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ISSUE 263 | August 2013

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Why you shouldn’t be using safari

Price £5.99 | Issue 263 | August 2013 | @MacFormat

Mac and iOS browsers tested

OS X 10.9 Mavericks Full report on the latest Mac OS, plus iOS 7!


All-new + iMovie on iOS & OS X The new Mac Pro

Edit movies on your Mac and on the go!

What Apple’s radical new desktop means for you

Make iCloud work for you Tips for making Apple’s cloud service better

Plus! The new MacBook Air reviewed!

Beautiful, quick docs Master Styles in Word to speed up your work

August 2013

Six handy rucksacks reviewed and rated!

Holy iOS gaming delight, Batman!

£6 outsidE UK & ROI

Lego Batman


AirPort Time Capsule Pure Jongo S3 ● Thunderbolt dock ●

Laptop backpacks



Issue at a glance Improve iLife | iWork | Mac Apps | System | iOS

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Keyword your photos Use iMovie on iOS and OS X

MAC APPS In OS X, press and hold ç then tap † to open the app switcher. You can then switch between currently open applications simply by pressing † to cycle through; hold ß and press † to cycle backwards.

Fix white balance

Adjust colour cast in Aperture p38

38 40 42 44 46

Fix white balance Apply different Styles in Word Use formulas in Excel Broadcast your presentations Find your stuff quickly

Find stuff quickly

With Quicksilver for OS X p46


Solve iCloud problems


Tune up iCloud


Manage zip archives on iPad

Manage ZIPs on iPad

Make it work better for you p48

With the help of GoodReader p50 | August 2013 | 33

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7/3/13 10:04 AM

Do more with your Apple gear Try out fantastic tutorials covering iLife, iWork, OS X, iOS and a range of the latest and greatest Mac apps p33

All-new We get under the skin of Apple’s tiny monster to discover what it means for you p10

Apple talk Have your say on everything Mac, OSX and iOS

Total War! Last December I became an iMac owner – after having an iPhone 4 and a third-gen iPad, I thought the only way to go is Total Apple! Although I have not yet purchased a subscription for MacFormat, I have purchased the app edition for several months on a needs basis, but am very tempted to go for it as I find the iPad interactive edition just mega! A couple of months ago you wrote a review of Empire Total War; I registered with the Total War website to be advised when Napoleon Total War would be released for the Mac, but have heard nothing. I wondered if you have any more information, as I’m keen to purchase this game. My experience with Steam was useless – after downloading the game for three days and exceeding my monthly

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download allowance all I got was ‘this product is not on file download!’ I looked at Steam’s forums and found several Mac users have had the same problem, yet I couldn’t get a refund. Any advice would be gratefully received. Keep up the good work! Michael Ford

Matthew Bolton says: The good news here is that by the time you read this, Napoleon Total War should be out on the Mac App Store, so at least you’ll definitely be able to buy it from there, Michael. The bad news is that neither Empire Total War nor Napoleon Total War are available for Mac through Steam – they’re only for Windows there. Unfortunately, Steam doesn’t warn you that a game won’t work on your platform when you buy it. Be sure to check that any games you buy are compatible with the Mac: you’ll see logos for the different platforms supported by a game next to its name. As for getting a refund, Steam tends to be fairly good for customer service, so if you are persistent, they may offer you your money back.

Maps and compass Yes, the world and his wife knows that the launch of Apple Maps was a fiasco. But are there signs that things are getting better? Well, I’ve never wanted to spend money on a TomTom, and I love reading traditional maps, though not when I’m driving! But I have used Orange Maps on my iPhone 3, and now have Apple and Google Maps on my iPhone 5, and I much prefer Apple Maps when driving. Orange was good in parts. It was often quite precise in locating addresses: in fact the first time I used it as a practice run on a drive home one evening, I accidentally tapped in my next-door neighbour’s address. I was just falling into bed when I was

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In the fourth Star Trek movie, the crew of the Enterprise travel back to the 20th century. During their adventures, Scottie gets to use a then-cutting edge Mac Plus. After several unsuccessful attempts to talk to it, he resigns himself to using the keyboard and mouse. Wonder what he’d have made of Siri?

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52 | | August 2013

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7/3/13 11:04 AM

Have your say about Apple issues The section of the mag where you get the chance to speak your mind on everything Apple-related p52


Discover the best apps and kit

Kit | Mac Apps | Games | iOS


Pure Jongo S3


Multi-room audio with an ultra-portable slant p85



Only the best kit, apps and games earn MacFormat’s coveted Choice award.

