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Issue 158


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The Brush and Pen tools is often relegated to a mere utility for many Photoshop designers, and many tend to stick to two or three presets they rarely deviate from. However, we’re going to change all that. In our eight-page feature this issue (p14), we try to show you all the various ways you can use both tools, how they can work together and how they can help you take that artwork one step further towards masterpiece status. We’re also excited to bring you a plethora of tutorials, such as turning a frosty-looking wintery scene into a delicious dessert (p28), drawing an irresistibly adorable animal portrait (p46) and using PortraitPro in conjunction with Photoshop to make your portraits and headshots stand out (p66). We also have interviews with some great artists, reviews of the latest Photoshop-related products and much, much more. We all hope you enjoy the issue!

Erlingur Einarsson Editor


Contents Co

Essentials 06 FileSilo This issue there are over 300 free resources for you to use

gallery 08 Trending Check out some of the most stunning artworks trending this month

gallery 10 Readers’ Take a look at what your fellow

readers have been making this issue

12 Win a Pixnub Master Key worth a Readers’ challenge cool $599.99!


Feature: Create art with the pen & brush tools

Harness the power of Photoshop’s digital art tools

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Tutorials into space using blend 22 Go modes and masks

Form layer blends, add effects and create a spacey atmosphere

an ice-cream 28 Create landscape

Work on your mask skills with this fun surreal composition

a text poster using 38 Design guidelines

Build a grid from scratch and fill it with text using Photoshop’s tools

42 Blend different images to build a

Create a watery composition dreamlike composition

YOUR FREE photoshop resources are here! ✔ This issue: frame mockups, overlays,

textures and more ✔ Plus files to follow the tutorials ✔ Free and ready for you to download today!

a cute animal portrait 46 Paint I Made Build a detailed, colour-filled digital 36 How Learn the secret behind David Milan’s painting from an original sketch tricks to making the painted Chasing Highs text poster

I Made 52 How How Theoritacl Part turned the

mythical Fenrir into an apparel brand

focus 58 Project Alisson Rochinski has made an art of thinking inside the box

layer masks 54 Explore Discover how to manipulate stock photos with layer masks

palettes with Adobe 90 Choose Capture Get to know Adobe Capture with our all-new mobile app tutorial

92 Reviews Check out our latest hardware and


software reviews

interview 96 Portfolio Jeffrey Vanhoutte has been honing


his signature skill since age 11

interview 98 Reader Manon Moreau uses Photoshop to make fantastical artworks with strong symbolism

Advanced Photoshop

a portrait in 60 Transform the style of the Renaissance

Combine photos to build a Renaissance-style portrait

a portrait using 66 Retouch Portrait Pro



Combine Portrait Pro with Photoshop to take your photo-retouching skills to the next level




Create art with the pen & brush tools 42



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Elements creative with precision 74 Crop Use the Crop tool to frame your photos

a bottle label 76 Design Learn how to make your own customised product package

duotone images 80 Create Use the power of just two colours to enhance your pictures

a surreal 82 Create seascape

Use the power of masks to create a surreal water image

a sporty 86 Create caricature

How to design and illustrate a caricature based on a photo



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trending images Check out some of the most popular artwork that’s been rocking the internet over the last few weeks, and take inspiration from what’s currently trending There’s nothing more inspiring than surfing the internet and seeing what other artists are creating, and we encourage you to do so. Here are some of our favourite pictures that caught our attention recently, from some of the world’s most exciting artists and designers.

Cartoony artwork can work equally well on the page as digitally, and we love Svilen’s distinctive style. We’re not alone either: he’s had work featured by Wacom and The Student Show.

Svilen Petrov

http:// dribbble. com/spovv

The original image was sketched out first on paper: the tree first on one page, and then separately, the two bears were drawn. This was then drawn out more thoroughly in Photoshop, coloured, and the trees in the foreground were blurred for perspective.

Photoshop is a great companion for adding warmth to 3D renders, and Mitu’s work certainly displays that. This piece was featured by Behance’s Illustration gallery and has been greatly received.



