Radio World 1135 - March 27, 2019

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EMX is the most full-featured and modernly innovative broadcast console ever from PR&E. It’s got more of everything you need to run even the largest, most complex studios with ease, yet feels right at home to PR&E veterans. Its AoIP networking, based on the industry-standard WheatNet-IP Intelligent Network, is no-nonsense, no-failure, and eminently expandable. Get MORE – EMX takes PR&E beyond the limit. More Bus Options

4-stereo PGM, 2-stereo AUX buses, 1–dedicated mix-minus bus, & 2-channel telco out provide flexibile functionality for major market applications.

More Channels & Control

16, 20, or 24 input channels with optional wide frame sizes. Bus-minus on each. Full logic & machine control. Tricked out studio, control room, & monitor channels.

More Audio & I/O

Parametric EQ & full dynamic control on every channel rivals standalone processors. 2-SQ mic pres & 8-stereo analog & digital I/O, all easily expandable.

More Studios

Connect as many studios as you have via CAT6 and integral 5-port switch or off-the-shelf switches. Intelligent AoIP network routes and controls audio sources anywhere.

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