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the year of ps4 Bumper edition! Every game you should care about in the next 12 months

m a s s effec t | r ed de a d | el i t e | s onic | p r e y | g t s p or t | nioh | yook a-l ay l ee brand new reveals

the last of us part II

Plus Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite + more

2016 the Gold Standard


Discover the biggest winners and losers of the year


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game of the month The Last Guardian most wanted for 2017 Resident Evil VII: Biohazard

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o, you’re not imagining it – this edition of OPM is indeed a lot weightier than usual. (Digital edition readers, help me out by just smiling and nodding.) The reason for this is simple: there was no way we could even begin to do PS4’s stupidly strong lineup for 2017 justice without cramming extra pages into the issue. We’ve known for a while that 2017 was shaping up to be something special, but only now are we fully understanding how great it’s likely to be. It all kicks off in January with Resident Evil VII, a game that’s gracing our cover for the second time in three months. Why? Because after spending four hours playing it at Capcom’s Osaka studio, I’m utterly convinced it will become as big a step forward for the series as RE4. Turn to p32 for proof that I’ve not gone mad, then read on to see how 2017 gets even better. I won’t spoil the other surprises in store this issue, but I would suggest looking at our next gift in the red diamond down there. Good, huh? Enjoy the mag, have a great New Year and I’ll see you again in Jan.

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game of the month The Last Guardian most wanted for 2017 Horizon Zero Dawn

game of the month Watch Dogs 2 most wanted for 2017 Spider-Man

game of the month The Last Guardian most wanted for 2017 Elite Dangerous: Horizons

game of the month The Last Guardian most wanted for 2017 Red Dead Redemption 2

Games editor OPM’s baby was rushed to A&E for severe toothache. We’d joke about Jen finally losing milk teeth… but are afraid of hitting a nerve.

staff writer Ben flew to Texas this issue for an early look at the amazing Prey. “It was a religious experience!” he ‘punned’. Ben is now fired.

operations editor Wordmistress Mim is keen for us to read a dictionary in 2017. Too bad we skipped ahead and (spoiler) discovered the zebra did it.

managing art editor Another year chalked off means Milf’s fretting about his mid-life crisis. “It was almost half my life ago,” our resident art ed sobs.


highlights The big 10

006 PSx The biggest games news straight from the PlayStation Experience at Anaheim. 004


032 Resident Evil VII: Biohazard We go hands-on with Capcom’s scarefest, and uncover some secrets in the Baker house. feature

050 Nioh This action-RPG looks stunning… and we discover it’s every bit as exciting to play. featurE

074 Game of the year Our pick of the best games from 2016 – a year so good, we couldn’t narrow it down to just ten. feature

088 OPM 2016 awards Best visuals. Best soundtrack. Hardest game. We dish out these gongs, and more. review

102 The last guardian It’s Trico time! Was it really worth all the years of waiting? Read our review and find out. review

108 Final fantasy XV We knew it would be beautiful. Now discover whether the reality lives up to the fantasy.


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the big 10




Latest info, screens and playtests All the hottest news





To-the-point, detailed analysis

In-depth verdicts on every big new game

Max out your PS4, online and off

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THE Games index 114 a  mnesia: collection 076 battlefield 1 128 carnival games VR 076 dark souls III 093 deus ex: mankind divided 091 dirt rally 120 dishonored 2 079 doom 115 eagle flight 054 elite dangerous: horizons 108 final fantasy XV 092 firewatch 049 god of war 060 gran turismo sport 078 hitman 046 horizon zero dawn 079 inside 117 killing floor 2 088 mafia III 068 mass Effect Andromeda 129 NBA 2kvr experience 050 Nioh 011 No man’s sky 118 o! my genesis 078 overwatch 042 Prey 089 Ratchet & clank 067 Red dead redemption 2 032 Resident evil VII: Biohazard 081 Rez Infinite 076 rise of the tomb raider 112 robinson: the journey 118 silence 062 sonic Mania 048 Spider-man 077 Street fighter V 115 the brookhaven experiment 102 The last guardian 118 the little acre 082 The Witness 077 Thumper 116 time machine VR 080 titanfall 2 086 Uncharted 4: A thief’s end 128 waddle home 124 watch Dogs 2 115 weeping doll 128 windlands VR 076 xcom 2 066 yooka-laylee


PSX took place one day before our deadline, so we’ll bring you all the insider access next issue.

The Big10

Stories everyone’s talking about


we’ll need to keep dreaming for a while yet – the last of us part II is still in early development.

11 eye in the sky

No Man’s Sky’s sweeping new changes.

