Radio World 1149 - October 9, 2019

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October 9, 2019

Take a Look Inside the New WTOP Here and on the following pages are photos from Radio World’s video tour of the facility Hubbard Radio’s WTOP is the top-billing radio station in the United States and a leading media voice in the nation’s capital. Photos here and on the following pages are from Radio World’s 70-minute video-based tour that you can access at or by click-

ing Resource Center at and scrolling to Webinars. Our thanks to WTOP’s Brian Oliger and Dave Garner, RadioDNA’s Rob Goldberg, and webcast sponsors Wheatstone, Comrex, WideOrbit and Burli, who were key technical partners on the buildout.



WTOP is a 24/7 news operation with a flagship FM signal, three other on-air licenses, digital multicasts, a news network dedicated to the local federal government workforce, a digital agency and an extensive digital content department and social media operation (Fig. 1). Hubbard moved to its new location in Maryland right outside the D.C. city boundary (Fig. 2) for more room and to consolidate operations onto one floor. The 30,000-square-foot space includes 18 studios and booths plus some 50 newsroom workstations built around an AoIP infrastructure, a total of about 70 technical work areas serving 200 employees.


3 The lobby (Fig. 3) is large and welcoming, with a human receptionist. Visitors are greeted by the First Amendment etched in glass (Fig. 4) outside a large conference room. Staff and guests can get snacks at the News Bites Cafe (Fig. 5) or relax before a meeting on sofas in the sales area just off the lobby (Fig. 6).