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Ruggedised computing Ruggedised devices, whether tablets or 2-in-1 models, have been one of the brighter points in an otherwise-morose mobile computing market. Around a million units are sold worldwide every quarter with an average selling price of around £815

Hottest devices

From the field Getac RX10. From £2,031 ‘Clearly, given the price and the feature set, the RX10 is not for everyone. This was never Getac’s intention in the first place, and it is good to see that the manufacturer didn’t end up with a half-baked product blighted with the sort of compromises that consumer-grade devices usually come with. All in all, the RX10 is a very solid contender if you’re in the market for a ruggedised tablet. One thing that might be improved is battery life, which Getac claims should be up to eight hours, which we assume would be without 4G and with brightness set to minimum.’

Panasonic ToughBook CF-20 From £3,100 ‘The CF-20 might not look like a flagship offering, but it feels like one in the hand and performs like one under strain. It’s impressive how Panasonic has managed to keep the device relatively light while crafting it from such strong materials. Throw in an abundance of ports, a small, yet crisp and bright display, and excellent battery runtimes (which could be extended with another battery), and it adds up to make a device that leaves no stone upturned for outdoor workers. It’s not perfect though, due to its inevitably cramped keyboard and sticking trackpad, which form two minor blots on an otherwise impressive package.’

Asus Chromebook C202 From £200 ‘No one would expect Asus to build a ruggedized laptop but Google’s Chrome OS heralded a new generation of affordable rugged devices and the C202 Chromebook is built to last. Drops, spills, bumps and dents can send any device to the scrapheap, but it takes its lumps in stride. And, if something does manage to put it down for the count, it’s easy-to-repair modular design gets it back on its feet quickly. Sure, it is far from being a complete all-rounder but if all you need is a device to withstand the hardship of a classroom, this Chromebook and its ilk should fit the bill.’ Source:


January 2017

What is it? ‘From a user perspective, rugged is the computer’s ability to keep operating under all exposed working conditions. And not just once, but for the life of the unit, which can easily be three to five years. However, depending upon the kind of work being performed, what is rugged for one user may not be rugged for another.’ Handheld Group Looking to Europe ‘Panasonic has now set its sights on Europe’s rugged handheld market. In the past 12 months, our revenues in this sector have grown 55% and almost a third of the product range is now dedicated to this market. ‘Our focus is to work with a range of specialist partners to create new business solutions for our devices across a range of vertical industries, such as retail, logistics, manufacturing and the public sector.’ Sylvaine Smith, Panasonic head of partner management for Europe On demand ‘We’ve seen a massive uplift in demand in the past two to three years for Samsung’s semi-ruggedised devices that can be protected from dust and water… In a b2b environment a lot of people use phones outside so there’s a need for standalone devices that don’t need protective cases.’ Dan Manser, Ingram Micro Business development manager Damage limitation ‘The rugged smartphone market is growing, with more than 10m units sold globally in 2014 and our Cat phones portfolio appeals to those who regularly damage their existing phone due to them being used in work environments they were not built for.’ Oliver Schulte, ex-Bullitt Mobile CEO

Mobile January 2017  
Mobile January 2017