14 survivor’s gilt

Uncharted 4 bags a free Survival mode.

16 the silver scream

Scares return for the final Resi movie.

TheBig10 Stories everyone’s talking about

PlayStation fans finally Experience The Last Of Us 2

Joel and Ellie show up at Sony’s big show, alongside WipEout, PaRappa and… Chloe! There’s only one place we can start when talking about Sony’s third annual fan-centric PlayStation Experience, held on 3 December in Anaheim. Kicking aside plans that would have kept it under wraps until E3 2017, Naughty Dog finally lifted the lid on The Last Of Us 2. Or rather, The Last Of Us Part II. And why not steal the naming convention of The Godfather series, given that the first game is widely considered to be at the pinnacle of its medium? After all, you voted The Last Of Us your #1 PlayStation game of all time back in our 100th issue. Set five years after the first game ended, the sequel sees both Joel and Ellie return – though it’s Ellie who’ll take up the leading role this time in a game that creative director Neil Druckmann claims is all about “hatred.” Certainly, a bloodied Ellie’s promise that she’s “going to kill


every last one of them” in the reveal trailer speaks to there being no let up in the violence for the sequel we’ve all dreamed about – though we’ll need to keep dreaming for a while yet, as the game’s early on in development. lost and found Naughty Dog didn’t stop there, either. The Sony studio also lifted the lid on Uncharted: The Lost Legacy. The Uncharted 4 story DLC has now morphed into a standalone adventure starring Uncharted 2’s Chloe Frazer in the lead role, and it sees the kick-ass Aussie teaming up with Uncharted 4 mercenary Nadine Ross. The pair find themselves picking through a war-torn Indian city and the Western Ghats mountain range to seek out the mythical Tusk of Ganesha. You won’t need Uncharted 4 to play it – although if you bought the Uncharted 4 Digital Deluxe Edition or the Explorer’s Pack this sizeable quest is still considered an expansion, so it’ll be yours when it launches at some point in 2017.


The Big10 Stories everyone’s talking about


Oh dear… column inches are running out and we’ve so many more announcements to burn through, so grab on tight to the edges of the magazine and hold your breath. Ready? Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite is real, and is headed to PS4 later in 2017. Ryu, Mega Man X, Iron Man, and Captain Marvel are all battling for Infinity Stones in the 2v2 brawler that’s clearly learned lessons from Street Fighter V feedback – it’ll have an Arcade mode for launch. Not that Street Fighter V is going anywhere. Akuma is joining the roster today (er, you are reading this issue on our street date of 20 December, right?), and will be followed by five more characters, all of whom will be brand-new additions to the Street Fighter universe. Dare we dream that Akuma’s appearance in Tekken 7 might lead to Heihachi or one of his buddies heading the other way..? christmas rapping Kicking, punching… yeah, yeah, yeah, don’t you know that’s all in the mind? That’s what Chop Chop Master Onion told us in PaRappa The Rapper 20 years ago – and what we’re learning all over again in PaRappa The Rapper Remastered on PS4. There’s a demo on the Store right now, and the final game will run in 4K on PS4 Pro,

as will fellow mascot-led classics LocoRoco and Patapon, which are also getting PS4 remasters. WipEout too. Yes, you read that right. Sony’s iconic futuristic racer is back and in 4K thanks to WipEout Omega Collection, which combines WipEout HD, Fury and 2048 (i.e. 26 reversible circuits and 46 craft) plus new music, two-player splitscreen modes and eight-player online races in one bundle due out in summer 2017. The new reveals don’t stop there. Knack 2 is happening, and here’s a shocker: the follow-up to the lessthan-popular PS4 launch title is actually stupendous fun. Res0gun developer Housemarque unveiled a new top-down shooter, Nex Machina, which is being made with the help of arcade game legend Eugene Jarvis (creator of Defender, Robotron and Smash TV). Spec Ops: The Line studio Yager is bringing its new project, 8v8 online spaceship battler Dreadnought, to PS4 as a console-exclusive. And 1994’s cult Neo Geo power disc sports game Windjammers is being ported

a parappa the rapper remastered demo is on PS4’s store. kick! punch! it’s all in the mind!

why wait?

