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Senior’s Windows 10 Windows 8 saw a radical departure from the familiar and userfriendly formula that preceded it – much to the distaste of many. Well, Microsoft listened, countering complaints with the release of Windows 10 in 2015. In this latest operating system, the Start menu makes a welcome return with the tiled system integrated into it. Internet Explorer has been replaced by Microsoft Edge, with its fancy tricks for annotating web pages, creating reading lists and browsing the internet. Then there’s Cortana, your very own built-in, voice-powered personal assistant. Senior’s Edition Windows 10 will help you find your feet with Windows 10 with handy guides to all the essential features and functions. So turn the page and let’s begin!

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Contents 8

The ultimate guide to Windows 10

“Join us on a tour of Windows 10’s best bits” Starter’s guide 8 The ultimate guide to Windows 10 16 Anyone can use Windows

Setting up 22 Upgrade to Windows 10 24 Connect to Wi-Fi

36 Change the desktop image 38 Personalise the Start menu 40 Customise Settings to suit your needs 44 Tour system settings in Control Panel 48 Set up Windows Firewall 50 Activate Windows Defender


Use the Start menu

Getting started 54 Master the new Start menu 56 Start using multiple desktops 58 Learn to use Task Manager 60 Use the Action Centre 62 Customise your app notifications 64 Switch between applications

26 Create an account with Microsoft 28 Create a user account 30 Add a password to protect your account 32 Increase your security 34 Improve your privacy


30 Add a



Multitask now


Talk to Cortana

“The Windows Start menu has finally come of age�


Present your work

102 Import photos from your camera 104 Edit your photos 106 Download music and new media

66 Arrange your windows with a Snap

84 Power up Edge with extensions

68 Meet Cortana, your personal assistant

86 Sketch on your screen

110 Create a document in Microsoft Word

88 Browse the Windows Store

114 Draw up spreadsheets in Microsoft Excel

70 Use the voice search function with Cortana 72 Add an email account 74 Send an email with attachments 76 Look at the features of the Calendar app 78 Add an event in the Calendar app

90 Add functions by downloading apps 92 Explore the features of Maps 94 Upload, share and sync with OneDrive

108 Add music to your library

118 Develop presentations in PowerPoint

Apps 122 Essential Windows Apps

The next step

80 Get to know Microsoft Edge

98 Understand the Skype interface

82 Bookmark a site in Microsoft Edge

100 Experience a video call in Skype


Starter’s guide


The ultimate guide to Windows 10

The ultimate guide to Windows 10 Discover everything you need to know about the latest operating system


ncredibly, it’s been more than 30 years since the first commercial release of Microsoft’s Windows. After a myriad of ground-breaking iterations, the operating system continues to redefine how users interact with not just PCs but tablets, smartphones and even games consoles too. It’s apt then that during its anniversary year in 2015 Microsoft ushered in the latest release since Windows 8. Windows 10 brings a unified experience across modern devices, unveiling a raft of new features alongside some old favourites – and with the Creators Update (released back in November 2017 as a free upgrade) certain Windows 10 features have been improved and refined. Classic desktop staples, most notably the iconic Start menu, returned in versatile style in Windows 10 and users are encouraged to customise Windows to

“It brings a unified experience across modern devices” blend popular aspects of Vista and Windows 7 with the touchscreen optimisation of Windows 8. The Start screen is banished to let Live Tiles and legacy Metro apps live happily within new virtual desktops. Tighter integration with Windows Store for software distribution, Cortana for spoken word assistance and the userfriendly Edge web browser all make for exciting reading. So, with so much to discover, join us on a tour of Windows 10’s best bits to help familiarise yourself with the numerous improved features.


Starter’s guide Desktop

Windows 10 places desktop focus back at the forefront of PC interaction. You can customise wallpapers and shortcuts, while the traditional taskbar resides below. The Start menu also returns, while seamless integration of the Cortana voice assistant and Action Centre for notifications also arrives. Metro apps now behave more respectfully to the new desktop; filling the screen completely, they are now windowed and resizable to make usage more versatile. Similarly, the new Task View button extends your workspace to improve workflow. Add to this instant access to the new Edge browser and Xbox Live connectivity and you have a desktop full of powerful features.

“Windows 10 places desktop focus back at the forefront of PC interaction”


“You can also ask for weather reports, sports scores or web searches” 10

Cortana is Microsoft’s intelligent personal assistant, which responds to naturally spoken or typed commands. That identical functionality is now integrated into the desktop, called upon via the taskbar search bar or indeed with the “Hey Cortana” command. Cortana then searches your PC for files, folders or apps and performs tasks like calendar reminders or sending emails. It uses Bing search technology, so you can also ask for weather reports, sports scores or web searches. What’s more, telling ’her’ about working habits, interests, favoured locations and quiet times, increases its awareness. With settings for addressing you by name and vocal training, it really is like having a real PA.

The ultimate guide to Windows 10

Start menu

Out with the new, and in with the old: the Start menu is back! Start menu This left area pins popular system locations, places, most-used apps and indeed a list of all apps below

Live Tiles The right side pins Live Tiles or Metro apps, with re-arrangement just a case of clicking and dragging

Power Button The Power button with options for Sleep, Shut down and Restart is moved over to the side menu

Search bar The Search bar as been incorporated into Cortana, so you can simply speak what you’re looking for


indows 8’s removal of the Start menu in favour of the Start screen was a bugbear for veteran users. The lingering expectation to click the familiar Windows icon made losing this popular feature jarring for some. Happily though, Windows 10 not only places the Start menu back into the left corner of the desktop taskbar, it also offers greater flexibility over its function and behaviour. By default, the ’new’ Start menu accommodates not only typical desktop apps and places, but also Live Tiles for Windows 8-style favourites.

Crucially though, the Windows 10 Start menu allows Live Tile functionality to be switched off completely, along with unpinning Metro apps such as Mail, Weather, Store and so on. Alternatively, users can opt to view the Start menu full-screen, providing the best of both worlds. Either way, general customisation extends to colour settings and a dedicated properties checklist for pinning only the most useful system locations. All in all then, the Start menu is back and better than ever, and we couldn’t be more glad!


Starter’s guide

Windows Store

Microsoft’s marketplace for adding apps receives a welcome revamp


indows 8 ushered in a new way to download and install apps on your PC and supported devices: the Windows Store. For the launch of Windows 10, the Windows Store was given a Beta facelift, which was made accessible as part of the OS’s technical preview. So, although the new design is subject to ongoing changes, when you click that shopping bag taskbar button or Start menu tile, we think you will be pleasantly surprised. Most notably, the general layout from the home page is much cleaner and more organised, with a carousel of latest and featured apps along the

top. Here you will also find links to core Apps, Games, Music and Movies & TV categories, as well as quick access to download queues, your account profile and the search bar. What’s more is that scrolling is now vertical, as opposed to purely horizontal – far easier to browse personal picks, top charts and best-rated apps. With hundreds of thousands of apps available, these intuitive and cosmetic changes should go a long way to delighting contributing developers and Windows app fans alike! Check out the interface below and familiarise yourself with it. App listings Apps are itemised by categories and picks, providing full details and reviews as you click through

Top Categories Links to Home, Apps (non-game), Game, Music and Movies & TV keep general navigation more intuitive

Vertical scrolling Quite simply, the minor tweak to scrolling makes viewing lengthy listings much more in keeping with Windows convention

Suggestions Like your very own personal assistant, the Store will take your previous searches and downloads and suggest new apps for your attention



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