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Palette Paula Rego exhibition

Major display of the famous artist needs donations to become a reality… Paula Rego is one of the most significant figurative artists still working today, and her newest work is set to feature in Hastings’ Jerwood Gallery this autumn. Featuring paintings, drawings and sculptures, Paula Rego: The Boy Who Loved the Sea and Other Stories is a new series of pictures that explores her obsession with the sea, but it needs donations to see the light of day. “A new series of work by Paula Rego is always a cause for celebration,” explains exhibition curator Colin Wiggins. “The Boy Who Loved the Sea is her most recent exploration of a subject that’s always fascinated her and we’re delighted that Dame Paula wishes that

her work should be given its first UK exhibition at the Jerwood Gallery.” A previously unseen set of 11 pastel drawings, as well as a nursery rhyme series and five new self-portraits, are also set to feature in the exhibition. Together they will show that at 80, Rego has hit the height of her artistic powers. To make the display happen on a scale that the artist deserves, Jerwood Gallery is partnering with Art Fund to raise £25,000, but they need your donations. If you want to help make the first major Rego exhibition in the UK for 10 years a reality, visit the Jerwood Gallery’s Art Fund campaign page at and donate what you can.

Words of wisdom

“There is often nothing as cripplingly terrifying as a real blank canvas staring back at you, but with a digital canvas and the aid of the Undo button this fear is allayed’” Traditional painter Phil Galloway on the benefits of digital art and getting creative in ArtRage, page 30

Smoke art sensation

Meet the fumage artist who’s lighting up social media Chances are, if you think of smoking and artists, your mind will conjure up mental images of fashionably down-and-out painters slumming it in some Parisian apartment. That’s not the case with Steven Spazuk, though, who uses smoke, candles and soot to create stunning artwork. By waving naked flames over canvases, a technique known in the trade as fumage, Steven creates unique, hazy textures. These smoke marks can either be left as they are, or he can sculpt the soot with a palette knife to produce intricate images that have the sharpness and detail of a traditional engraving. Steven’s work is understandably popular on social media, where his unique artistic methods have won him a legion of fans (over 15,000 followers and counting). His images and technique really has to be seen to be believed, and luckily you can watch him at work and admire his masterpieces on his Instagram page:

8 May 2017 Paint & Draw

Ralph describes his art as, “Erratic, controlled, sometimes complex, and interesting – even to me” We talk to Ralph Steadman, whose drawings are synonymous with the work of Hunter S Thompson, page 44

“In the end it comes down to finding harmony and balance in the painting, and trusting what I feel to be right..” Adrian Sykes channels his inner Jedi to bring an imaginative Venice scene to life, page 38

Paint and Draw 08 (Sampler)  

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Paint and Draw 08 (Sampler)  

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