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his issue is a right mother. Massive, crammed with stuff and resplendent with Tom Cruise, rather like new monster possiblefranchise The Mummy. We grabbed ‘TC’ – as everyone on his staff calls him – for his only UK print interview and got saucer-eyed at his sheer enthusiasm for this new genre on his considerable CV (he also provided a very nice lunch). And while we weren’t chasing the Cruiser round Leavesden Studios, we were flying to Oz to the set of Alien: Covenant (also an excellent lunch), caught up with Wonder Woman on set in the UK (PR fail, see below), chatted with Captain America, got silly with the Baywatch team, got classy on-set of My Cousin Rachel and I got tumble-turn tips in the swimming pool from Queenie herself, Miranda Richardson. And if all that weren’t enough, we’ve also thrown in a set of Topps retro Star Wars cards, an Alien mini-poster and two extra mags this month to give you extra entertainment bang for your buck. Oh mama, it’s a monster issue. For instructions on how to download the ebook, turn to p10.

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Favourite tidbit I learnt on the set of Alien: Covenant – the film’s magnetised space boots are Reebokbranded, just like Ripley’s Alien stompers. 

Couldn’t resist asking Tom Cruise for a photo after our interview, but jealous that he had someone on hand to make sure his hair was on point.

Enjoyed poking around the set of Wonder Woman and seeing a hapless PR accidentally demolish a display of precious concept art during my tour.

Matthew Leyland

July 2017 | Total Film


Contents #259

This issue 50 the mummy TF meets TC to talk about reviving a classic monster for a modern-day reboot. 62 wonder woman From Themyscira to the trenches of WW1, join us on set with the solo superhero the world’s been waiting for. 72 Alien: Covenant Ridley Scott goes back to pant-soiling basics, and we visit the Sydney set. 84 baywatch The slow-motion picture event of the season. 04

90 my cousin rachel Daphne du Maurier’s book was dubbed the Gone Girl of its day. By us. Just now. 96 chris evans The all-American hero fights evil, injustice… and bad breath.

every issue 3 editor’s letter Plus top secret dispatches from the Total Film team. 7 dialogue Your missives on Beauty And The Beast, and Team TF meets a Smurf. 100 Total Film interview Taking tea with the regal Miranda Richardson.


july 2017

teasers 11 transformers 5 Will The Last Knight be Michael Bay’s last stand? 14 idris elba After dominating last year, Elba’s going to smash 2017. 16 valerian Luc Besson’s space opera is 2017’s barmiest sci-fi.

50 mummy dearest Tom Cruise and his monster squad share their tales from the crypt.

20 berlin syndrome Teresa Palmer’s new thriller is set to break out. 23 hello, sailor Pirates 5 newbie Brenton Thwaites hits the high seas. 24 war for the planet of the apes Caesar and chums tool up. 27 IT SHOULDn’T HAPPEN TO A FILM jOURNALIST Jamie reconsiders his Cannes-do attitude. 30 tomb raider Alicia Vikander gets her game face on. 35 TF hero Spall or nothing.

total film buff 124 Is it bollocks? Could John Wick’s mate survive a stabbing? 125 top 10 Is it raining? We had noticed… 126 legacy The galaxy-spanning influence of Star Wars. 130 60-second screenplay More like, ‘Zing, Kong.’

‘everything about it felt fresh and exciting and unique’ Subscribe at www.totalfilm.com/subs

24 62 big screen 38 fast & furious 8 Is there any fuel left in the franchise’s tank, or any mileage in our car puns? 40 the red turtle Sounds like a disturbing Urban Dictionary entry. 42 miss sloane Jessica Chastain is a ruthless lobbyist in this fast-talking politi-drama.


