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P35 MARCH 2019

PHOTO: Rianna Tamara

Katie Tavini at the Red Bull HQ

Normal Not Novelty returns Red Bull Studios’ Pro Sound Award winning Normal Not Novelty series is back for 2019, offering workshops, Q&As and masterclasses for women in the pro audio industry. Katie Tavini, a regular presenter at the NNN events, sent back this report on its return…


his is a slightly delayed reaction, but this month I want to tell you guys that Normal Not Novelty is now back for it's third year. For those of you who don't know, Normal Not Novelty is a free monthly event, masterminded by Brendon Harding, held at Red Bull Studios (and sometimes other cities around the UK). Each event is comprised of DJ, production, and engineering workshops running simultaneously, followed by networking and drinks. Oh, and it's only for women. I have been hosting the engineering workshop at Normal Not Novelty events since they began in January 2017, and I'm pretty convinced that it's the only reason I'm still currently working as an engineer. Normal

Not Novelty gives women a safe space to learn, ask questions, network and gain contacts. And it's a right laugh too! Honestly, each month when I get on the tube home my face is always so sore from laughing and chatting, which is a feeling I rarely get a•er mixed events. (Side note: the last time I attended a mixed pro audio event, I was one of a handful of women, and no one other than the other women there would talk to me. Male attendees actually turned their backs on me during the networking part.) Normal Not Novelty has been a game changer for numerous reasons, and it was an amazing achievement at PSNEurope’s Pro Sound Awards in November 2018 to win the event’s first ever Campaign Award on account

of the impact it has made on the industry. Receiving this award was such an incredible honour, and it was fantastic to have Brendon Harding's work recognised. Brendon and the team at Red Bull Studios have gone above and beyond with organising these events. (For the December 2018 edition of PSNEurope, I wrote an article on why these events are needed – if you're reading this and wondering why they're a thing, have a read of it before continuing). Lauren Deakin-Davies, Breakthrough Studio Engineer winner at the 2018 Pro Sound Awards, has described Normal Not Novelty as "an amazing unique event that truly highlights great talent. It creates a safe, friendly environment where you can discuss your music with like-minded people and also learn new skills and techniques you maybe didn't even know existed! It's a great place to meet new people and have fun”. Meanwhile, musician and composer Abi Wade said of the initiative: “Normal Not Novelty builds connections and friendships. In an industry where females/nonbinary are the minority, NNN gave me the opportunity to choose a masterer or engineer that would otherwise not have been available to me. I also reconnected with musicians I had lost touch with and it really opened up a lot of new possibilities and opportunities through the friendships I made there.” Towards the end of 2018 we paused Normal Not Novelty for a short time whilst the Red Bull HQ moved from London Bridge to Covent Garden; the new facility is incredible (and the studio has the coolest studio clock you'll ever see, trust me). We also said a very sad goodbye to Brendon, as he le• Red Bull to pursue other cool stuff. But in January 2019, we relaunched, in the beautiful new Red Bull HQ, with Rohan Courts doing the organising. And it was fantastic! The engineering session was a mix feedback session, something I'm really passionate about. I think it's really important to have a safe space to play music and get constructive feedback, because good feedback is so hard to come by. We all learnt so much and heard some amazing new music, I feel so lucky that so many people brought music to share. Normal Not Novelty has expanded so much over the past two years, giving women a huge network of creatives in music to collaborate with and learn from, and I am so excited to see what this third year brings. Our February event will be a NLV Records takeover, with Nina Las Vegas showing techniques in the production workshop, Nina will be giving a hand on the DJ workshop, the engineering session will be with Olga Fitzroy, and Kota Banks will be on vocal recording. We are so excited about this stunning lineup, and I can't wait to announce future events! If you would like to attend a Normal Not Novelty event, go to this web page which is updated monthly:  PSE84.katietavini.indd 1

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