98 98

Anomaly 2 Starseed Pilgrim


The best product in our group tests earns the MacFormat Winner award.

Mid 2013 MacBook Air We put it through its paces p82


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Sandvox 2.8 Adobe Lightroom 5 Together 3.0 Keyboard Maestro 6 Sonocent Audio Notetaker 2.7 ReadKit PDF Nomad 2 Eggsellent


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MacBook Air (11-inch, Mid 2013) iRig HD Apple Time Capsule 802.11ac Pure Jongo S3 Crucial M500 480GB SSD EVGA GeForce GTX 680 Belkin Thunderbolt Dock Six notebook rucksacks ZaggKeys Pro+ BlueTunes Swann HD Pencam Swann IP Security Cam

Crucial M500 480GB SSD

Cheap, fast storage? Yes please! p86

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LEGO Batman Impossible Road Monster Music Pro Evomail Inkist


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iOS video editors


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Laptop bags on test

Packing space for a notebook p88

Photoshop Lightroom 5 Full review of the Mac release p93 | August 2013 | 81

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Read our verdict on the latest hardware and software for Apple devices, including games and iOS p81

7/3/13 10:45 AM


The best Mac & iOS products

The ultimate guide to buying a Mac, iPad and iPhone

The Apple kit we’re most excited about

We love the new MacBook Air. Actually, we’ve loved the Air for years, but we definitely love this new one. With its new Haswell processors, it can last all day on a single charge, even when doing power-hungry tasks such as video playback. The CPU clock speeds have taken a dip, but better graphics and faster storage mostly compensate. We didn’t get a Retina screen, but it might have drained the battery too quickly. The new Airs are aimed at those who need to keep going all day, and they’re perfect for the job.

Apple’s ultraportable now lasts all day on a full battery charge MacBook Air

The 2013 refresh brings us excellent low-power processors for incredible battery life



Just updated BUY OR WAIT?

Buy now

The 2013 MacBook Air keeps the same chassis used in the 2012 model. In fact, it’s physically unchanged except for the second microphone hole on the left-hand side. But there are significant changes under the hood. The range has moved to new Haswell processors, which are designed to use very little power. On a full charge, the 11-inch models can last for up to nine hours, with the 13-inch versions running for up to 12 hours. The new graphics chipset is significantly speedier than its predecessor, and the flash storage is up to 45% faster than the 2012 model, and nine times quicker than a traditional hard drive. 802.11ac Wi-Fi makes its Mac debut with the new Airs too, and is up to three times as speedy as 802.11n. It’s a pity the new processors are only 1.3 GHz, though, down from 1.7GHz and 1.8GHz.


Key specifications

11” 1.3GHz Intel Core i5 128GB SSD

CPU: Dual core Haswell Core i5 RAM: 4GB of 1600MHz LPDDR3 Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 5000


11” 1.3GHz Intel Core i5 256GB SSD

CPU: Dual core Haswell Core i5 RAM: 4GB of 1600MHz LPDDR3 Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 5000


13” 1.3GHz Intel Core i5 128GB SSD

CPU: Dual core Haswell Core i5 RAM: 4GB of 1600MHz LPDDR3 Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 5000



13” 1.3GHz Intel Core i5 256GB SSD

CPU: Dual core Haswell Core i5 RAM: 4GB of 1600MHz LPDDR3 Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 5000


*The Days Since Refresh box shows you when an Apple product was last updated at the time we went to press, and whether it’s safe to buy now or wait. Please remember this advice is just our best guess – Apple can update any product line at any time. August 2013 | 107

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Don’t buy your next Mac, iPhone, iPad or iPod touch until you’ve read our updated buyers’ guide section p107

7/3/13 9:48 AM

OS X 10.9 Mavericks

Everything you need to know p6

4 | | August 2013

iOS 7 preview

Evolution for your iOS devices p14


Battle of the browsers

Find out which is right for you p58

AppleWorld All the big Apple stories from WWDC 2013 p6

New Mac Pro

Pure Jongo S3

The latest portable multiroom speaker on test p85

WIIN N! AW PowerSk!in

A MacBook Air ba ck for antte d ry toppaap ps! iP ho ne Page 575 Page 67


iOS 7 preview


Coming to an iOS device near you p14

Community news p52


Win a MacBook Air! p57

Hot new kit to go with your Apple gear p22

The best entertainment on Apple’s stores p26

One more thing

Adjust colour cast in Aperture p38

Tune up iCloud

Make it work better for you p48

Get your mag in print or on iPad p25, 67, 91

All the details on Apple’s creative workstation p10

Picks from the Store

Fix white balance

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Do more with apps p33

Competition Which browser? Still using Safari? Explore the alternatives! p58

Mac SOS Questions answered p69


Apple opinions p28

Definitive reviews p81

I use my Mac for...