44 the hippopotamus Does Stephen Fry’s novel warrant its own film? 45 jawbone Step into the ring with another heavy-hitter. 47 the zookeeper’s wife Proof you can never have too much Jessica Chastain.

small screen


110 la la land Revisit the Oscar-losing masterpiece, and hum ‘City Of Stars’ for eternity. 112 a monster calls Sob in the comfort of your own home and avoid funny looks from the ushers. 114 mad max Best version of Fury Road? It ain’t black and white… 115 ON DEMAND Try saying the name of Kevin Bacon’s new show aloud without blushing. 118 twin peaks Get a pot of coffee on…

126 gamesradar.com/totalfilm

120 sense8 The Wachowskis’ sci-fi series returns for round 2. 122 GAMES Mass Effect: Andromeda versus our fat thumbs.

july 2017 | Total Film


Dialogue Mail, rants, theories etc.

Email totalfilm@futurenet.com Write Total Film, 1-10 Praed Mews, London W2 1QY gamesradar.com/totalfilm twitter.com/totalfilm facebook.com/totalfilm Drop us a line totalfilm@futurenet.com

TF’s cinematic agony uncle has your back.


Can you assist a fella in a spot? I placed an ad in my local periodical offering my arboricultural services. I’ve since been receiving strange calls involving what sounds like an ‘oooo’-ing noise, or someone asking me to say who I am. Do I know who Peter’s father is? Plus many enquiries as to the health of Rocket? I may be barking up the wrong tree, but I believe it relates in some way to the film ‘Gardens Of The Galaxy’. MR. G. ROOT, VIA EMAIL

Wingman sayS...

Talk about branching out – last month’s column had Wingman being Dear Deirdre, this month it’s Gardener’s Question Time. What next, your Embarrassing Bodies photos?!? Actually, any (above the waist) snaps of blemishes resembling movie stars, hit me up. Bonus DVD for any Naomi Warts or Danny Boils.




I was an early adopter of the digital HD format, which has allowed my family to take our movie collection with us ‘on the go’. But I’m dismayed that studios are still not including all or even some of the extra features as part of the digital copy. Surely if you’ve bought the disc with digital copy then everything should be available to you on the latter format? Until this is addressed, many like me will need to keep their discs for the extras, but otherwise they’re redundant and taking up valuable shelf space. GURPREET BHATIA, BARKING Interesting point – where do other readers stand? Does the extras issue prevent you from going full digital? And has anyone repurposed their DVD shelves in an especially smart/insane/artsy way? Honestly, we’re turning into

Top Tips now. Gurpreet and everyone with a letter printed here will receive a copy of Assassin’s Creed, available now on digital download, 4K Ultra HD, 3D Blu-ray, Blu-ray and DVD via Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment. Didn’t send an address? Email it! Fass as you can!

EXTRA SPECIAL Mia tries to look interested, but would rather skip to the extras and listen to the soundtrack.



fter watching the recent Beauty And The Beast and Ghost In The Shell live-action remakes, I got to thinking: why not make animated versions of live-actioners? I’m thinking Saving Private Ryan in claymation à la Aardman, Beetlejuice redone in a Studio

reflective interest curve™ Thrilled Entertained flippin’ eck! bad times… week

Mindhorn Shower Reversingburgers, Chopper room group downchicken, more trip hologram Star Wars cobblestones burgers F&F8 huddle Celebration masterclass in-cinema fight






july 2017 | Total Film

totalfilmonline @totalfilm


The frustration of failing to nail a suitably butch walk was getting to Beast.

bit.ly/2nyBGd3 Eyeing the battle station manual in our Blu-ray-celebrating Star Wars goodies, @RealPaulTebbutt quipped: “If the plans for the Death Star were available in hardback, I’m sure the film would be shorter.”

RED VELVET RIHANNA Ghibli fashion, La La Land in a Disney style. It could even improve some films – imagine Pacific Rim as an anime, or how about Arrival done like Thunderbirds? I’m looking forward to a CGI version of Suicide Squad, though saying that… TOM TOM, VIA EMAIL


In these cost-conscious times, we’d like to see more no-budget DIY re-dos; one guerrilla trip to the pet shop and you could have ‘Zootropolis 2: The Downsizing’ in the bag, no sweat.



