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Music Photo: Meredith Adelaide

Composer Justin Melland Chilling, Analog-Based Score to Accompany Ted Bundy’s Voice By Lily Moayeri


erial killers are trendy again—that is, our fascination with them has rekindled— and none more so than the deranged yet charismatic Ted Bundy, the subject of the hugely popular four-part Netflix documentary Conversations With a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes. The chilling score, which adds so much to the already disturbing docuseries, was written by Justin Melland. Even without the visual


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accompaniment, Melland’s “95 percent analog” score and main titles are terrifying. The four-and-a-half hours of music on Conversations With a Killer marked the first time Melland, an experienced film and television composer, was allowed to do exactly what he wanted with a score. “It’s what I’d always hoped people would ask me to do,” he says sitting at the center of his elaborate L.A.-based home

studio, The Eleventh Laboratory, where analog and modular synths create a command center with him in the captain’s chair. His stringed instruments line his longest wall, giving the feeling of being in a music museum. “Before the Bundy Tapes, I was always trying to press people to give more creative freedom to the composer,” Melland says. “With digital editing and being able to throw in any piece of

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MIX 510 - JUNE 2019  

MIX 510 - JUNE 2019

MIX 510 - JUNE 2019  

MIX 510 - JUNE 2019