PSX 2016 also had some corking “It’s out now!” announcements, including Lara Croft GO, Garou: Mark Of The Wolves, Surgeon Simulator VR, Let It Die, Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 and the final Resi VII demo update. Go play!

to PS4 and PS Vita, with online multiplayer modes included. announcemageddon continues You think that’d be the end of it… but no. Not even close. PSX also pulled back the covers on new multiplayer PS VR shooter StarBlood Arena, which looks an awful lot like a modernised Descent. We also played Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy (didn’t you hear Jen’s squeals of delight floating across the Atlantic? No?), and MGS creator Hideo Kojima showed off more of his PS4-exclusive project, Death Stranding, which is using Guerrilla Games’ powerful Decima engine. Oh yeah, and both Mads “Hannibal” Mikkelsen and Guillermo “Pan’s Labyrinth director” del Toro are starring in it, which we learned a couple of days earlier at The Game Awards. TGA also hosted more reveals, including Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition (a beefed-up version of the original published by Gearbox and now starring Duke Nukem) and Marvel’s The Guardians Of The Galaxy: A TellTale Series. That barely leaves us space to announce that online Minecraft-alike Lego Worlds hits PS4 on 24 Feb, Lego City Undercover is PS4-bound in spring, and… Oops, outta room! We’ll bring you much, much, much more on every big reveal next issue, out 17 Jan.

It’s fantastic to have PaRappa back. Please Sony, can you give us a PS4 Vib-Ribbon next?

■ The Death Stranding cast is amazing.

We’ve seen movies with fewer stars.

■ Check back next issue for our hands-

on tests of Crash, WipEout and more.

With Nathan’s story over it’s time for Chloe to step up in the next Uncharted adventure.


■ Both Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite and Knack 2 were rumoured before the show began, but still drew big reactions from the crowd in attendance.

After the closure of Studio Liverpool we thought we’d never see WipEout again. *sniff*

PS4 up and running online? Then join our official Community by searching for ‘OPM UK’.

The Big10

Stories everyone’s talking about


New to PS4? Then let’s get started… PS4 tops sales charts again as gamers flock to PlayStation Ah, the sweet, siren call of deals. No-one can resist a bargain (least of all us Pile-Of-Shamecultivating game fans). It won’t come as a surprise, then, when we tell you PS4 smashed its previous 2015 Black Friday sales record this year. With new-look, slim PS4s at low prices (bundled with hits such as Bloodborne), plus 4K and HDRcompatible powerhouse PS4 Pro in the mix, the last week in November was the best week for PlayStation hardware sales in the UK since the console’s launch. That’s a lot of new players… If you’re one of them, then congrats! Whether it’s loved ones


who are spoiling you for Christmas, or you’ve gone ahead and Santa’d yourself – hey, you earned it – you’re now a PS4 or Pro owner. Welcome to the very best place to play. And we’re not just saying that: not only is the magic parallelepiped a powerful, versatile multimedia machine, it’s home to an unmatched roster of games. Need proof? This year, OPM’s only two perfect scores went to PlayStationexclusive titles: a near-flawless farewell adventure for Nathan Drake in Uncharted 4, and (spoilers for p102!) the exquisite tale of boy and bird-dog that is The Last Guardian. That’s not all – you’ll find more evidence of just 12 months of PS4 gaming brilliance in our top 16

Welcome to the very best place to play videogames.

team talk “Cliché, I know – but now really is the best time to jump aboard the good ship PS4 (nice job bagging one). Its back catalogue already has more stone-cold classics than a freezerful of Magnums – and there are tons more brilliant games to come. Where else can you play Horizon Zero Dawn? Nowhere. Case closed, basically.” Jen Simpkins Games editor

Games Of 2016 (p74) and our annual OPM awards (p88). Among these sparkle some particularly shiny new stars: the standout titles of PlayStation VR. Perhaps Sony Claus oh-so-casually left the most important gaming innovation in years under your tree? If so, your holiday’s been full of virtual reality multiplayer fun with freebie The Playroom VR – be sure to look at p144 to see what other PS VR games you need. Let’s play! Yes, newcomers, welcome to Club PlayStation. No, the drinks aren’t free… but the games are! Well, some. Subscribe to online multiplayerenabling service PS Plus (£39.99 per year), and you’ll get cracking titles every month to download as a bonus. Heard of surprise car-footie smash Rocket League? Criticallyacclaimed mini masterpiece


Details uncovered by dataminers (references to a buggy, tyres and tyre tracks) suggest future updates will bring land vehicles. Creator Sean Murray did mention the possibility in a chat with OPM…

The Big10 Stories everyone’s talking about

A new Photo Mode, too? And this is only the start of the new updates? Nicely done, Hello Games.

