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3dworld.creativebloq.com October 2018 #238

We explore the incredible innovations made to bring your heroes to life

ready, set, Action!

Character design

Epic world building

Discover the high-octane VFX of Solo and Deadpool 2

Use ZBrush tricks to build better creatures today

Top tips from RISE FX, Rodeo FX, Scanline VFX and Image Engine

Issue 238

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This issue, discover the incredible innovations of Pixar Pixar has created some of the world’s most iconic and best-loved CG characters, and in this issue we talk to the minds behind some of the tricks, techniques and thinking that bring them to life. We also take a close look at building worlds for movies and show you how big studios create epic action sequences.

Rob Redman, Editor rob.redman@futurenet.com

Spotlight on our contributors Oscar Juarez Oscar is an archviz specialist creating in many apps, but has a keen interest in Unreal. He shares some of his secrets on page 66. www.fibrha.com

Pietro Chiovaro Pietro is an Italian 3D artist who creates 3D assets and environments, and is currently working on an opensource game. pietrochiovaro.artstation.com

Ian Failes Ian is a regular contributor to 3D World, and in this issue he has investigated how worlds are created for the movies. Turn to page 28. www.vfxblog.com

Alex Borre Alex is a 3D artist from Chicago. He has worked in the games industry for five years now including work on AAA game titles and VR/AR experiences. alexborre.artstation.com

Maya Jermy Maya is a 3D artist and animator based in the UK. She started her career five years ago remaking and animating characters for Oddworld. www.mayajermy.com

Mike Griggs Mike Griggs is a 3D and visual effects artist with vast experience across the industry. On page 62 he introduces the SurfaceSPREAD plugin. www.creativebloke.com

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3D World October 2018

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ISSUE 238 october 2018


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Showcase Discover the best new digital art from the CG community, starting on page 8

Features Exclusive behind-the-scenes access to the latest CG technology, film VFX and video game art 28 Crafting the world Find out from the VFX studios behind some of the biggest recent film and television projects how they went about building incredible new worlds to set the scene for their stories

18 The incredible effects of Pixar

34 ready, set, action!

Meet the team behind Pixar’s iconic animations and discover how the company overcame new technical challenges in each of its feature films

Go behind the scenes of Solo: A Star Wars Story and Deadpool 2 as we discover the VFX teams’ approach to their action-packed scenes

3D World October 2018



tutorials Practical tips and tutorials from pro artists to improve your CG skills

Tutorials 62 Bootcamp: Laubwerk surface spread Discover this affordable Cinema 4D plugin for adding variety to a scene

artist Q&A 64 Your CG problems solved Pro artists solve your queries

insight 86 The big red giant

42 Design Apocalyptic 3D garments Alex Borre takes us step-by-step through the process of creating attire suitable for an apocalyptic world utilising cloth simulations in Marvelous Designer and ZBrush’s modelling tools

Find out more about software developer Red Giant and their integration with its invested community

88 James Hattin: EFFICIENT GLOBAL CREATIVITY The founder of VFX Legion on working with remote artists across the globe

90 Tales of the arctic Go behind the scenes of animated short Giant Bear by e.d.Films

Reviews 50 Create a tracker in Apple Motion 5

56 pose a fun character in ZBrush

94 Oculus Medium 2.0

Discover how to produce a striking CCTV-style effect in Apple Motion with James Rickards

Yes, that’s a crocodile ballerina. Create your own by following Maya Jermy’s ZBrush tutorial!

We put this update’s new features to the test

insight News and views from around the international CG industry

96 VUE xStream 2016 R6 How does this release fare?

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98 Free downloads Images and videos from our tutorial section

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82 BRED FOR TERROR: jurassic world Fallen Kingdom ILM reveal the secrets behind their dino visual effects in the latest Jurassic instalment, from how they ensured believable movement by looking at real animal references, to the use of dinosaur animatronics 3D World October 2018



Issue 239

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SHOWCASE CG art to inspire

The best digital art from the CG community

3D World October 2018



Showcase CG art to inspire

raptors ARTIST Hadrien Gouedard SOFTWARE ZBrush, KeyShot, Substance Painter, Photoshop

“For this image I used a classic process: sculpt in ZBrush, pose in ZBrush, quick Polypaint, and then I did some tweaks on the materials in KeyShot to get a nice SSS effect,” says character artist Hadrien Gouedard. He begins his creative process with some quick 2D sketches before rushing them in ZBrush, then finishing off with 3D-Coat, Substance and Marmoset, or directly in KeyShot.

3D World October 2018


Hadrien’s work on this particular image was driven by a desire to lend a crazy personality to such a wild and dangerous animal. “The challenge is always more artistic than technical for me,” he adds. “The goal is to keep it fun throughout the entire process, when I look at the sculpt it needs to make me smile.”



Showcase CG art to inspire

Quickshot II Turbo Joystick ARTIST Cem Tezcan SOFTWARE SolidWorks, Modo, Substance Painter, Octane Render

This impressive image took freelance artist Cem Tezcan a little under a week to complete. The joystick is from the late Eighties and required Cem to employ some unusual techniques to create the plastic material. He explains: “I used injection moulding techniques on modelling the plastic parts, which is the best way to express the grooves and lips of the mounted parts. I used calipers to measure every detail of the product to catch the exact industrial similarity.” Cem creates his CAD models with SolidWorks before creating textures in Substance Designer and then painting them on with Substance Painter. For subdivision modelling, UV, lighting and scene creation he uses Modo. Finally he employs either Modo’s render engine, Octane Render, Iray, Unreal Engine or Marmoset Viewer, to render his images. When it comes to inspiration Cem says: “The most inspirational thing for me in digital arts is achieving real-world results in digitally defined parameters. Getting to know how things are manufactured, how their materials react to light and how they can be created in 3D as they are inspires me most in this industry.” a rtstation.com/artist/ blockmind

3D World October 2018



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Showcase CG art to inspire

lemon boy ARTIST Nazar Noschenko SOFTWARE Blender, Photoshop

“I really enjoy bringing the concept to life, whether it’s mine or someone else’s. The most exciting part is when all the pieces finally come together,” reveals student and freelance character artist, Nazar Noschenko. This adorable image is the end result of two months working in his spare time, using a plethora of cartoon kids as reference. “The boy was initially sculpted from primitive shapes in Blender and then retopologised,” Nazar explains. “ For the

3D World October 2018


texturing I used Cycles’ node editor. I started with the medium skin colour, then painted masks for red and yellow areas of the character. I painted details like lips and nails with alpha channel.” The lemon was more challenging and required Nazar to spend considerable amounts of time mixing different nodes to achieve the translucent, blurred, vivid yellow material. artstation.com/nazarnoschenko



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