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The Joi of Vfx Blade Runner 2049's effects explored



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15th anniversary EXCLUSIVE!

Zoic reveals

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Sculpt incredible create a supervillain VR environments with A smart workflow

Issue 229


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WELCOME This issue: Firefly

Blade Runner 2049 has a lot to offer, including some groundbreaking VFX, which you can find more about on page 18 this issue. If you are on the lookout to expand your skills, then starting on page 40 we show you how to create the cover image, sculpt environments in VR and so much more.

Rob Redman, Editor rob.redman@futurenet.com

Spotlight on our contributors Steve Jarratt Steve is a freelance journalist and CG artist, with an unhealthy addiction to 3D apps and plugins. His review this issue is on page 92. www.blue-zoo.co.uk

Martin Nebelong Martin has a long history as an artist and is now quickly becoming an industry leader in VR art. Find his environment sculpting tutorial on page 52. www.artstation.com/martinity

Oscar Juárez Oscar is an archviz specialist, creating in many apps, but has a keen interest in Unreal. He shares some of his secrets with us on page 74. www.fibrha.com

Scott Ross Needing little introduction but known as co-founder of Digital Domain, Scott shares his thoughts on the future of VR as a narrative tool on page 90. www.digitaldomain.com

Marat Latypov On page 40 Marat shows you how to create this issue’s cover star, using ZBrush, Substance, Marmoset and 3ds Max. www.webmediology.com

Mike Griggs Mike Griggs is a 3D and visual effects artist with vast experience across the industry. On page 66 he delves into the snapping tool. www.creativebloke.com

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3D World January 2018

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ISSUE 229 January 2018


Pluralsight bring you a Houdini course on creating teleportation effects.

See page 79

Showcase Discover the best new digital art from the CG community, starting on page 8

Features Exclusive behind-the-scenes access to the latest CG technology, film VFX and video game art 26 Firefly turns 15: Shiny VFX In the wake of the cult sci-fi show’s 15th anniversary, we chat to Zoic Studios about their work on Firefly’s visual effects, including the creation of the iconic ship Serenity

18 Blade Runner: Replicating an icon

34 Constructing ‘The Train Job’

We go behind the scenes of Blade Runner 2049 and its incredible CG effects, as we hear from the likes of Double Negative and Framestore

VFX artist Lee Stringer gives us an in-depth look into the work involved in this classic Firefly episode

3D World January 2018



tutorials Practical tips and tutorials from pro artists to improve your CG skills

Tutorials 46 ADVANCED TERRAIN WORKFLOW WITH UE4 Follow this step-by-step guide from Jingtian Li as he details how to tackle the challenge of modelling and texturing a landscape

66 basics: Discover snapping Tips for mastering this lifesaving feature

68 Bootcamp: MASTER IVYGEN We explore a fantastic tool for generating realistic-looking ivy growth around an object

52 Sculpt an environment in VR Learn how to create an environment in virtual reality with this step-by-step guide from Martin Nebelong

artist Q&A 72 Your CG problems solved Pro artists solve your queries

insight 90 Pro Thoughts: Scott Ross We hear from the co-founder of Digital Domain about his thoughts on VR technology

Reviews 92 Unfold3D Virtual Spaces

40 Design a video game character

58 Create your own supervillain

Marat Latypov guides us through the creation of his charming original character ReY

Ryan Snider advises us on how to design and sculpt your own maniacal evil-doer in this in-depth tutorial

insight News and views from around the international CG industry

We test out this update’s new features and give our verdict

94 Faceware Realtime for iClone Are we impressed with his facial tracking software?

96 shaderMap 4 Version 4 has some new features since its last release – but is it an improvement?

REGULARS 70 Subscriptions Take advantage of the latest deals and offers

79 Free pluralsight course Jeff Wolverton shows you how to create teleportation effects



98 Free downloads

New to the world of 3D? Read up on Cirstyn BechYagher’s advice for starting out

Read up on Creative Cloud’s new 3D application, Adobe Dimension

Images and videos from our tutorials and Q&A section

3D World January 2018



Issue 230

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Learn how to model your own alien pirate

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SHOWCASE CG art to inspire

The best digital art from the CG community

3D World January 2018



Showcase CG art to inspire

The Tauren ARTIST Santhosh Racha SOFTWARE ZBrush, Photoshop

Santhosh has over nine years of experience in games development, and currently works as a lead artist at Glu Mobile India. For this particular character, which he plans to use as a game-res model, ZBrush was utilised for all the small details, as well as texture painting and rendering. “I love creating fantasy characters and environments for games,” says Santhosh. “I will collect references before I start, [and]

3D World January 2018


I will try to create a mood sheet for the character,” explains Santhosh of his work process. “I love to learn new tools for the game art pipeline. For human anatomy… I prefer to study great masters, sculptures and books. For quick reference I prefer the Anatomy for Sculptors book [by Uldis Zarins and Sandis Kondrats].” www.artstation.com/santhoshracha


Showcase CG art to inspire

Jinx – League of Legends Fan Art ARTIST Dario Furlan Dantert SOFTWARE ZBrush, Photoshop

This expressive 3D render of Jinx from popular online multiplayer game League of Legends was modelled by 3D character artist Dario in ZBrush, with the help of the ZModeler tool for the hardsurface elements. “I worked on this project to study the ZModeler from ZBrush and see if it was possible to integrate it in my workflow. I have to say that it is a very powerful tool, not only for the hard surfaces,” Dario explains. “The most interesting part was trying to convey the nature of Jinx by her expression and pose, [as well as] adding all the little details,” says Dario, who explains that his main inspiration for his artwork is looking at other artists’ work and trying to understand their tricks. “Also, I usually get inspired by an emotion sparked by a song or something that happened to me during the day. That drives me during the project and I try to convey it in the final piece.” www.artstation.com/dantert

3D World January 2018



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Showcase CG art to inspire

Autumn Cheshire ARTIST Glen Southern SOFTWARE Oculus Medium, Photoshop This beautiful image was sculpted using virtual reality, inside the innovative Oculus Medium software for the Oculus Rift. “Working in VR you can create concept art in an incredibly short space of time. This piece [took me] about three hours including the Photoshop work,” Glen Southern reveals.

Glen explains how he made use of the incredibly useful stamps feature in Medium. The trick is to build a set of stamps that can then be used repeatedly to build up the scene. According to Glen, who runs a design studio in Cheshire, UK, “there is actually only one tree model in the whole scene and that was used to make all the branches. The leaves were made by making one leaf stamp, then a tenleaf stamp using that leaf. “I take most of my inspiration from nature,” says Glen. “I like to be outside

3D World January 2018


as much as I can and that’s where I get most of my ideas.” Creating artwork with the use of virtual reality modelling software like Oculus Medium is a highly innovative method that has become more accessible over recent years. “Using VR to create this kind of art is so liberating for me as an artist,” explains Glen. “I can try new things easily and quickly and explore different ways of looking at a scene.” www.southerngfx.co.uk



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