’m worried at the walking motion of CG movie monsters. A good example is the recent Beauty And The Beast. Animators can do amazing close-up facial movement and fantastic action set-pieces, but when the creatures have to simply walk, they develop a very distracting, mincing style. It looks like they’ve got pinching new shoes, or gravel in their hooves, or maybe have a problem with bunions and need to contact a podiatrist. Sort it out CGI nerds! SPORTY JOCK, VIA EMAIL

Poor old Beast, as if being monsterfied and having to make small talk with every saucepan, frying pan and bedpan weren’t indignity enough. Mind you, it’s the feather duster we feel sorriest for, with all those ruddy books – she must have more powder up her nose than the cast of Scarface.



’m eager to get views on films that are marketed differently to how they actually are. I thought War Dogs would be some Hangover-type jaunt when, in fact, it’s more The Wolf Of Wall Street. Had it been Martin Scorsese instead of Todd Phillips, it might have found a wider audience. Also A Hologram For The King had hardly anything to do with the eponymous subject and was more a character study of a man refinding his life. Have others found the same with particular films? DAN, VIA EMAIL Funny you mention Wolf Of Wall Street; we were expecting something a lot more John Landis-y. Or a mulleted ex-gladiator racing Michael Douglas up the travelator.

Office spaced

Chatter ‘gems’ overheard in the Total Film office this month...

* “Can you stop watching your rabbit and squirrel death porn, please?” * “I haven’t had a work banana for AGES!” * I had that thing where you need a drink and a wee AT THE SAME TIME.” * “If a PR asked me to hold a frog, I couldn’t do it.” * “Accidental Beastmaster is the worst thing.” Total Film | july 2017

bit.ly/2p2ei7G Last month it was John Travolta cupcakes; this month the celeb on all our lips, so to speak, was Rihanna, keeping her poise beneath a splatter of red icing on this treat for the launch of Bates Motel Season 5.

SPIDEY’S AI: YOU SPECULATE bit.ly/2okAV4v There’s a Jarvis-like voice in Homecoming… but whose? “Better be Stan Lee” (@hmsbeefnuts); “Please be Bruce Campbell” (@jaseskywalker); “I really hope it’s Sean Bean” (@Durandau_83).

THE IT TRAILER: YOU RESPOND bit.ly/2okqekk “I only just got over the last one,” shivered @mattcrf. “I can’t even watch this trailer without covering my eyes,” shuddered @northdakota001, but @mcjhobbs wasn’t having it: “Pennywise isn’t scary.”

SMURF OF THE MONTH bit.ly/2oYQykZ Promoting her new movie, Smurfette ventured into the Lost Village that is the TF office for a photo op with Features Smurf (left) and News Smurf (right). The free cake pops were Smurfed in seconds.

SWISS FARTY MAN bit.ly/2opcBAj “Been creating some corking trumps,” tweeted the ed, enjoying the free whoopee cushion marking Swiss Army Man’s Blu-ray, um, release. Plus penknife, for when the farting’s no longer funny. As if!

JOSS WHEDON’S BATGIRL bit.ly/2pndDdC “This is what Batgirl needs and the fans want,” responded @GiraffeSM to news of JW potentially joining the DCEU. “PLEASE don’t tell us Ben Affleck has a twin sister,” worried @NorthLightFilm.