Near-infinite Sky gets even bigger No Man’s Sky’s gigantic new update is a winner Say a big Hello to the procedurallygenerated space sim all over again: a new (and free) ‘Foundation Update’ has landed courtesy of Hello Games, adding fresh features to the game. After the summer release saw varied and, er, vocal reactions online (we were among those who found it a special, if limited, treasure), the tiny indie team went quiet. The sudden appearance of a significant patch – including three new modes, base-building, crop-farming and custom save waypoints – broke the silence in style. Kudos. Our time with the revamped game shows just how much work has gone into the new additions. Normal mode retains your original game save, but now you can start a new adventure (in the same 18-quintillion-planetted universe, natch) in Creative mode with unlimited resources and


Journey? Just a couple of the Instant Game Collection gifts we’ve received, no biggie. (Psst – definite biggie.) And because it also features essential apps such as Netflix, NowTV, Amazon Instant Video and YouTube, there’s basically no excuse to unglue yourself from your new pride and joy. Don’t forget you’ve got all the PS4 greats to catch up on – check out Hall Of Fame on p142. There’s a mouth-foamingly exciting list of upcoming titles to look forward to in 2017 as well. We’ve already played most of ’em, and have all the juicy details in our bumper previews section starting on p31. Come to think of it, we at OPM Towers are pretty darn great at getting the inside scoop on all things PlayStation. Stick with us, new kids. “But how?” we hear you cry. Never fear – turn to p98 to subscribe to the mag.

immortality. It’ll probably last longer than a new Survival mode effort, which is so difficult that simply leaving your ship is liable to get you frozen/eaten/evaporated. Trust us. Shelter helps. Find a “Habitable Base” hub, and you can create your own base from your resources, clicking together stylish parts in first-person view and even setting up a hydroponic crop farm. (We do wish you could build wherever you liked, though; hunting for compatible spots takes ages.) Best of all, the cosmic void is less lonely nowadays. The increased number of NPC aliens is a cute touch, and you can now leave messages for other players at communications terminals, should they ever find them. It’s not quite multiplayer, but a perfect fit for the bittersweet solo adventure, we think.

Start a new adventure in added Creative and Survival modes.

Performance has been improved too. Find patch details at


The Big10 Stories everyone’s talking about

Well, that was 2016 We look back at another strong year for PS4 fans 04

So there we go, another interesting year in the bag. 2016 may have been a particularly bad year for celebrity deaths but it was a great one for PlayStation gamers. Unless they were celebrities, that is. There was so much

We’re Doomed


The original FPS blockbuster Doom makes its longawaited return in a shiny new reboot. We give it a 9 and spend the next six months with tough, bad-ass marine sneers on our faces.

going on in the past 12 months it was hard to take everything in, so we’ve decided to recap the entire lot. This way, the next time someone asks you what happened on PS4 in May 2016, you’ll be well prepared.


Hotline Bling

Ratchet & Spanked

Drake swings in for his final appearance in the incredible Uncharted 4… what? Nathan Drake? Not the other one? Well, that’s completely ruined the clever headline then. Brilliant.

Worth A ‘Watch Overwatch stamps its mark on the world and finally gives Destiny players the excuse they need to break free and start playing something else online instead.

PS4 fans sample both pleasure and pain in the same month as they’re treated simultaneously to the delightful Ratchet & Clank reboot and the fiendish Dark Souls III.

May I’m Still Stranding

It Disney Look Good

Fans of Disney Infinity feel a disturbance in the Force as it’s announced the Star Wars-themed third game is the final one, and the series is coming to an end.

The annual E3 show brings with it a slew of exciting PS4 game announcements, including a shiny new God Of War, Resident Evil VII, and Kojima’s latest, Death Stranding.

Magic Moments

The #PLUSMOMENTS campaign launches, giving players a chance to win prizes by sharing clips from online multiplayer matches that meet challenges set by Sony.

Hogging The Limelight

Sonic celebrates his 25th anniversary. Fans refuse to call it his Silver anniversary because it reminds them Silver The Hedgehog exists and it makes them a bit upset.

June Just Seventeen

OPM #130 comes with a free 2017 calendar. Missed it? Then quickly order the back issue from myfavouritemagazines. or you’ll have no ruddy idea what day it is.

At Last!

Get Experienced

The third annual PlayStation Experience event takes place in Anaheim on 3 December. As you should already know – all the big news is over on p6 of this very issue you’re holding.

After more than a decade of waiting, genDESIGN’s The Last Guardian is finally released. We’re busy searching the skies for airborne hogs.


Golden Ticket

The 34th Golden Joystick Awards take place. To catch up on all the winners and losers from the big event in London, flick forward to p18 right this moment.

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