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Shine a Bright Light on the New Year Also, helpful tidbits about interference and station logs


Fig. 1: This compact LED light throws out a lot of light.

by John Bisset

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xploring the big box stores for the latest in tools and useful accessories is fun. Projects engineer Edwin Bukont was scouring Lowes for neat finds and came up with the little LED flashlight shown in Fig. 1. In addition to being rotatable, there’s a strong magnet on the back, making it ideal to “stick” onto steel racks or steel rack rails, as seen in Fig, 2. The light intensity is adjustable, too; and being LED-powered, it does not get hot. Ed also found a larger plug-in floor LED lamp, shown in Fig. 3.

January 2, 2019

Interference could also be on-channel interference, and in that case, a filter won’t really help. In those cases, use a spectrum analyzer to diagnose the problem or search for the offending signal source.


alem Media Group Orlando’s Louis Mueller wanted a portable workbench that was sturdy and inexpensive but that didn’t take up too much space in the transmitter building. Engineers often need a place to set test equipment, and the floor just isn’t convenient. (continued on page 15)

Fig. 4: A portable voting booth makes an ideal workbench.

Fig. 2: The built-in magnet makes it ideal to affix to racks while working.

If you haven’t converted to these LED lamps and flashlights, you’re missing out. The lighting is bright, plus the case doesn’t get hot as with traditional incandescent bulb trouble lights. Perhaps the best feature: When you drop the lamp, the bulb doesn’t break.


% of new vehicles sold Nearly will ship with HD Radio technology



received an email from an engineer asking about satellite interference. Broadcast engineering veteran Ira Wilner offered some advice to engineers experiencing terrestrial interference to their satellite dishes. His first question for C-band operations is whether you have a C-band pre-selector filter between your feed horn and your LNB. Ira strongly suggests one. In some cases, Ira has used two of these filters in series. LNBs are far more susceptible to out-of-band RFI than LNAs plus down converters. Their front ends are easily overloaded, and the spurious response will generate noise all across your down-converted C-band signal at L-band.

Fig. 3: This larger AC-powered LED lamp replaces the traditional incandescent trouble light.

Radio World 1129 - January 2, 2019  

Radio World 1129 - January 2, 2019

Radio World 1129 - January 2, 2019  

Radio World 1129 - January 2, 2019