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184 pages of nikon advice & inspiration Issue 83 • April 2018

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Nikon skills…



Supercharge your Nikon with our sneaky shortcuts l Setup l Shooting l Playback l Custom settings


Budget tele-zooms

Top-class glass for costconscious photographers

See why Tamron’s 100-400mm is the sharpest super-telephoto in its class

Joe Strummer is just a bloke; Bob Marley is just a bloke. It wasn’t until years later they became sort of demi-gods Adrian Boot, rock ’n roll photographer p92

Take it outside

Outdoor Photographer of the Year’s best images p8

Paradise lake

The shot that made Ami Vitale famous p90

Scrumptious food photos! Pro tips for cooking up shots that are good enough to eat

Inch-high club Capture surreal scenes with miniatures p62

Make a leak

Retro effects with Photoshop filters p44

From the editor

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Welcome to issue 83

Digital Camera World Catch up with Nikon news, get inspired and learn new skills

What’s the first thing you do when you unbox your shiny new Nikon – read the manual, or head straight out to get shooting? While that thick book that comes with every camera is packed with important operating info, most of us are guilty of giving it little more than a cursory glance. So this issue’s lead feature is packed with 101 must-read tips to get the best out of your Nikon. It’s much more digestible than ploughing through that manual! Also this issue, our Apprentice learns to cook up tasty shots of home-baked goodies that are sure to whet your appetite, we show you how to shoot environmental portraits of people in the workplace, and we speak with legendary punk rock and reggae snapper Adrian Boot. Plus we check out telephoto zooms that won’t break the bank, rate six variable ND filters, and get our hands on Tamron’s latest 100-400mm super-tele.

Adam Waring, Editor

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Contents Essentials



Nikon Field Guide ebook!

  Cover feature Lightbox

The very best Nikon images from the Outdoor Photographer of the Year competition, now in its seventh year nikonfieldguide


Cover feature

101 tips and tricks

No matter what model of Nikon you have, from the D3400 to the mighty D850, we’ll show you how to use it better



Cover feature

16-year-old Benji Millar joins pro Donna Crous for a day’s masterclass in creative food photography


Cover feature

Your stories

  Mike Shields creates whimsical miniature scenes using model figures, and reveals his techniques here

Unleash the power of your Nikon

Cover feature

18 68

Make the most of your camera with these 101 top tips for maximizing performance and saving time


Cover feature Inch-high portraits


A 13-year-old bitten by the photography bug shares his great tip for a cheap dual-lens macro setup

76 Creative paths




 Nikon software

Cover feature

N-Photo POTY

  Enter your best shots in our monthly themed N-Photo Photographer of the Year contest for the chance to win a Nikon D850!

Cover feature

My big break

Photojournalist Ami Vitale’s shot that demonstrated the absurdity of war and which brought her to a wider audience

  Cover feature Interview

Adrian Boot has been shooting live music acts for more than 45 years. He talks to us about his incredibly varied career

84  Ask Jason

102 On assignment

86 Head to head

130 The final word

Is there a decent non-subscription alternative to Adobe CC, and what’s the best way to scan 35mm negatives?




  Use Picture Controls to quickly improve colour and contrast in Nikon’s Capture NX-D software

The best Nikon images from the Outdoor POTY competition

Reader Paul Greenhalgh shows that you don’t necessarily have to use full-frame camera bodies for astrophotography


Michael Freeman explains his idea of the Creative Triangle: balancing subject, image treatment and graphical elements

Cover feature


 Portfolio review

  Two standard prime lenses battle it out: the Sigma 50mm f/1.4 DG HSM | A and the Tamron SP 45mm f/1.8 Di VC USD

On a 10-day research trip to the Japanese island of Hokkaido, Paul Gallagher experienced an amazing winter

Joe McNally explains just how much work goes into capturing a single perfect action shot

C o n t en t s


34 Increase tonal range

Cover feature

Use Nikon’s built-in HDR mode to capture more detail

From Blondie to The Clash, music photographer Adrian Boot has shot them all

Gear Zone

106 New gear 108 Mini test

Tempting new tech for your Nikon to make your wallet groan

Six variable ND filters put to the test: what are the compromises you should look out for?


Cover feature

36Long-exposure buildings 40 Capture sharp wildlife shots


How to smoothly track motion with a gimbal tripod head




Tamron’s 100-400mm promises big performance with a small weight. Does it deliver?


