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Welcome to the Canon Advanced Handbook – your guide to help you master your Canon EOS DSLR and get to grips with the more advanced aspects of photography. If you’ve picked up this handbook, you’re likely to have a decent grasp of how to control your Canon camera, but may still be relying on auto modes to capture a good exposure. In the Camera Skills section, we have a variety of articles to help you break from the auto settings to learn how to use manual modes for better results, as well as the A to Z of the Canon EOS DSLR System, plus top tips on how to make money from your photography. Once you’ve learnt these techniques, turn to the Photo Projects section, packed with fantastic tutorials for you to try. It’s full of inspiring ideas, with simple step-by-step guides. In the third and final section, Camera Workshops, you have a comprehensive 26-part course full of essential photography techniques, and all explained in easy-to-follow lessons. We hope you enjoy reading this revised edition of the Canon Advanced Handbook. Don’t forget to download your free resources, including video guides and tutorial files. Turn to page 226 for more details.


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Canon Advanced Handbook

Camera Skills A to Z of the Canon EOS DSLR system


Dial M for Manual


Brilliant buildings


Make Cash with your Canon


Camera Workshops

Photo Projects


How do I troubleshoot my EOS D-SLR? 120

The light fantastic


How can I make the most of Picture Styles? 124

Chasing the Aurora


What’s the point of image EXIF data?


Polarizing patterns


How do I beat camera shake?




What’s depth of field all about?


Misty minimalism


Shoot long-exposure seascapes


Mirror, mirror…


How can I shoot top-quality HD video? 144

Splash without flash


How can I set up and control my D-SLR faster? 148

Hole in one


How can I set up for night photography? 152

Get the party started


Which metering mode should I use?

Catchin’ a wave


How do I use my in-camera Creative Filters? 160

Ground rules


How do I use my camera’s HDR mode? 164


Pop-up portraits


How do I set my camera up for close-ups?


Autumn abstracts


How do I make my camera focus faster?


Joined at the lip


How do I use flash in daylight?




How do I prepare for travel photography?


What is dynamic range?


How can I get more from white balance? 188 Is there any point in using optical filters? 192 196

Should I bother with Wi-Fi?

How do I set my DSLR for different subjects? 200 What’s the trick to long exposures?


How do I take even sharper photos?


What does the histogram tell me?


Do I really need Manual mode?


How do I get more from metering modes? 220

114 Canon Advanced Handbook 

Free videos 226

How to view your video guides



Camera skills A to Z of the Canon EOS DSLR system


Dial M for Manual


Brilliant buildings


Make Cash with your Canon





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Canon Advanced Handbook






Canon Advanced Handbook 




A to Z of the Canon EOS DSLR system From Autofocus to Zoom lenses: learn all about the cameras, lenses and other kit in the EOS system in our in-depth guide


he Canon EOS DSLR system is about much more than just cameras. It incorporates lenses, flashguns, GPS units, Wi-Fi units, image processing software and much more – in fact, it’s everything you need to produce stunning images, from pressing your camera’s shutter button to editing and printing out your photos. In this guide you’ll discover all you need to know to help you get to grips with your

EOS DSLR, including exposure modes and settings, autofocus and other shooting settings, and tips on using the LCD and viewfinder displays. You’ll also learn about EF lenses, flashguns and flash settings, printers, and Canon’s Digital Photo Professional software, amongst other topics. Over the next 13 pages we’ll equip you with keys skills, and share our top tips, to help you get more out of the EOS system, and your photography, with our amazing and in-depth A to Z guide…






Canon Advanced Handbook

A is for… Autofocus

Zone AF

ALO is available on all current EOS DSLRs, and is designed to even out contrast by selectively adjusting areas of the image. It’s great for backlit subjects, as it can detect faces and brighten them for a better, balanced exposure. It can be set to Low, Standard or Strong, but only affects JPEGs, not Raw files.

You can set your Canon DSLR’s autofocus system to use all its AF points, or select individual points or groups of points for more precise focusing

Single-point AF

Anti-flicker shooting

The Anti-flicker shooting function of the EOS 7D Mk II, EOS 5DS and EOS 5DS R cameras is designed to ensure optimal exposure when you’re shooting in environments that are lit by fluorescent or flickering light. In A+ mode antiflicker shooting is automatic.


