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Garrett returns for the crime of the century


Company of heroes 2 On trial: 2013’s most brutal RTS

LIOUID COOLERS Seven ways to supercharge your PC

Torment reborn

extra life

How to make a better RPG than Planescape

the best new games Battlefield 4 WATCH DOGS Total War: Rome 2 Saints Row 4

august 2013


◆Once more into war of the roses ◆mopping up sick in Rollercoaster Tycoon ◆Game of Thrones diary: Ned Stark’s last stand ◆Top 10 free downloads


August 2013

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MONITOR 08» THE TOP STORY MMO shooters on the rise.

12 » THE SPY

Secrets to spare! 14 » FACE OFF Are open worlds the future? 16 » special report Helping disabled gamers play. PREVIEWS 18 Battlefield 4 20 Watch Dogs 22 The Evil Within 24 Wolfenstein: The New Order 26 Joe Danger 2: The Movie 28 Total War: Rome II 30 FIFA 14 32 Saints Row IV 34 Murdered: Soul Suspect

FEATURES 36 Thief Garrett is back, prowling the rooftops of The City. 42 Torment The cult RPG gets a semi-sequel at last. 48 PC Gamer Top 100 The finest PC games of all time.


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MONTH 2013


18Battlefield 4 36Thief DICE’s next modern military shooter features the series’ most dynamic multiplayer maps and its biggest explosions: a definite recipe for destruction.

Graham stops prancing about long enough to investigate Garrett’s return. The City has changed in Thief’s long absence, but a few things stay the same.

Tides of Numenera 42Torment: Chris talks to the veteran developers behind the successor to one of the bestloved RPGs of all time. Why now for a new Torment?




18 42

74 Company of Heroes 2 80 Grid 2 82 Dyad 84 Call of Juarez: Gunslinger 85 Papo & Yo 86 ShootMania Storm 90 StarDrive 91 Starseed Pilgrim 91 Signal Ops 92 Mars: War Logs 94 Wargame: AirLand Battle ALPHA 96 Kerbal Space Program DLC 98 Star Wars: The Old Republic: Rise of the Hutt Cartel 99 Crusader Kings II: The Old Gods 99 CoD: Black Ops II Uprising They’re Back 100 Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude 101 Deathtrap Dungeon / Worms Revolution Collection / Afterfall Insanity: Dirty Arena Edition / Wizardry 8

The Hard Stuff 103 » SUPERTEST Closed loop watercoolers: which belongs in your PC? 108 » REVIEW The Razer Blade versus the Gladiator FX Predator. Which gaming PC has the silliest name?



of ever heroes 2 Coolers 48100gamesGreatest 74Company 103Liquid Many votes have been cast, many battles have been fought. PC Gamer’s Top 100 returns, more controversial than ever.

Rich dons a warm winter hat and treks off to deliver his verdict on Relic’s strategy sequel. If only we could get him to put on some other clothes.

Dave James probes the coldest, wettest ways to keep your PC from catching fire and exploding. Closed-loop watercoolers on trial.

Graham fiddles with Receiver and Tom revisits Diablo III. 116 » TOP 10 DOWNLOADS Mods for Skyrim and more. 120 » UPDATE Hark back to War of the Roses. 122 » REINSTALL John Morcom cleans up vomit in Rollercoaster Tycoon 3. 124 » DIARY Rich does what GRR Martin can’t: come up with an ending for Game of Thrones. 128 » MUST PLAY The PC’s best games at a glance.

August 2013



view of the world

The future is open-world

The top story Publishers reveal their ‘next-gen’ games: they look like MMOs with guns and cars


he E3 expo in June gave us our first proper look at what the next generation of bigbudget games will look like. The new wave of consoles has increased the memory and processing budgets available to developers, and most seem to be pumping that extra power into bigger worlds and more online features. They don’t get much bigger than the entire United States. Ubisoft’s new racing game The Crew takes the country and shrinks it down a little bit, leaving a vast swathe of land, peppered with roads, rocks and rubble to race through. Entire cities – New York is apparently the size of Liberty City in GTA IV – are open and free to be driven through. You’ll meet other drivers on your way through the 5,000 square kilometres, any of whom you can


August 2013

challenge and group up with thanks to the persistent online functionality. We’ll see The Crew in early 2014. Respawn Entertainment – the studio founded by Infinity Ward’s Vince Zampella and Jason West after their fiery exit from Activision – have finally revealed their debut project, Titanfall. It’s a sci-fi shooter that operates on multiple scales with persistent multiplayer elements. As ‘pilots’, players will run around on the ground shooting one another, running up walls and jetpacking about to reach new elevations. As ‘titans’, players will steer massive, nimble mechs that can be deployed into the battlefield from orbit. There’s also Bungie’s Destiny, which was revealed to be a kind of MMO hybrid of Halo and Borderlands. Originally confirmed for PC, the developer is now

refusing to confirm whether we’ll get to play it or not, but from its strong E3 showing it seems very much worth crossing your fingers for. Similarly unconfirmed for PC is The Division, revealed at Ubisoft’s conference. It’s a Tom Clancy game, and a third-person MMO shooter set in the near future after a virus brings civilised society crashing down. PC gamers have already expressed their interest in the game: a week after the game was first shown, a petition to Ubisoft clamouring for a PC version had reached 50,000 signatures. There’s a warranted degree of cynicism about why these games are emerging from the woodwork all at once. ‘Shooter/ racer plus MMO’ certainly plays well in a shareholder meeting, but there’s also a lot of ambitious design work going into making them a reality. They might not all turn out to be classics, but it’s a good time to be a fan of trekking or racing through the wilderness with friends at your side. Chris Thursten

»$10m earned

»6 hours

»$759,528 raised

Multiplayer-only mecha FPS Titanfall is seriously stompy.


OUCH! New Trials backflips onto PC next year

There’s a new game in RedLynx’s motorbike accident simulator coming to PC. Trials Fusion is “setting a shining vision of what our future could be, where technology and nature coexist” according to the developers, which I’m pretty sure is short for “we’ve found much taller things for you to fall off”. At least there’s a new trick system to give you something to do while you plummet. Trials Fusion is due out in 2014. CT


SEQUEL First details of Dragon Age: the Inquisition emerge

Cars can now have friends. What’s next, dogs with hats? Yes please.

BioWare have let the first scraps of Dragon Age: Inquisition out of the bag. It’ll be an open-world RPG, and you’ll be tracking down sinister agents who have doomed that world. Familiar characters shown in the trailer include Dragon Age II’s narrator-companion Varric and his interrogator, Cassandra Pentaghast. Of note to long-term fans will be the narration by Origins’ Morrigan, and the fact that the Chantry seem to be attacking the Grey Wardens. CT

HEALTH BAR checking the games biz’s pulse

Winners Team Fortress creators Valve announce more than $10m paid out to Workshop creators. Bungie’s new MMO FPS Destiny spans the solar system – and looks awesome.

Star Citizen Crowdfunded space sim cracks the $10m mark – all from fans. Oculus Rift Unreal Engine 4 support confirmed, putting VR at the centre of the next generation. Marvel Heroes Superhero MMO launch delayed by ‘serious’ issues. Deus Ex: The Fall New Deus Ex game turns out to be... for phones. Microsoft Couldn’t have had a rougher E3 if the Xbox One was made of sandpaper.

Faildogs August 2013


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