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Boost Your Energy Contemporary life has undeniably become stressful and demanding, and as a consequence, many of us have come to accept that life is simply an exhausting business. But that is just not true. Healthy, smooth-flowing, balanced energy levels are attainable. When we’re filled with a sense of emotional, mental and physical vitality, life flows so much more positively. Mindfulness: Boost Your Energy is here to help you deal effectively with the curveballs that life occasionally throws at you, leaving you feeling drained. The fields of natural healing, mind-body medicine and psychology offer many paths to a vital and energetic life. Discover the uses and benefits of aromatherapy, acupuncture, yoga and much more in this simple, straightforward, and friendly guide through the maze of holistic living.

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introduction Healthy, smooth-flowing, balanced energy levels supply the spark of life. Who among us has not noticed that, when we’re filled with a sense of emotional, mental and physical vitality, life flows so much more positively? Any problems that pop up – and, of course, it’s in the nature of day-to-day life that they will – can be faced with confidence and resourcefulness when we are brimful of healthy energy. Yet the opposite is also unfortunately true. We are unlikely to be able to think creatively and laterally when we feel completely drained and exhausted. These observations have significance for our personal relationships, as healthy levels of vital energy are important in helping us to make the most of the relationships that matter. High levels of vitality enable us to enjoy the many pleasures that come from socializing with friends, playing with children, working and thinking creatively and making love. They also help us to maintain a healthy sense of humour in sticky patches. Yet how many of us unconsciously settle for energy levels that can be best described as lacklustre? We know how stressful and demanding modern-day life has undeniably become, and, as a consequence, many of us may have given into the common assumption that life is simply an exhausting business. This book is intended to help you to deal effectively with the obstacles that life presents from time to time, challenges that can leave us feeling less than dynamic. It also highlights the fact that you shouldn’t be afraid to aim high to enjoy optimum levels of vital energy. We aim to provide you with a workable, practical scheme that you can adapt to bring your basic sense of vitality back on track as quickly, effectively and easily as possible. Specific problem areas are identified in chapter one, while the chapters that follow provide a long-term plan designed to give the essential information you need to ensure that you don’t ‘crash and burn’ again.

Most important of all, rest assured that this project isn’t going to be a deadly solemn, punishing or Spartan business that fills you with dread at the mere thought of attempting it. Boost Your Energy has been consciously assembled with a view to making the changes suggested in it as accessible, rewarding and pleasurable as possible. You will find that, as more balanced energy levels return, you begin to discover a renewed sense of joie de vivre. Don’t forget that healthy energy levels are balanced energy levels. In other words, you should have plenty of vitality to meet the demands and challenges of everyday life, without moving on into a state of hyper-energy overdrive. If the latter occurs, although you may well feel in the short term that you are being superproductive, the odds are that you will pay a high price for this extreme behaviour in the health stakes later. Operating in overdrive is definitely not good for your wellbeing in the long term. Living your life in fifth gear can make it difficult to switch off and relax, with all sorts of health problems – most commonly headaches and a poor sleep pattern – lurking just around the corner. Instead, you should aim for a steady baseline of balanced emotional, mental and physical vitality that gives you the freedom to work, play and relax as you choose. Balanced levels of mental, emotional and physical energy are essential if we are to genuinely experience positive health and vitality. Apart from putting a bounce in our step and balancing erratic moods swings, healthy and stable levels of energy are an essential aid in supporting the basic bodily processes of repair, maintenance and cellular renewal. When energy levels are flowing smoothly we fight off minor illnesses more effectively as well as feeling as though we have an increased zest for life.

Left: You can use simple hydrotherapy techniques to perk you up or to calm depending on your individual needstoatperk anyyou given Left: you Youdown, can use simple hydrotherapy techniques up time. or to calm you down, depending on your individual needs at any given time.


Energy medicine These days it is difficult to open the pages of a glossy magazine without finding at least one feature on alternative and complementary medicine. Therapies such as homeopathy, acupuncture and herbalism, once considered fringe practices or just for cranks, have moved firmly on to centre stage, where they are increasingly accepted as popular and effective systems of healing. Many of us may have friends or colleagues who think nothing of having reflexology, aromatherapy or chiropractic treatment to help with tension headaches or back pain. It is also not uncommon now for enlightened GPs to suggest to their patients that they consult a homeopath or traditional Chinese therapist in order to treat their persistent eczema or psoriasis. Perhaps the most telling indicators of alternative medicine’s broad-based popularity are the shelves of the major pharmacy and supermarket chains. Here substantial and ever-increasing space is dedicated to medicines, nutritional supplements and ‘natural’ cosmetics stocked only by small specialist health food stores just a couple of

decades ago. Once large-scale retail chains and department stores begin to devote significant amounts of space to these products, we can be certain that public interest and support for alternative medicines and therapies have grown to levels that should be considered significant. Even the hardest-headed of us will soon find it difficult to ignore the fact that we have a wide range of non-conventional therapies at our disposal that can treat a multitude of debilitating and chronic conditions. What we may not yet have realized, though, is that alternative and complementary therapies possess an extra dimension that goes way beyond the effective treatment of a variety of common conditions that includes irritable bowel syndrome, migraine, anxiety, depression, arthritis, premenstrual syndrome and acne. This crucial extra dimension is related to a concept that lies at the heart of so many alternative and complementary therapies: the importance of stimulating vital energy. Right: Holistic therapies can help you to deal with life’s challenges gently but effectively.


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