The autofocus systems in EOS DSLRs have never been more intelligent or more accurate. All the models in the EOS range offer a variety of AF points – from nine points in cameras like the EOS 700D, 100D and 1200D, up to 65 points in the EOS 7D Mk II. By default your camera’s AF system is set to Auto, so the camera will select the AF point it thinks should be in focus – usually the AF will lock on to the nearest subject in the frame. For greater flexibility – and to focus on the subject you want the AF to lock on to – you can manually select a specific AF point, or group of points.

Auto Lighting Optimizer (ALO)


Canon EOS system a-z

High-end EOS DSLRs have an Anti-flicker shoot mode


B is for… Bracketing Depending on your DSLR, you can bracket exposures between +/-5 or +/-3 stops in 1/3-stop increments for three successive shots, enabling you to capture a range of exposures of the same scene: overexposed, underexposed, and standard for what the camera thinks is the ‘correct’ exposure. This improves your chances of getting a perfect exposure in tricky lighting; you can also combine shots for a high dynamic range image.

-1 stop


+1 stop

Bulb mode


This variable shutter speed setting is designed for when you want exposures of more than 30 seconds. You open the shutter, and the exposure continues until you close it again. To eliminate camera vibration, however, a cable release or wireless remote must be used. With many EOS cameras you need to switch to Manual (M) exposure mode to access the Bulb, or ‘B’ mode.

Beep It’s a good idea to bracket exposures in high-contrast lighting conditions – if you can’t pull all the shadow and highlight detail out of one of the shots you can combine images to capture the scene’s full tonal range Canon Advanced Handbook 

If you’re fed up with the beeping sound that confirms when autofocus has been achieved you can turn it off. The Beep option in the camera menu is set to ‘On’ by default – just scroll down to select ‘Off’ to cancel it!




C is for… Custom Functions




Continuous shooting

Each EOS camera has a maximum continuous shooting speed measured in frames per second – from 3fps on the 1200D up to 14fps on the 1D X – for capturing fastmoving action. The number of images that can be shot continuously also varies from camera to camera. See also ‘D is for Drive modes’.

C modes

The Custom, or C, modes on high-end EOS DSLRs enable up to three favourite camera setups (C1, C2 and C3) to be saved and instantly recalled via the Mode dial. To register a Custom mode, choose your preferred exposure mode and set up the camera accordingly, then choose Camera User Settings in the Setup menu.

Custom Functions enable you to customize various features of your Canon DSLR to suit your picture-taking preferences. Depending on your camera model you’ll have access to different Custom Functions, but in all cases they cover several main areas of camera setting customization – Exposure (see above), Image, Autofocus/Drive, Display/Operation and Others. You can select and adjust the Custom Functions through your camera’s menu system – you don’t have to use them, but it’s a good idea to spend a little time acquainting yourself with the various Custom Functions available on your EOS camera to see which ones can help you to use your camera more efficiently. Note that some Custom Functions do not function when you’re in Live View mode or during movie shooting.

D is for… Drive modes The drive modes on EOS DSLRs enable you to select how many images are captured, and at what speed. There are four main drive modes: Single Shooting (only one image is taken when you press the shutter button), Low-speed Continuous (L), High-speed Continuous (H), plus the self-timer options. Select the desired mode by pressing the Drive button and turning the Main dial (or scrollwheel, depending on model) or by using the Quick Control Screen.


If your EOS camera has a top LCD panel you’ll find the DRIVE button in front of this

Depth-of-field preview

Pressing the depth-of-field preview button on the front of your EOS DSLR enables you to check the exact depth-of-field (range of acceptable focus) in your images.

Digital Photo Professional (DPP)

Digital Photo Professional, or DPP for short, is Canon’s Raw image management and editing software. It comes free on a disc with all EOS DSLRs, and it has three main functions: it enables you to view and organize your images; process Raw files and edit your images; and output the edited images. Download DPP4 from Canon’s site at but you’ll need one of the latest Canon DSLRs and your serial number.

Canon Advanced Handbook


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