2018 | Total Film



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