Chronicling comedy p30

Choose a new Mac p102

Find stuff quickly

With Quicksilver for OS X p46

Mid 2013 MacBook Air

Apple’s latest laptop reviewed p82

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We round up the Apple stories that matter to you

Apple came out swinging at this year’s Worldwide Developers Conference in California.


WWDC 2013: Apple preps for autumn Apple is laying its cards on the table for an autumn product blitz, with OS X, iOS and the Mac Pro hitting the market alongside a new iPhone WDC 2013 sold out in about a minute as developers scrambled to grab seats at the company’s most important public event of the year. Apple CEO, Tim Cook, displayed far more confidence as he introduced fellow executives to the stage to discuss what was coming. With Apple’s Chief Designer, Jony Ive, instrumental in creating the look and feel of iOS 7, (covered in depth on page 14), the company also introduced a range of key announcements, including: ● OS X Mavericks ● New MacBook Airs ● A preview of the forthcoming Mac Pro ● Improved AirPort Base Stations and Time Machine products ● iTunes Radio ● iWork for iCloud

OS X Mavericks


6 | | August 2013

Macs running Mavericks should be more responsive and even less powerhungry than before

The latest iteration of OS X abandons cat names in favour of Californian place names. The new edition will be called ‘Mavericks’, after a surfing beach, and it will ship in autumn. Mavericks is promised to deliver 200 features and improvements over its predecessor, with particular focus on power management, performance and iOS integration. This means Macs running Mavericks should be more responsive and even less power-hungry than before. OS X 10.9 also brings souped-up notifications; for example, you can now delete an email right from a notification, and even have favourite websites send you push updates. The update aims to help Macs “consistently outpace the PC industry,” said Craig Federighi, Apple’s Senior VP of Software Engineering.


Mac Pro preview

A sneak peek at the totally redesigned pro machine p10

iOS 7 in depth

Everything we know about the operating system p14

We’re most excited about

Gadgets to covet p22

One More Thing

Gary Marshall on how Apple came out swinging p28

The big story

I use my Mac for

Writing the history of popular comedy shows p30

Apple in QUOTES What are people saying about the world of Apple

Tim Cook

“Android fragmentation is terrible for developers.” Apple’s integrated iOS is its smartphone advantage

TH Tung

iPhone mini: “Won’t be cheap, the price is still high.” Deep integration of Apple Maps and the introduction of iBooks for Mac are just two of the many features said to be coming to OS X Mavericks.

Key features of the release

● Safari has been redeveloped to be faster. Apple promises websites will feel snappier. Shared Links Finder improvements include searchable Tags in the Sidebar shows you links shared by friends and tabs. ● The company will also introduce iBooks for on Facebook and LinkedIn. ● iCloud Keychain is a new addition. This safely Macs, including the capacity to sync bookmarks, notes or highlights across all your different Macs stores your website login information, credit card and devices. numbers and Wi-Fi passwords, and pushes them ● Macs also gain Maps support, and developers to all of your devices so you don’t need to remember them. Information is protected with can integrate Maps into Mac apps. System AES-256 encryption and the application features integration of Maps means Mavericks provides a built-in password generator. users with helpful maps within Mail, Contacts There’s a series of smaller improvements and Calendar. The latter has been redesigned within Mavericks, for example the battery dropwith the addition of a range of new tools, down menu now tells you including built-in weather which apps are using forecasts, so you know what to significant power. wear to a meeting. ● Interactive Notifications are Built-in dictation tools, much-improved accessibility system wide, so you can tools and the redesigned respond to a message, FaceTime Versions menu should call or manage email without improve usability of the new leaving the app you’re using. ● Mavericks’ support for multiple OS. We anticipate further revelations concerning displays includes the capacity to Maverick’s feature-set in the use an AirPlay-equipped Apple run-up to its eventual release TV to use your TV as a second Mavericks is designed to help Macs this autumn. display for your Mac. consistently outpace the PC industry. ●

Pegatron CEO warns new iPhone model will be cheaper, not cheap

Brian Hogan

“I’d give it to the bartender.” Man who sold iPhone 4 prototype says he should have handed it to the bar

Carolina Milanesi

“Sales of devices based on OS X and iOS will overtake products running all flavours of Windows in 2015.” Analyst expects Apple victory over Microsoft

Trip Chowdhry

“Apple needs to treat their employees like gods.” Analyst claims Apple staff morale is low | August 2013 | 7

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