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Issue 157


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It’s been a fun time in the Photoshop Creative office, as we’ve been trying out some new stuff to share with you. Our big feature is – yes, you guessed it – all about photo retouching and manipulation. We’ve got no less (maybe more) than 25 expert tips on how to get the most out of Photoshop when editing photographs, from fine adjustments to dramatic alterations. Then we have a great selection of tutorials for you, and the one I’m perhaps most excited about is a first for Photoshop Creative – where we combine ArtRage with Photoshop to craft a fantastic portrait that looks hand-painted. Go to p64 to see what it’s all about. Among other cool tutorials are how to use masks and layers to transform a city into a post-apocalyptic wasteland (p52), and how to use filters to create transparent glass fruit (p58). Then we’ve got our regular galleries, interviews and reviews, so get stuck in! We hope you enjoy the issue.

Erlingur Einarsson Editor


Contents Co

Essentials 06 FileSilo This issue there are over 230 free resources for you to use

gallery 08 Trending Check out some of the most stunning artworks trending this month

gallery 10 Readers’ Take a look at what your fellow

readers have been making this issue


How to make any photo stand out as much as possible

33 How I Made

Alexy Prefontaine shares how he used 3D software and Photoshop to create the stunning Towards the Sun

I Made 36 How See how Steve Simpson filled Dublin with musicians using Photoshop

Turn to page 34 to get this amazing deal. US page 72

a scene with 22 Create a petal dispersion

Turn a photo of a woman into a magical portrait filled with floating flower petals

with shapes and 28 Embellish graphics

Adorn a model with a fun assortment of objects and shapes

a watch into 12 Win a Highlander Photoshop course 42 Incorporate nature Feature: 25 amazing ways to retouch any photo

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Readers’ challenge

and AKVIS Noise Buster

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Learn to craft a fantasy scene where a watch is enveloped by flowers as if it were part of nature

depth of field in 46 Master Photoshop

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textures and more ✔ Plus files to follow the tutorials ✔ Free and ready for you to download today!

Give your illustration depth of field with the use of blur in Photoshop

a post-apocalyptic 52 Create world Blend a variety of textures and images using layer masks to summon the end of days

focus 70 Project Aly Bassam shows us how he


created the ambitious Final Chapter gaming concept

92 Reviews Check out our latest hardware and software reviews

interview 96 Portfolio Artur Sadlos has developed his style through self-tuition and setting himself big challenges

interview 98 Reader The secrets of creating nature-based compositions with Lucy Liew

10% READER DISCOUNT! Answer our survey on page 63


Advanced Photoshop

fruit out of glass 58 Grow Create stunning transparent fruit effects using the right techniques and filters

a portrait with 64 Create ArtRage & Photoshop



Learn a new digital paint process using ArtRage 5 and Photoshop and create a vibrant portrait




amazing ways to

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✔ Filters ✔ Brushes ✔ Layers ✔ Masks ✔Adjustments ✔ Tools


retouch photos!






Elements creative Smart Looks 74 Using Use a quick filter to transform your photos

a classic 76 Design newspaper cover

Capture the magic of old-school newspapers for milestones or events

a phone into a pool 82 Turn Transform a smartphone into a swimming pool using our fun step-by-step guide

a pop-art portrait 86 Create Use brushes, selections and

filters to paint in the style of the pop-art masters

desaturate 90 Q&A: Common problems 80 Selectively Elevate your focal point by in Elements downplaying the surrounding areas via desaturation

Your FAQs answered by our team of Elements experts



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trending images Check out some of the most popular artwork that’s been rocking the internet over the last few weeks, and take inspiration from what’s currently trending There’s nothing more inspiring than surfing the internet and seeing what other artists are creating, and we encourage you to do so. Here are some of our favourite pictures that caught our attention recently, from some of the world’s most exciting artists and designers.

Ori Toor

Every illustration or animation I do is improvised on the spot. This one is no exception. I like using Photoshop with the Lazy Nezumi Pro plug-in, which helps me to get smooth lines and the feeling of friction that comes with drawing on real paper.

With over 2,500,000 online portfolio views, Ramotion is an expert when it comes to brand identity, and this is a lovely piece of simple graphic design that caught our attention. This minimalist city is as classy as it is eye-catching.

Denis Pakhaliuk

This piece of work was completed as a team. The illustration was made in Adobe Photoshop with only a round brush. We drew it in black and white first to find the right proportions and contrast shapes. It has a layered structure to make it animation-­ready.