We do the post-production of our pieces in Photoshop; we correct colour levels, the intensity of shadows, emphasise the overall illumination and highlight the details of textures and materials of some elements.

A testament to how digital artists can wield more than just the Brush Tool for amazing effects, Pepe’s art has been viewed over 50,000 times. The lighting in this piece is particularly striking, coupled with the bright pink hue.

Pepe Delgado Navarro

I did a quick sketch, then I painted it. I didn’t use any textures; for example, the ground was made separately and then adjusted with the Free Transform tool for the perspective I wanted. The Pen was used for sharper edges.

Toni Infante

http:// toniinfante. com/

What I love about Photoshop is that you are able to change and modify every tool you want. This gives you unlimited options to work on your artwork; in my case, to try and achieve a pictorial feel.

Ngoc Do dongocarc

I love star-trail photography. I tried my best with this image to recreate its spirit around this 3D render I made of a house. Photoshop played a vital role in establishing an overall depth as well as tone for this artwork. This whole image is measured, beautifully blended and fiercely detailed: it took us a while to notice the rabbits in the foreground! Ngoc’s been featured by Photoshop online and we always like seeing what he produces.

This piece is truly epic, and the movement is what makes it so eye-catching. With work showcased by Behance, Toni’s art is clearly popular, and it’s not surprising given that it’s all this intensely meticulous.

A featured piece in Behance’s curated Advertising showcase, we love this image for its detail, colour and blend of images. It’s a good example of how a limited colour palette can still produce vibrant work.


This is a collaborative campaign from the Mullenlowe-SSP3 studio and Carioca Studio that conveys Colombians and their passions. Photoshop was one of the most important tools in creating this image.


Readers’ Images Welcome to an inspirational round-up of great Photoshop artwork created by none other than your fellow readers

get in touch

Send us your images now for the chance to appear in future galleries Create your own gallery online Upload your images to Facebook Search PhotoshopCreative Tweet us your creative artwork @PshopCreative

Alternatively, you can email:

Murilo Francisco Mumu0909

Image of the issue The tweaking and blending of the layers were key to the composition. I started with the background and then added the elements to create the seabed effect. I finished everything off with some more blending and adjustments.

Anna Przybylska zwyklaania

I used just three images for this: the grass, the bench and the city at night. I used Blur filters and blend modes to finish my work, and I used Photoshop CS6 and a tablet to make it.

Nikola Miljkovic user/NKML

Masking was key in placing the nebula into the mug, as well as for the steam coming from the liquid. The colours were kept as muted as possible in the rest of the picture, leaving the mug colourful.


Felipe dos Santos


After reading about the discovery of a new planet much like the Earth, I wondered what it would be like. I created this in Photoshop, by blending various images together and using adjustments to finish it off.

MauriĚ cio Xavier

https://www. photoshopcreative.

This was a combination of 3D and digital painting. The idea was to create a planet that was saturated by magic and art. It was inspired by the game No Man’s Sky.

Marcos Nogueira

https://www. Marcos%20%20Nogueira

This image was created for a contest for one of my friends, with layer adjustments and light effects. The colour palette was key in this picture for the effect. I won third place in the contest for it!


Readers’ Challenge

Upload your images to

We challenged you In Issue 156, we challenged you to get creative with these four images. You were allowed to use any or all of the pictures, and whatever other resources you chose. Here’s what you created.

Challenge entries The best entries and overall challenge winner


Readers’ Challeng winnere

1 Pamela Woest

Particles In The Wind This is a double exposure with a twist. The trees form a pixel dispersion effect, and the particles in the phone photo are part of the composition.

2 Adrian Chorlton

The Magic Of Colour I’ve used all four images to produce this composite showing the spectrum of ideas from books. There’s a range of blend modes, gradients and of course, many layers. It was fun to produce!

3 Alexandre Perez

The Sky Is A Neighborhood I was inspired by the Foo Fighters’ music video, The Sky Is A Neighborhood, to create this image. It incorporates the images of the girl, the trees and the phone.

4 Trevor Budd

Writer’s Block I decided to create a surreal image for the challenge using elements from three of the four supplied photos. This image is all about trying to show a visual representation of when a person experiences writer’s block.




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