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Store Manager of the Year 2016 Wesley Fletcher Carphone Warehouse Maidstone became the first store to ever ‘do the double’ by winning both Store Manager of the Year and Team of the Year at the same event. iSellMobile spoke to the winning manager to find out more

PROFILE Years worked at Carphone Warehouse: 13 First store: Chatham First phone sold: Nokia 7650 Titles: Chairman’s Shield runner-up 2015, Chairman’s Shield winner 2016, Store Manager of the Year 2016, Team of the Year 2016. How did your team react to your win and to them winning Team of the Year as well? They went crazy, there was a lot of my boss’s bosses there hoping for Carphone to win some titles, so when we did the double it was amazing. Having the team with me on the night was brilliant; they loved it. The whole team is buzzing, we feel unstoppable, really relentless in our approach. They always say to me, ‘what’s next?’ When they went back to the store the next day they couldn’t stop talking about it. How was Black Friday? Yeah, quite good. I think we had 30% more offers online this year so that really drove online traffic on the Thursday. Do you think maybe it’s more of an online thing now? Not really, no. We still get a huge amount of footfall. Also, we get a lot of traffic from the Currys PC 26

December 2016

World Pick Up Points because of Cyber Monday. In this way the online browsing and buying drives footfall in store as well. You’ve had an NPS above 90% every month for the past two years. How do you ensure NPS scores remain high on days such as Black Friday when perhaps you have less time per customer? We always have a CJL [Customer Journey Liaison] which will be me, Ollie or Luke. We welcome every customer when they come into the store, and look after them as they go round the shop. We also have a luxury coffee machine and a sofa and chairs in the middle of the shop. It’s a great atmosphere now, very well suited to going through the Pin-Point journey with them in a comfy environment. Coupled with a ticketing system, it helps to prevent queues and allows customers to browse as they like without losing their place. We’re one of the only stores that does this, but the CJL is the crucial part in managing it. Tell us about your team My assistant store manager Luke was here as a consultant when I first joined the store. Straight away I saw that he was essentially doing an assistant manager’s (ASM) role

but without the benefits, so I showed him all the back of house stuff and he came along in leaps and bounds, now he’s a strong ASM and he really drives the momentum in store. I’ve got another ASM – Ollie – who’s fantastic as well and one of my guys who was once an ASM in store is now a general manager in another store, I think it’s important to encourage progression. What systems do you use to promote personal development? So each ASM and myself will have someone under their wing; a ‘next-stepper’. We look at what people want to achieve and work out how to work towards it. When we have a team brief, everybody contributes – we work together to make the store succeed because it’s not just knowing targets, it’s knowing why and making sure everyone understands the entire eco-system. We also have customer assistant specialists in areas such as insurance and accessories. They share best practice and update all the latest information in each category, presenting to the rest of the staff on how their specific area is going. When did you first find out that Luke had put you forward for Store Manager of the Year?

When we went for Team of the Year he sent me a message saying he’d nominated me. I went online and saw all the supporting comments and I was blown away. I didn’t realize how much people looked to me for support and guidance, it was very humbling. From there you were shortlisted and invited in to be interviewed – what were the other finalists like? I met David Rafferty, the store manager of Glasgow Braehead who I was up against for last year’s Chairman’s Shield. Everything he seemed to get, I seemed to get runner-up for, so this year I was really gunning for it. The calibre in the room was very high. I met some great managers from Carphone Warehouse, Tesco Mobile, Vodafone, EE and Three. They were fantastic at what they do and were really committed to doing well for their stores and their teams. What are the general trends you’ve seen in 2016? We know now that there’s two things a customer thinks of when they come in. ‘Is it the right deal for me?’ and ‘can I get it cheaper elsewhere?’. That’s where the market is at the moment; it’s all about value.

Mobile December 2016  
Mobile December 2016