We adore Hamish’s blend of Photoshop and 3D wizardry on this image, and we’re not alone; the piece has been viewed over 2,000 times. Check out the animated version in Hamish’s portfolio for the full experience.


With work being included in Photoshop’s online featured gallery, Ori is a popular face online. We love the spontaneity of this piece in particular; it’s a great example of what can be created with limited colour palettes.

Hamish Cooper

To develop this animated island I worked exclusively with Photoshop and Cinema 4D, warping images and video footage to create moving 3D textures. This worked particularly well for the waves, river, waterfall and clouds.

This beautifully crafted digital painting is part of a series showcased by Behance, and we love the textures Paolo has used. It’s a shining example of how creating custom brushes can enhance your work.

Andrey Surnov

http://tichy. artstation. com/

One morning after a rainy night, I placed my tablet beside the window and started to paint the sky. One of the most useful Photoshop tools for me is the Replace Color command, as it enables me to adjust colour spots in the image separately.

Paolo Domeniconi

I created a set of custom textured brushes based on sampled acrylic works and painted this picture, starting from a red background. This was published by the Creative Company in 2017.

We love the contrast in this image, and the subtle colouration of the piece is really striking. Andrey’s work has been viewed over 60,000 times, and much of it – like this piece – just uses a round, hard brush.

Douglas Miller

Earlier this year, music site Pitchfork asked artists to reimagine songs from Radiohead’s seminal OK Computer album as art pieces, to celebrate its 20th anniversary. The project was shared globally, and Douglas’ interpretation of Let Down was our highlight.

I almost always use a combination of 3D modelling, Illustrator and Photoshop. For the shading and rendering of the colours and atmosphere, I use Photoshop. This lets me carefully add detail, grain and highlights throughout the architecture.


Readers’ Images Welcome to an inspirational round-up of great Photoshop artwork created by none other than your fellow readers

get in touch

Send us your images now for the chance to appear in future galleries Create your own gallery online Upload your images to Facebook Search PhotoshopCreative Tweet us your creative artwork @PshopCreative

Alternatively, you can email:

Jimnah Njue jimnah

Image of the issue I used a layer mask on the city between the city and the sky by painting with a soft black brush. I brought in the model, applied blue and orange solid colours and set the blend mode to Soft Light to create the overall emotional tone of the manipulation.

Bill Bonaros Billybon

I took a photo of my hand holding a phone and then I put a photo of a lake on top of the phone. I added mountains with different lighting, then I added some clouds and birds. I painted with a soft orange­- coloured brush to add some illumination.

Lucy Liew lucyliew

The image was made from a few other images, which I then manipulated into a scene of a gigantic person walking on a city. Using a couple of adjustment layers, I created the colour tones to blend perfectly.


Lisa Fotios

https://www. user/Lisa90

I wanted this image to look like it was on another planet. After blending all the images and setting the correct lights and shadows, I then set the whole image to infrared and adjusted the colours to give it that sci­-fi feel.

Marcos Nogueira user/Marcos%20%20Nogueira

This is a cross between photomanipulation and a digital painting. I used some layer adjustments and to finish, I added fog and snow effects. I really enjoyed doing this, and I want to do more in this style.

Jean Hutter


The background was created using three photos merged with areas masked out. Additional elements, such as the moon and clouds, were added before I ran it through the Charcoal filter.


Readers’ Challenge

Upload your images to

We challenged you In issue 155, we challenged you to get creative with these four images. You were allowed to use any or all of the pictures, and whatever other resources you chose. Here's what you created.

Challenge entries The best entries and overall challenge winner


Readers’ Challeng winnere

1 Corine Spring

Oracle All of the challenge images supplied were added into this composition for the final result. The colour palette was extremely important when it came to creating the dark mood of this entry.

2 Pamela Woerst

Ray Of Light This entry was created with some of the supplied images of the challenge, plus a few others from free stock photo site Unsplash, to create a lighthouse composition.

3 Randolph Asaki

Bubbly Girl All the supplied files were incorporated using layers and masks. The cake and the beach form the basis, with the girl appearing in each bubble comped into the image.

4 Trevor Budd

1960s Icing Queen The concept was to combine all four photos from the challenge and give the image a 1960s fun feel with big hair! Everything was made just using the images supplied.




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