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Indeed – talk about bricking it. We’re tempted to launch the Great eading Tony Allbones’ letter in British Build-Off; your challenges issue 258 about how King Kong this month are to Lego-ify one of can fall off the Empire State Building the following: a) the Yellow Brick in 1933 and then pop up in 1973… Road b) Brick from Anchorman surely the simple answer is that c) Rian Johnson’s Brick Kong owns a DeLorean? And – the whole thing. as for why Spider-Man is still in school, not to sound like somebody’s mother here, but if you stay up all • videos • reviews night webslinging, you ain’t n last issue’s Dialogue, • trailers • news gonna pass your exams! Tom Ellis wrote about OWEN HOLLIFIELD, BARGOED superheroes (specifically Logan), “given the damage their clothing Well, quite. He needs to stop sustains, vest and jeans has to be knocking seven shades out of cheaper”. At least you can see the all those mad geniuses (Doctor damage sustained, unlike Brie Larson’s Octopus, FFS!) and start asking remarkable ‘stay-clean’ vest in Kong: for revision tips. As for Kong, Skull Island. At the end (spoiler alert?), that DeLorean better have amazing when she’s on the boat, I was struck by suspension, or he’ll be making how clean and pressed her vest looked. like Fred Flintstone on steroids It didn’t look like she’d just spent if he wants to hit 88mph. however many days in the jungle, especially given all she’d been through. I look worse than that when I’ve been to the cinema and dropped chocolate, ow do you like the attached pic but not sure where, until I find it [below] of a Lego recreation of melted to my top when the lights The Ring that my 11-year-old son Louis come up. Surely Skull Island deserves made? I reckon it’s far scarier than the the Best Costumes Oscar? shonky CGI in the remake for sure! VICTORIA OXBERRY, VIA EMAIL PHIL SLOAN, BEXLEY


have your say

gamesradar.com/ MAKING A totalfilm CLEAN VEST




Lego Samara: it’s well good.

Perhaps there was a lot of off-camera river-laundry activity? (Would’ve had to have been an economy wash, mind, what with giant octopi on the loose.) At least John C. Reilly had the Captain Birdseye-in-a-doomsday-shelter look down pat.

the name game Jonah Hill and Leonardo DiCaprio, just before they put their wolf outfits on.




ust thought I would jump in on the “Did anyone see Patrick Stewart eating a choc-ice?” scenario [see last month’s Dialogue]. No, I did not. However, I had the privilege of seeing Pat and Ian (not the Eastenders characters) tread the boards in Edinburgh in Samuel Beckett’s Waiting For Godot and, my god’ot, they were both incredible. I teach Theatre Studies and whenever my students ask me what my favourite play is, I always say Godot with Stewart and McKellen, only to be greeted by blank faces. As soon as I say Prof. X and Magneto, they instantly get it! TIMOTHY YARROW, MELBOURNE Ah, kids, with their modern ways. Beckett’s the one married to Posh Spice, right? Always posing in his trollies? Anyone seen him eat a choc-ice? Mini Magnum?

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july 2017 | Total Film

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Monkeying around with Caesar p24 A gaming icon returns p30

Edited by Jordan farley



Top of the bots TRANSFORMERS: THE LAST KNIGHT I Michael Bay goes medieval…


hort of screens across the globe exploding in glorious slo-mo, the latest Transformers movie opens in the most Michael Bay way imaginable – with half a dozen fireballs arcing over the Paramount mountain before the logo even has a chance to fade from view. The next scene is a little more… unexpected.

Instead of Cybertron, or a lurid close up of the franchise’s latest walking pair of hot pants, the fireballs come crashing down on a medieval battlefield, where knights in Arthurian armour are engaged in a PG-13 battle. Swords swing, shields clatter and men go flying as the ground beneath them erupts underfoot. Essentially, it’s ‘The


Battle Of The Bastards’ turned up to 11, but the bombastic Bay introduces Teasers to this sneak peek by extolling the virtues of the big-screen experience. “I’m here to keep 3D alive, and the only way to make it the best experience for you is to shoot it natively. That means two cameras, two eyes to shoot exactly what you see,” Bay enthuses.

The Last Knight was the first film to shoot natively in IMAX 3D, by strapping two of the hefty cameras together, DIY style. “It’s something you cannot fake. We’re going to spend the extra $10-15 million and we’re going to do it right. We’re the only film this summer that was shot in native 3D. The scale of the Transformers movie is meant to be seen on the big screen, with great sound, and brightly lit 3D screens.” Back in Arthurian times, the once and future king has arrived on the battlefield alongside his knights of the Round Table. “Where in the hell is your

think tank Director Michael Bay talks Mark Wahlberg through a scene.