Use an ND filter for dramatic architectural images

  Cover feature Big test  

Tele-zooms need no longer cost a fortune. We try out eight models and reveal the best deals


Alter colour in Lightroom

Walk through the new and improved Color panel

Create retro light leaks

Style digital shots into analogue masterpieces

124 Buyer’s guide

Want to buy a body? Want to buy a lens? We’ve got complete listings of all current models!

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46 Environmental portraits 82 Improve colour & contrast Work the surroundings for a character-filled photo


the video

How Capture NX-D’s Picture Controls can make your shots zing

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Matthew Richards

Donna Crous

Michael Freeman




Matthew shares his extensive photographic experience in the form of our lead feature of 101 tips for using your Nikon

Food blogger and photographer Donna shares her expert tips for shooting mouth-watering treats that will make you drool

Michael explains his idea of the ‘Creative Triangle’ – a little like the Exposure Triangle but from the creative point of view

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Joe McNally

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PAGE 130

Photojournalist Ami is renowned for her searingly honest shots, and here she discusses one that means a lot to her

Adrian has photographed a vast number of rock acts over his career – but, he says in our interview, they’re just people

Resident professional Joe takes to the streets, or rather parks, of New York City to create an action shot for an ad campaign

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The N-Photo team’s food photography tips

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Adam Waring

Jason Parnell-Brookes

Ben Andrews

Rod Lawton

Cooking up, styling and taking scrumptious shots of food is certainly lots of fun, but the best bit of all is eating it afterwards. Yum!

Soft window light cast over the food invites us to go for a bite. But if you find shadows are a bit dark, bounce some light back in with a white reflector.

Food photography is all about the details: spotless presentation and a carefully dressed setting are vital, so tell any circling flies to buzz off!

I’ve just bought a Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8 for my D7200. Closeup at full aperture, it’s perfect for picking out crisp details against soft backgrounds.



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Yea r he of t her rap t og P ho oor ut d mO fro ima ge s tN iko n be s T he At the Water’s Edge Category Winner

Thórsmörk (the valley of Thor)

Witold Ziomek / Outdoor Photographer of the Year

Witold Ziomek, Poland


After a morning full of drama, during which we almost ‘drowned’ our car in a river – and then pulled out a young Frenchman who had – we reached Thórsmörk, in the south of Iceland. We walked up to a viewpoint where we could see… exactly nothing, due to the fog. We waited, and eventually the fog started to lift, but I still needed to wait a lot longer for a car to appear in the perfect position to add a sense of scale to the mountain landscape. Nikon D610, 24-105mm f/4, 1/200 sec, f/7.1, ISO180


Andy Holliman / Outdoor Photographer of the Year


Josiah Launstein / Outdoor Photographer of the Year



Mark Bridgwater / Outdoor Photographer of the Year

Spirit of Travel Category Winner

Young OPOTY Category Winner

Live the Adventure finalist

Andy Holliman, United Kingdom

Josiah Launstein, Canada

Mark Bridgwater, New Zealand

Kangerlussuaq airport

Sierra Nevada bighorn sheep

Temple Basin, Arthur’s Pass

Kangerlussuaq airport is the largest airport in Greenland and the main arrival point for international travellers. Almost everything is in Air Greenland’s bright red colours. The simple colour palette of this scene appealed to me, including the signposts directing the planes to their various destinations.

Sierra Nevada bighorn sheep are extra-special because they are an endangered species. Just as the light was fading, I spotted this ram on a high ridge. I didn’t have time to get my camera on my tripod, so I leaned my camera against a solid support as I framed up my shot.

There are times when the clouds break in the perfect spot and the sun shines exactly where you are standing. This was one of those moments for Charlie Lyons and myself. While most were oblivious to the perfection we found on our mid-week excursion, we both had the time of our lives.

Nikon D700, 28-300mm f/3.5-5.6, 1/320 sec, f/11, ISO200

Nikon D7100, 200-500mm f/5.6, 1/250 sec, f/10, ISO500

Nikon D4S, 70-200mm f/2.8, 1/2000 sec, f/11, ISO800



Under Exposed finalist

Battle of the tompots

Henley Spiers / Outdoor Photographer of the Year

Henley Spiers, United Kingdom


The British summer is mating season for tompot blennies and competition is fierce. I went diving in search of tompots and was delighted to encounter one with the ornate blue facial markings designed to attract a partner. To my surprise and wonder, he was soon joined by another male blenny and they stopped tussling just long enough for me to capture this image. Nikon D7200, 60mm f/2.8, 1/125 sec, f/4.5, ISO320


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N-Photo 83 (Sampler)  

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