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Battle of the bundle As stores expand their range to include broadband, TV and a broader selection of accessories such as wireless headphones and portable hotspots, the pressure is on for staff to work out the best bundle for each customer. When done well, bundling makes a customer feel they’ve got an incredible deal and also establishes your store as the place to go for the everexpanding selection of phonerelated devices, from cases to VR to connected home equipment. We gave our members a scenario and asked them to come up with their best bundle. Here’s a couple of our favourite answers below:

Scenario List the best value-for-money bundle you can make for up to £30 per month and £20 upfront. It must include one device plus as many of the below as possible: • Insurance • Phone cases • Tablets • Headphones • Broadband • VR • Wearables • Additional handsets • Speakers • TV package Jason Seal – EE, Boston Huawei MediaPad T1 + Mobile WiFi + Car WiFi +Skull Candy wireless headphones + 2GB data = £29.70 per month (no upfront) The verdict: A good entry-level tablet coupled with everything you’d need to make the most of EE’s top-scoring data network on the go. It’s also suitable for a good range of customers, with a pair of plain-coloured Skull Candy headphones, it could be a good mobile working solution for a business user. on the other hand, with the more traditional bold Skull Candy

designs, it’s perfect for keeping kids quiet on the school run. Conor Shaw – Vodafone, Malborough Vodafone Smart Ultra 7 + Vodafone Smart Ultra 7 case w+ Vodafone Tab Speed 6 + 2GB Plan = £26 per month + £15 upfront The verdict: It may take some persuading to get a customer to go in for this head-to-toe Vodafone tech package, but they’ll be glad you did. The Smart Ultra 7 received great reviews and the case is quite essential for that big 5.5in screen. The added tablet is the icing on the cake, especially considering it is one of the few value tablets with 4G capabilities.

iSellMobile’s top pick From Carphone Warehouse: Samsung Galaxy A3 + free Beats by Dr Dre EP + free Goji VR Headset + 3GB data on Vodafone + Samsung Galaxy A3 Essential Bundle (screen protector + car charger + phone case) = £25 per month + £19.99 upfront Our verdict: We think this is the most you can possibly get for your cash, with Carphone Warehouse giving away a free VR device with every Android handset. We even considered dropping the phone down to a J3 with less data in order to fit in a Galaxy Tab A and another J3 for £30 a month, but concluded that a user would probably get a more enjoyable experience from the headphones and the VR headset if they had the tech and data to make the most of it.

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