july 2017 | Total Film


so-called magician?” Lancelot asks Arthur. Enter Merlin, but again this isn’t the wizard of legend. “Oh my God, I’m sozzled. One last nip,” he says, before downing a bottle of booze in a single swig. Merlin’s magic, it seems, may have less to do with the dark arts and everything to do with technology far beyond human reckoning. Cut to a Dover-like cliff-face, where Dragonstorm – a three-headed wyvern – flies into frame. But he isn’t the familiar fire-breathing lizard of fantasy fiction. Instead he’s a Cybertronian knight. “I keep saying this is my last one, and I’m going out with a bang,” says Bay. And he means it. “This is a big-scale movie.” Jump forward several centuries to the near future and the aftermath of the Battle of Chicago. “These are troubled times,” Anthony Hopkins says with instantly recognisable cadence. “Optimus Prime has left us, some say never to return, and they choose Earth. Why?” It’s the question that will power fifth franchise entry The Last Knight, with Bay and the Transformers writing team making a concerted effort to expand the series mythology beyond the latest macguffin hunt by digging further into their history than ever before. After a brief introduction to Isabela Moner’s pint-sized badass Izabella (“Yeah, I fight like a girl”), Mark Wahlberg’s returning Cade Yeager is presented with an offer by a human-sized butler bot Cogman: “You have been chosen.” Yaeger follows Cogman to the English countryside to meet Hopkins’ Sir Edmund Burton. Working with Bay, on the fifth Transformers destruct-othon no less, may seem like an odd choice for an actor of Hopkins’ calibre, but the Oscar winner has nothing but praise for Bay. “He’s the same ilk as Oliver Stone and [Steven] Spielberg and [Martin] Scorsese,” Hopkins says. “Brilliance. Savants, really, they are. He’s a savant.” Burton resides in a stunning castle (Alnwick Castle in Northumberland) and has a dementiasuffering tank Transformer stationed outside his front door. After a brief conversation in which Hopkins seems

to recognise Bumblebee from his childhood (set-up for a Bumblebee spin-off, perhaps?) a car promptly appears – it’s Hot Rod. “What a bitchin’ car she is,” Burton wisecracks. As Hot Rod transforms, Laura Haddock’s smarty pants Vivian Wembley comes rolling out. She reacts to the kidnapping like any sane human would – by trying to bash Hot Rod away with a mallet. Burton has brought the pair together to tell them about the Cybertron 12, the armour-clad Autobots who shadowed Arthur and the knights of the Round Table, and “saw in Camelot what the human race could be, at its finest”. Legend has it, Burton explains, “that one last knight would someday be chosen, and the struggle to save the world would begin.” Tellingly, or perhaps misleadingly, the footage ends with a brief snippet of Optimus Prime, last seen powered down and floating through the cold void of space. He’s alive and seemingly well, on what looks like planet-sized Transformer Unicron, who speaks with a woman’s voice. “You destroyed your home. Do you seek redemption?” the voice asks. “My maker, I do” responds Prime, with a glint in his eyes that hints something has gone a bit wrong with his wiring… Giant robots, Nazis and Arthurian legend – Bay is throwing everything and the shape-shifting kitchen sink into his planned final Transformers film, though with as many as 14 future Transformers films in the pipeline, the robots in disguise aren’t going away anytime soon. “Two years ago we had a writers room of 14 writers,” Bay says. “We locked them in a room for about a month, and they came up with 14 different stories of where this franchise could go in the future, they came up with wonderful mythology. I always say this is my last one, but I was so taken aback by the stories in this that I really wanted to do this fifth one, and this fifth one really feels fresh.” JF

‘I keep saying this is my last one, and I’m going out with a bang’

Total Film | july 2017

ETA | 23 June / Transformers: The Last Knight opens next month.

take the floor Bay and his team shoot a scene featuring Laura Haddock’s oh-so-English Vivian Wembley (below).

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Total Film 259 (Sampler)  

You can subscribe to this magazine @ www.myfavouritemagazines.co.uk

Total Film 259 (Sampler)  

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